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Top Models

Models are people, either male or female, who act as props for the display of items like dresses, jewelry, accessories and the like. Modeling is basically of two types fashion modeling and commercial modeling.

Fashion modeling is an intrinsic part of the clothing industry. Leading designers rely on fashion models to walk the ramp in fashion shows to display their collections. Fashion models are used for photo shoots also. Such assignments require them to show particular emotions and feelings on their faces. So fashion models need to have a certain amount of acting skills too. Also, it is not unusual for fashion models to use their modeling career as a stepping stone for an acting career.

Fashion models may be either high fashion models or commercial models. Both types churn out a regular crop of top models from time to time. Several top models specialize in high fashion modeling. Artistic themes are used as backdrops for such assignments. These kinds of assignments pay very well and add a lot of value to a model's portfolio. In fact, a few high fashion assignments done with leading photographers is enough to turn a model into a top model.

Commercial models model for assignments like catalogues, cosmetics, various print magazines and the like. Several commercial models also go on to become famous top models with their names being recognized in every household. Top models are often sought after for product endorsements.

Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks, Twiggy, Gisele Bundchen, Christie Brinkley, Kate Moss, Cindy Crawford, Petra Nemcova, Beverly Johnson, Elle Macpherson, and Janice Dickinson are a few popular top models who are recognized in all households all over America. Daria Werbowy, Gemma Ward, Lily Cole, Natalia Vodianova, and Karolina Kurkova are a few of the notable top models of today.

Though photographs of top models with their smiling faces may suggest a luxurious life, it is luxury that is hard earned after hundreds of shows, shoots and the like which would have taken a lot of time and effort.

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All You Should Know About Young Bikini Models

All you should know about bikini models can be summed up as follows. Women's swim suit is the bikini and it has two parts, one that covers the breast and the other covers the groin part. The part between the two is often uncovered. The parts of the bikini have close resemblance to the underwear a woman wears. This sort of garment is worn during summer and swimming time.

The lower part of the garment may expose the thong or the g-string or it can be briefs or shorts. It is the most preferred beachwear of women throughout the world. Bikini model celebrities like Elle MacPherson, Tyra Banks, Emily Scott, Joanna Krupa or Petra Nemcova have done fabulously well in the fashion modeling and their pictures ador

In the pages of fashion and lifestyle magazines. Bikini modeling is a lot different from high fashion modeling. In high fashion modeling, the stats are different, the bust-waist-hip measurement should be around 34-24-34 and body height around 5 feet 9 inches to 6 feet. In the case of bikini models, there may be relaxation with respect to stats. Beauty and elegance are the primary requirements and a slim body also is essential. Unlike top fashion models, who have a quirky appearance, swimsuit models move with a look that is very commonplace.

For the success of a young bikini model, sex appeal is essential. But what is the so called sex appeal? What definition can we give it? Along with a good sex appeal, the model should have a generous bust of C cup plus. If you are serious about modeling, you should enter swimsuit competitions held by many magazines. Equally important is getting shot by reputed photographers. The photographer you choose should be such reputed that his photographs appear in reputed fashion magazines.

Find good themes for your photos. Also, keep abreast of the current developments in the industry. You can use networking sites for getting information. Facebook and MySpace can give relevant industry information. You can select the best bikinis from swimwear companies.You can also use contacts through your friends and relatives. Sometimes, anyone of them or persons related to them may be looking bikini models for their forthcoming advertisement campaigns.

Hence, always keep a portfolio ready with the best of your swimwear photos. Regular workouts are all the more important. It is because fitness is sine qua non for the success of a model. Further, whenever you get an opportunity to practice, use that to learn how to maintain the best postures and angles.

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Wholesale Fashion Clothes

We all want to keep up with the latest fashions these days but prices for clothes are rising especially in the designer market. Buying wholesale fashion clothes is great way to keep up with the fashion but not spend hundreds or thousands of pounds on the items you really want. Whether its handbags, the latest dresses, jeans, hats or scarfs you can bet that you could it wholesale much cheaper than you would buy at retail price.

The internet is now the best place in the world to get all the greatest bargains and buying wholesale fashion clothes is no different. There are literally thousands of places you can go to get these deals. Of course the great thing about buying wholesale is the more quantity you buy the cheaper you can get the item. If you and four friends all wanted the latest gucci or fendi bag you could all buy it together in wholesale and save a fortune! Even if you were only getting 10% off of the price you would still be saving a lot for the higher priced designer items.

Another great reason is that is the wholesaler is overstocked for a particular item you will get even more money off the price because they reduce it to sell more and they know that this can stimulate sales. Going to the companies in this game can often be beneficial because generally the more stock a company is selling the more reduction in price the company can make. So it is actually a good idea to go with the super wholesalers to get that extra price reduction for wholesale fashion clothes.

Of course if you are running a business then wholesale is the only way for you to go. If your buying hundreds of items you can bet you'll be saving big time on the total price. Finding wholesale seller is now so easy since the dawn of the internet. Just find a wholesale website select the wholesale fashion clothes you want and then they'll all be sent the location of you choice. And talking about choice, what you can get now a days is unreal. Every piece of fashionable clothing for sale on the net will also be available through wholesale.

Why pay the standard high price for clothes if you can get it for as much to $50 cheaper through wholesale? People must be mad to pay the high street prices for wholesale fashion clothes when they can get them so much cheaper

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