Thursday, February 11, 2010

2010 Designer Handbag Trends - Chic Travel

Despite the heightened security measures in airports worldwide, travel rates are expected to increase in 2010 because of two international events: the World Cup and the Olympics. These two events are will attract international legions of fans to travel in huge numbers, so this is the perfect opportunity to let your style stand out. Designer luggage will be the hottest travel trend of 2010 because fashionistas are as chic as can be, no matter where they are in the world.

Trendy Travel

Designer luggage is an aspect of fashion that instantly elevates one's style status. Admit it, you always do a double take in the airport when you see someone walk by in the latest Gucci or Chanel travel gear. Although the price of a full set of suitcases from the top brands may seem daunting, you actually only need a few key pieces in order to make the desired statement.

For example, the Heys USA Britto collection contains a set of three pieces which are decorated in a very bright and colorful style which closely resembles graffiti. This set of suitcases stands out for all of the right reasons and it remains affordable.

Tumi townhouse also makes a designer hatbox that is very old-Hollywood chic. It definitely makes anyone who carries it that much more glamorous. Even if you don't go on vacation with lots of hats, the bag is large enough to hold carryon luggage of all sizes.

Perhaps the greatest thing about designer travel gear is that the investment is well worth it. Why not spend a few extra dollars for a quality bag which is sure to last for years and years?

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