Friday, October 2, 2009

Women's Ed Hardy Shoes - New Eye Candy

Women's Ed Hardy Shoes are known to add a touch of an "edgy" style to a wardrobe, but there is a new kid on the block that is a bit different - a new style called Eye Candy.

Eye Candy shoes have a flat lace-up style and have a sort of a ballerina shoe look to them - they have a noticeable sporty look while remaining feminine.

But - in no way are they mistaken for another brand of shoe. Not only is the famous "Ed Hardy" signature embossed on the shoes, but there are familiar tattoo inspired designs on all of the colors. Even though the basic style of the Eye Candy shoes is a bit more subtle, the colors and patterns are striking and gorgeous - like other designs of shoes from Ed Hardy.

About the Colors - There are three colors available in the Eye Candy shoe - each of the colors comes with it's own distinct look and tattoo design:

  • Off White - The Off White version of the shoe has a contrasting bright orange color over the toe and on the vamp of the shoe. It also features a fun "goldfish splashing in water" design which is unique to any other Ed Hardy design I've ever seen.
  • Black - The Black version has a contrasting white color on the vamp and has the familiar and famous "Love Kills Slowly" design all over the shoe. For women who are fond of this design, this shoe will be a "must have" addition to their wardrobe.
  • Blue - The Blue version of the Eye Candy shoe has a baby blue and dark blue contrast on the vamp. It has an off white toe covering and a skull and "crossknives" design all over the shoe.
Any of these colors and designs for these women's Ed Hardy Shoes could be described as both "cute as a button" and "a bit on the edgy side". They also make a perfect warm weather shoe for ladies with their easy on and off "slip" style.

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