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Luxury All in Precious Leather Bags

Since we have extra money to enjoy life, we begin to take luxury items into consideration and never stop. As for handbags, I always try to make a clear description too. The living needs, the art creation, the symbol of style, even the best carrier of luxury - When we talk about the luxury of a bag, we usually care about its material and workmanship. Here I have some words to say about the leather materials.

Are you a keen fashionista of precious leather bag? How many crocodiles does it take to make a leather bag? The glamour of bag made from precious exotic such as crocodile, alligator, ostrich or lizard leather is widely known timeless, lasting throughout seasons and years, and transcending across generations. It can cost much time to make a single precious one. Like the classic Hermes Birkin or Kelly. It can take three to four crocodiles to make one of the styles. Without question, anyone wearing such a luxurious bag would arouse a lot of envy.

Snakeskin Leather Bags
Snakeskin leather bag features thin and light with great flexibility. It's grain is beyond compare, no matter it is natural or dyed. Since of its lightness, it is always of Spring or Summer collection with casual style. Compared with the price of crocodile and ostrich bags, it is cheaper. Women carrying a snakeskin bag are tend to show individual nuttiness instead of splurge.

Crocodile Leather Bags
Crocodile leather must be one of the most luxurious one in precious leather materials. Actually, the skin includes Crocodile, Alligator and Caiman. Hermes bags in the skin are rare and expensive. It takes more than two years to own an Hermes Crocodile Birkin which is the ultimate fashion accessory that would keep anyone in limelight, and never go out of style. The most notable client associated with Hermes is Victoria Beckham. It is said that there are only 3 Himalayan Crocodile Birkin she owns all over the globe.

Ostrich Leather Bags
Ostrich leather is one of the toughest, yet most pliable skins available. A ostrich leather bag also comes with elegance and feminine appearance.

In a word, because of the high price and limited accessibility, these precious bags are wore by a tiny fraction of fashionistas in the world. Even you have the budget and patience to wait about two years, it is still in little hope to get your hands on a single one. However, there are suppliers who are specializing in making high quality designer replica handbags. It is always a wise investment in them for either using or collecting.

All About the Hermes Kelly Bag

The name Hermes alone signifies luxury, style and elegance. Hermes bags are well-known for their cool shape, bold color and exotic skins. Kelly and its sister Birkin are the most famous bags by Hermes, which have a lot of fans all over the world. However, Kelly has enjoyed a longer glamorous life than its sibling, when first appeared before last century as a riding accessory.

At beginning, Hermes was producing a riding outfit. In 1837 Thierry Hermès established a harness workshop in Paris which mainly purveyed to European noblemen. Through the following years of 19th century their workshop had been the most adoration harness provider of many royal families including the czar of Russia. In the end of 19th century Hermes produced a bag in order to placing the saddle and other hunting accessories, and the bag did not have a name at first, though it became more and more popular as time goes by.

The origin of Kelly first appeared in 1930s. Hermes launched its first woman's line in 1930, which included leather handbags for which Hermes became world renowned. In 1935, the leather Sac à dépêches was introduced. In the 50s of 20th century, with its smart tailored shape the bag evolved into one of the favorite accessories of many famous people and had enjoyed an iconic status ever since. Much effect can be contributed to an American stage and film actress, Grace Patricia Kelly, who later became Princess of Monaco.

Grace Kelly starred in several memorable films during the Hollywood glamour years, and she won the Academy Award for Best Actress with her excellent performance in The Country Girl. Kelly retired from her work at age 26, and before long she married Rainier III, Prince of Monaco. In 1956, when facing a pack of paparazzi, Kelly used one of her favorite bags to hide her pregnant tummy. The young mother did not want to share her secret to others, but the photos she shielding her orbed stomach soon appeared on the pages of the renowned magazine Life. The same year her essential accessory got its name Kelly, and such was Grace Kelly's influence at the time. In 1982, Kelly died after a car accident with her little daughter. Though she has gone away from us, her name can exist much longer for its representation of dignity and elegance.

Even today, one of the most sought-after bags by Hermes is still the Kelly bag. The present day Kelly has several versions, which differ in color and size with different materials from all over the world. Victoria Beckham, the former Spice Girl is reported to have the largest collection of the Hermes bags in Hollywood, the cost of which is estimated over 2 million US dollars. The rush around the Kelly bag has not calmed so far. Without doubt, the attraction and glamour of Kelly would never die.

Celebrity Trends in Bags For the 2009 Season

How is a girl to keep up with the hottest trends in bags for the 2009 season? It depends, of course, on whether we are talking summer or winter season. It also depends heavily on what the stars and celebs are carrying. Why? Because divas and celebrities know just what to carry and, depending on the season, occasion, and outfit, when to carry it.

Nicole Richie prefers Hermes, and particularly the Hermes Birkin bag. While not the signature orange Hermes is known for, this bag is a little darker in orange color but does still carry the typical Hermes hardware in gold and the same leather features. Don't plan on rushing out and grabbing up these bags in various colors just yet, though. One of these alone costs about $17,000.00.

Another bag that is making headlines this season is Yves Saint Laurent's Muse, and many stars still carry it on their arm from last season. The younger, starlet-type stars seem to prefer this bag, the likes of Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Alba, Paris Hilton and Kate Moss. This bag is such a classic it is not likely to be leaving the fashion scenes any time soon.

Although lots of celebs are into designing their own bags these days, these same celebrities would not be caught dead actually carrying one of their own knock-off designer bags on their arm! Jessica Simpson, for example, has an extensive line of handbags but is spotted this season with her black and grey Goyard bag, which are probably ten times what she charges for her own designs. Not only that, but her Goyard has been seen monogrammed with her initials so you know she feels pretty attached to it!

Always popular in Europe and new to the States in the last couple years is the line by Gerard Darel. Hayden Panettiere and Katherine Heigl are proud owners as is Angelina Jolie. The sweater knit satchel by Gerard Darel, which is a casual bag and available at Neiman Marcus, is one of the favorites and has been for a season or two. It is surprisingly affordable and comes in at around $400.00.

The Andrea Brueckner Tierney City bag is still popular and still seen being carried by the beautiful Jessica Alba not at a black tie ball, but simply walking down the street. As the name implies, however casual, this bag is much more chic and citified than the above mentioned sweater bag. It is a fairly large bag and more like a tote, running at about $700.

As for other large bags in style this season, the Louis Vuitton travel duffels are all the rage lately. Kim Kardashian seems to like the Louis Vuitton Graffiti Keepall 50, which is from the Stephen Sprouse collection. It comes in a bright fuchsia to match her flamboyant personality and also comes in orange and neon green. Kanye West travels a bit heavier with his Louis Vuitton Keepall 55, which is in camouflage and also pretty tough not to spot at the airport! These travel bags cost about $2500.00 apiece, depending on the style and collection.

Angelina Jolie with her whole brood is still keen on the Mommy & Me Bags, although she has been seen carrying sleeker and more sophisticated styles to match her updated look this year. Jennifer Garner has also been seen wearing the braided leather bag from the collection in patent red, which runs about $1700. The little ones have matching bags to wear right along with them, but they are not quite as pricey.

The whole cowboy look has finally gone out of fashion, which should make most of us pretty happy. With it, we can say goodbye to the saddle bags, although bags with fringes are still in vogue and have been seen on the likes of hot rising stars like Vanessa Hudgens. Specifically, the JJ Winters fringe bag is a hot item and she prefers it for a number of different outfits. Most recently she has been spotted wearing the grey suede version. This bag is fairly reasonable in the $300.00 to $400.00 range.

Bags with top handles are still trendy this season, as classic ladylike bags will never go out of fashion. In fact, most likely due to the recent election, ladylike is very "in" this year! Michelle Obama being a perfect model of elegance and grace, many celebrities are following suit and carrying petite, feminine yet stately bags. Think Chanel, think Christian Dior, just think elegant and graceful! We can thank the popularity of the First Lady for bringing this to the forefront of fashion.

The bags being seen thus far really haven't been too definitive as far as being a summer or winter type bag. They are all fairly easily transferred between seasons. Of course, no one can predict what the stars will bring, or what will be carried on their arms as the year progresses.

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