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The History of the Marc Jacobs Handbag

Even though Marc Jacobs is now possibly one of the most popular handbag designers in the world,
he was anything but an overnight success. He began his career as a design student at New Yorks prestigious Parsons School of Design, where he was recognized as a gifted student. From there in the late eighties, Marc Jacobs went on to work in collaboration with a fellow fashion accessory designer by the name of Perry Ellis.

Head Designer for Lous Vuiton

However; it was during his tenure as head fashion design director for Louis Vuiton that Marc Jacobs began to experience international recognition for his unique design styles. In fact, Mar Jacobs is credited for much of the current success of the Luis Vuiton label. Of course Marc Jacobs eventually went on to launch his own design house, which is now recognized for his uniquely designed premium quality purses, clutches and handbags.

Marc Jacobs Boutiques

Marc Jacobs Handbags are available through any one of his company boutiques that are located in several major cities worldwide, including Hong Kong and Tokyo. Also, Marc Jacobs Handbags can also be found in a number of exclusive department stores that feature high end fashion accessories such as Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom's.

Avoid Counterfeits

Of course, you can always find great deals on Marc Jacobs Handbags online as well, but you must be aware that there are counterfeit Marc Jacobs Handbags being sold online. The best advice that you can get, is to only shop from reputable websites online and never buy from an overseas Asian site that is offering suspiciously low prices on their handbags. While the prices can be tempting, once they arrive, the low quality will give them away as an obvious fake every time. Take your time, do your research and find reputable sources and you can be guaranteed authentic product when you are shopping online.

Discounted Designer Bags and Cheap Replicas

Most women would do anything to acquire handbags produced from their favorite designer labels. However many of them are not willing or able to pay the hefty price tags that come along with such bags. In this case the ideal alternative is to find a reliable source for discounted designer bags and cheap replicas.

Today you will be able to find an extensive collection of fake designer handbags on the Internet. This is a growing market and many manufacturers are now seriously catering to this industry by producing high-quality bags that are exact copies of the highly fashionable handbags produced by the most popular designer labels.

While it is true that designer labels make use of the best quality materials and make sure that their bags are constructed according to extremely high standards, there is no denying the fact that these bags are still overpriced. Basically the designer label is cashing in on its brand name which has acquired a high status in the minds of the people. More so than the quality and design of the bag, people are actually paying the heavy price tags for the status symbol factor.

This obviously means that the cost of producing such bags is not as high as they have been priced to be sold in the market. This is why some manufacturers have started making use of similar quality materials and employ fine stitching and construction techniques in order to produce replica bags that can match the original ones in terms of their quality. But since they are not original products produced and released by the designer label itself allows the manufacturers to set a selling price that is much lesser. For the masses this is an excellent opportunity to acquire top-quality handbags that no one will be able to tell are fakes at an incredibly affordable rate.

Who would not want to invest in such bags especially when you will be the only one knowing that it is not the real thing? Having said that it is important to verify the source from where you will be buying these fake replicas because not all manufacturers will able to match the quality set by the designer labels. There are some online sources that give their customers full-time confidence with money back guarantees. When verifying an online source it is important to look for money back guarantees and customer testimonials which will give a third-party unbiased review of the standard of their products. Another factor that adds credibility to an online source selling replica designer bags is the number of years it has been involved in this business.

Many of these online sources offer big discounts if you order in bulk quantity. They offer safe payment portals and home delivery of your order making it extremely convenient to buy your favorite designer bags and fake replicas from the comfort of your home.

How to Spot a Fake Juicy Couture Handbag

Given the popularity of Juicy Couture it would be a real shock not to find fake Juicy Couture Handbags.

Let's start with handbags:

Rule 1 - If it says made in Hong Kong or China it is most likely a fake.

Rule 2 - Check the stitching all over the bag especially on the leather, fob and mirror because Juicy stitching is always clean, precise and well sewn.

Rule 3 - Look at the quality of the leather, the leather in a Juicy bag is always fine quality, it is heavy, soft and has a fine texture.

Rule 4 - Check all the linings in the bag, the sides, the bottom, and inside all the many pockets. Make sure all the lining match and are all sewn of the quality expected of a Juicy bag.

Rule 5 - Juicy never wraps its bags in plastic so anything with plastic components is a fake. Juicy wraps the bags in paper when shipped from the factory. Zipper and Charms are wrapped in soft tissue paper for protection.

Rule 6 - Check the engravings on the rivets and all metal parts to make sure they are clearly engraved. If you have any questions about the Authenticity, check the inside label and compare it to one in an authorized retailer.

Rule 7 - Lastly there should not be a rectangular tag saying, "Protect your J Zipper", this tag should only appear on hoodies and clothing items with zippers.

Finally in the case as with any Designer handbag, make sure you purchase your handbag from an Authorized Retailer. If it seems to be too good of a deal it is probably fake.

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