Friday, October 9, 2009

Fashion Trend of Wedge Shoes

The fashion industry has seen an upsurge in the demand for wedge shoes. After remaining away from the centre stage for a very long time, these have once again entered the spot light, this time, to stay here for long time to come.

We have seen wedge shoes in fashion shows, on TV, celebrity parties etc. Since, these are the trendsetters, wedge shoes have swept over the market full fledged.

Why are wedge shoes so popular?

The advantages of these shoes offer are manifold and that is the reason why these are being popular. Let us see some of the benefits of these shoes.

Price range: You can get these shoes at any price range. If you are looking for shoes in the budget range, then it is available for as little as $20, and if you want some branded stuff, then too there are ample choices available. So, whether you are a girl next door, or a big wig, there is enough for all of us.

Comfort: These shoes are quite comfortable. It gives you the advantage of high heels without causing the inconvenience experienced in high heeled shoes. This is because the wedge is placed not just at the heel, but in the entire foot. So, even if you wear platform heeled or high heeled shoes through out the day, you want suffer from cramps.

Style: These shoes are available in maximum variety. Different materials are used in making of these shoes. You can have these made of leather, linen, wood, crystal heels and transparent material, canvas and what not.

Likewise, there are ample colors available. If you want a contemporary touch, go for bold colors such as orange or red or in neutral shades for a traditional look, wear silk shoes for an authentic look.

Clothes: You need not buy special clothes to match your latest pair of wedge shoes. You can wear it with long skirts, pants, Capri, jeans, etc.

These are particularly useful for ladies whose ankles are thick. The platform heels provide much needed support to the heels.

In warm months of summer, these shoes allow breathing space to the feet.

Tan colored shoes can be worn on formal occasions as well. Thus, these shoes can be used both for formal as well as informal occasions.

These have a slimming effect as the body weight gets evenly distributed on the platform heels.

Truly, with so many benefits, wedge shoes are bound to stay in vogue for coming times.

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