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Accessories For an Evening Dress

Wearing an evening dress is not complete without accessories, but you need to be careful when planning to accessorize your dress. So, the first thing you need to do is to evaluate your outfit: Is it fancy, simple, or too elegant? Whatever kind of dress you choose, make sure to match it with appropriate accessories. Here are the following accessories you can wear with an evening dress:


The general rule when accessorizing an evening dress with jewelries is to choose a bracelet and necklace that compliments with each other. If you don't have bracelet, you may wear an evening watch instead. You can also wear cultured, faux or real pearls. Try elegant diamond or pearl studs for your ears. You may also try exotic dangling earrings or vintage clip-on earrings. When it comes to your hair, you can accessorize it with tortoiseshell barrettes, sparkling clips, a fresh gardenia, or a diamond tiara. Lastly, find a ring that matches your other jewelry.


Wear a pair of shoes that you think will best compliment your dress. If you are wearing a full length evening wear, good for you because there's no need to fuss about the shoes. However, if your dress does not cover your feet, you must wear simple but elegant pair of shoes. If you don't have so much knowledge about shoes appropriate for evening dresses, you may seek assistance from your stylish friends.

Purse or Bag

Carry a beaded bag or an evening purse, which is just large enough to hold cash, keys, business cards, and lip gloss. The color of your purse or bag must also compliment your dress.

Shawl or Jacket

Shawl is another accessory in an evening dress. However, make sure its texture and color go with your dress. Wearing shawl is important, especially when it is cold. If you don't have a shawl, you may also wear a lace mantilla or even a vintage smoking jacket instead.

Keep in mind that wearing accessories adds fashion to your dress. However, make sure that each accessory compliments with your dress.

How to Choose an the Right Evening Dress and Accessories

If you are in search of the perfect evening dress, you need to consider your size, body type, and style. The trick is to find a dress that compliments you so that you can look great no matter how small or large you are. You need to determine your body shape: pear, hourglass, athletic, apple, or thin, and then base your search for an evening dress accordingly.

If you have a pear shaped body, your best bet is an a-line dress, as it will accentuate your top and cover your bottom. Make sure that the right areas will be enhanced, though, or the dress won't look flattering at all. Wear a v-shaped dress if you have an apple body shape. This type of evening dress is designed to draw attention to the bust area, just as long as you avoid long sleeves.

There are quite a few styles that look great on hourglass figures. A dress with a scooped neck line, for instance, will flatter your bust and make you appear taller. You can also go with a full-length gown with an accentuated waistline. Just don't go overboard with laces or ruffles, as they will hide your curves. You will want to enhance all your assets, not hide them!

If you have an athletic or boyish figure, your choice of evening dress should have details that will soften your shoulders and add to your bust line. The top part of the dress should have ruffles or lace, and the bottom should have a tulip shape. You could also get away with wearing an a-line dress if you are wider. Choose something with a lot of details such as flowers, polka dots, or other feminine designs.

Once you have an idea of what type of evening dress you need to get to flatter your body shape, you need to choose a color and design. They come in all colors and shades, and you need to choose something that looks great with your skin tone. You don't want to wear something too bold, but you don't want your look to be subdued, either. If the evening dress doesn't fit right, it will only make matters worse if you wear the wrong color.

You can also wear some accessories for a more flattering look. Dresses look impressive and lovely when adorned with the right accessories. The right pair of shoes, for instance, will enhance your overall look with the evening dress. However, you need to choose the right color and fabric to match the dress. Also wear a matching necklace, bracelet, and earrings. As long as everything matches your evening dress, you will look great!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Ladies Leather Jackets to Die For

If there is one piece of clothing that has proved to be more versatile than any other especially in today's competitive markets and economy it would be ladies leather jackets. Think about it, most countries are still struggling to repair their economy so many people and women especially can't afford to buy fashionable clothes as regularly as they use to. Ladies leather jackets if bought correctly would easily fit together with other garments in your wardrobe closet.

This market has grown so big and this means that there are also plenty of retailers that take part in providing less than ethical leather jackets. BE careful when purchasing yours because some types of hide last longer and look better than others. Make sure to look for ask yourself some important questions before making that purchase like:

o What type of leather is it? Top grain or split hide
o What hide is it for example; Cow hide or perhaps Buffalo?
o Leathers to avoid would be Pig and Goat leather as this is terrible quality in comparison to Genuine Cow hide.

It's important to know what to look for when making a decision to purchase; this could ultimately affect you later and cost you more.

Ladies leather jackets were basically designed to protect them when participating in risky sports or activities like skiing, or riding a motorcycle. Women's Leather Motorcycle Jackets are mostly the reason why it's become so popular that in fact many women that don't even own a bike have purchased or shown interest in leather jackets. Made famous in the movies dating back to the 50's have created an empire in design and opened many doors of creativity for women and fashion designers all over the world.

Visit or find a local wholesaler that specializes in ladies leather jackets and you're sure to find a great deal. One style of leather jackets that are popular for ladies that require a plus sizes are trench coat style jackets which were made famous by the movie called "The Matrix". Long flowing and stylish designs are sure to follow and look stunning with the right setting to make any plus size girl feel like a star for a day.

If you live in trend setting cities like London or New York then chances are you've seen how popular ladies leather jackets with hoods have become. Available with fur collars or soft inner linings makes leather jackets with hoods very delectable and a personal favourite for many women wanting to look smart while traveling and keeping out the rain or cold.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Gucci Pop Night Metal Frame Evening Bag

For the super stars and other celebrities, all kinds of designer handbags are of great necessity. Served as an important accessory, they need it to complement their gorgeous appearance. And they have sufficient money to afford these bags. But for most fashion fans who can not afford all expensive items, we may just choose one or two versatile handbags which can go for several years. Evening bag would not belong to their selection. Some of them just view the evening bags through the window to release my purchase desire.

Nevertheless I hold totally different opinion. Evening bags make their own fashion statements. Every woman needs a beautiful evening bag to compliment her perfect party dress or elegant gown. And in fact we have a lot opportunity to carry the bag, such as Christmas party, anniversary ball, Valentine's Day, bridal day, birthday party and so on.

Every season the top fashion houses come up with their new evening bags. The Pop Night Metal Frame Evening Bag from Gucci fall collection greatly impresses me due to its cuteness and uniqueness. This bag features black satin with black/grey paillettes and the ruthenium hardware harmoniously matches with black stain. The distinctive embroidered paillettes make it standing out other bags. With the measurement of 14 x 4.5 x 9 cm, it is the ideal sized evening bag that would fit all of your night-out essentials, including make-up, keys, purse and mobile. The designer clearly understands what women want. A detachable chain strap enables you to either carry the bag in your hand or on the shoulder. Moreover, a push lock closure ensures its safety. And its originality is ensured by the engraved Gucci script log.

With such an elegant evening bag, you will definitely dress up any style. Thanks to its colors and design, it can keep you in style for seasons to come. Priced at ï¿¡800, this Gucci Pop Night Metal Frame Evening Bag is indeed a worthwhile investment

How to Buy an Evening Bag For Her

Buying gifts for your girl friend is a huge task for most of the boys. Many times boys know what item they want to gift, however, the selection process makes them go bonkers and they settle for some usual, mundane and unromantic gifts. Girls love to dress up. They will be absolutely delighted to receive a dress, fashionable shoes or evening bags as gifts. Dresses and shoes are a little tricky and are best avoided, until and unless your girl is with you while you are shopping for her.

This is because you can never expect or analyse your girl's taste in dresses and you cannot be sure of her shoe size. All girls have a craze to collect trendy evening bags, thus they are a perfect choice of gift for your girl. Like dresses, jewellery, shoes and other accessories for girls, even bags come with a plethora of options.

They are available in various shapes, designs, materials and patterns, making it equally tough for guys to take their pick. However, with few simple guidelines and tips the task of choosing one perfect bag out of several trendy evening bags can be made fairly easy. Following are few simple steps that can greatly help you choose the perfect Evening bag to gift your girl on her birthday, anniversary, or Valentine's Day:

Step 1: Foremost thing to do is decide a budget for your gift. Usually college goers and teenyboppers struggle with the finance part. So break all your piggy banks, search all your jeans' pockets and take loans from as many friends as you can, reduce your beer consumption for a month to come up with a decent amount for her bag.When the budget will be set it will make it easier for you to shop otherwise it limits down your choices.

Step 2: Now try to observe her general wardrobe for at least a month. If required keep a diary. Observe the general colours and tones she wears.

Step 3: Observe her bag wardrobe. Try to figure out whether she likes tote bags, shoulder bags or bags with handles. What size she prefers? Does she like small sized bag or big sized bag and you may also like to figure out the amount of stuff she usually carries along. This observation will help you a lot in your selection process.

Step 4: Now one of the most critical parts is to decide whether to buy an expensive designer label bag or a trendy normal bag from any store? If your girl is a fashionista and crazy about designer labels then you better buy her a designer bag or else she will not think of your gift in high esteem. If she is not someone to go only according to the designer tag attached to the gift then you can safely settle for a normal label bag.

Step 5: Choose the bag according to the colour that goes with most of her dresses, a moderate size and a design that suits her personality.

See your girl proudly display your gift amongst her envious friends!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

How to Find and Buy Discount Designer Handbags

Bags have been an integral part of a woman's wardrobe. It is the only accessory that is considered to be an absolutely necessary accessory due to its utilitarian nature. They say that the bag or purse can make or break the outfit much in the same way that shoes can.

Wearing the right shoes can complement and make a perfect outfit while wearing the wrong shoes can destroy whatever beauty your dress has. When it comes to designer handbags, the rule is pretty much the same. If the style of your bag is way off with the rest of your outfit, no matter what designer bag it is, whether it's Chanel or Michael Kors your outfit would look distracting.

Finding designer handbags is an easy job. If you are the type of person who wants to go out of the house to shop and wants to touch the clothes or items before buying then you can check at the stores themselves. The problem with checking the stores though is that you would be spending a lot just by hopping from one store to the next. If they are all in one mall then that would save you more money but if you're looking for their stores with complete stocks even dating back from last year, you would want to go to their individual establishments.

Finding designer bags online is not much of a challenge with the number of websites that offer designer bags already but buying discounted designer handbags may prove to be difficult. However the trick to finding and buying discount designer handbags online is to check for deals on past releases of the designer handbags. If the designer handbag was released for more than a year, chances are you might be able to buy it for a discount especially if they are already trying to clear their inventory.

Another way of buying discounted handbags is looking for a sale. Some websites have promos that entice the customer to buy from them. Look out for special offers and special sales that would make you save money on discounted designer handbags. You have to be careful though because some items may be put on sale for a reason. Keep an eye out for description of the designer handbags condition. It might be on sale because it is damaged already or because It is second-hand already. If you do not mind a fact like that, then by all means buy it!

How to Find Trendy Designer Handbags on Sale

Wearing a designer handbag conveys class and style, but the prices can be beyond many womens' spending money allowances. There are fake designer handbags and replicas, but aside from being illegal, these just don't seem the same. There is a sense of illegitimacy involved in wearing one and it's just not the real thing.

There are discount outlets in various towns and malls around the United States for name brands such as Coach, Vuitton and Burberry. Prime Outlets is one example and if you get on their newsletter you can be informed of discounts and sales that slash their already discounted prices.

In many high end neighborhoods there are consignment shops where you can find used clothing and accessories. This is a good place to browse for an pre-owned designer handbag that is authentic. Of course you need to check stitching and other factors to determine if this is a fake or a replica bag. You may be getting an authentic handbag that is back a season but it is still much more valuable than something that is a copy cat handbag. Often people due to getting a divorce or needing to relocate will find it easier to sell items and get a new start in their new location. You can find both designer clothing and handbags at nice thrift shops, consignment stores and some second hand stores.

Another idea that can work is checking out garage and estate sales in neighborhoods that have luxury homes. My friend was able to get an elegant purse as well as a great deal on a pair of designer shoes on a Sunday morning at a garage sale in a neighborhood in Palm Beach County with homes that sell for half a million dollars.

Keep in mind that people want to get to know you and as nice as elegant accessories are for enhancement, your own personality is what truly shines.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Fashion Handbags - How to Choose the Right Fashion Handbags For You

In a world that is motivated by material objects and possessions, there is only one possession that a woman loves more than a diamond ring. She loves to own fashion handbags. Of course, women also love to purchase beautiful dresses and shoes. However, a handbag makes a statement like no other article of clothing can make. Here are a suggestions on how to choose the right fashion handbag for you.

In today's busy world, women's handbags are the ultimate fashion statement. They are often used to express their individual styles, status, mood, and of course their individuality that makes them stand apart from all other women. In fact, the more expensive or well known it is, the better the woman feels about themselves as she walks down the street knowing that all of the others are looking.

A very important thing to consider is choosing the designer brand, style, and color of the handbag you want to own. Depending upon your choice, it will affect in a positive or negative way your choice of style and fashion especially in regard to the perceptions of others.

Let's say that you have a number of outfits that you absolutely adore. You want to emphasize how wonderful they are but you can only do so if you choose the right purse that fits your style. What many people do is try on a variety of outfits you for going out into public and seeing which one best fits their particular color and style of the day.

It is all about how you look. And the way that you present yourself also has to do with knowing that you have chosen the right attire to wear. If you feel confident, your personality will exude confidence as you speak to others and as you walk down the street.

Here are a few tips that can help you choose the best handbag for you:

When choosing the best one, you want to go to a mall and look at what everyone else is wearing. You want to look in catalogs and surf on the web to see what the latest styles really are. Then, once you have done your research, you need to look at your own wardrobe and see what you have that matches the fashion of the day.

Then, you need to take note of the purses that other people are carrying around and see how they match her outfits. Are they huge? Are they small and dainty? These are all qualities that you should consider and then put into the next when choosing the outfit that you will wear each day.

So whether you are using a handbag by Luis Vuitton, Chanel, or Coach, regardless of the name brand you have chosen, it has to match your mood and the situation you are in. If you are going to the mall, dressed for that. If you are going to work, obviously the outfit has to change.

Always remember to never carry your handbag under your arm. The reason is very simple. If they cannot see your purse, they will be looking at other areas of your body that will make you feel uncomfortable. By simply placing your fingertips on the top of the bag with the signature emblem standing out for all to see, you will direct attention to it and not yourself without having to do a thing.

Finally, try to plan your outfits in advance. This will give you time to choose the right handbag to wear for each occasion. Although this is simply an object that carries your personal possessions and perhaps even your cell phone, it can literally make or break the image you are trying to project out to everyone else if you do not make the right choice for you. I am sure that you know our goals

The Unconventional Fashion Handbags

Handbags and purses are an integral part of fashion industry. With people seeking to be dressed to perfection always, they refuse to ignore this very important aspect for the overall look. This object of utility has been converted into a fashion accessory and an industry so vast that people all across the world can connect to it.

Fashion is not bounded to a single country. The styles might vary, but it is everywhere. Earlier it was just the elites and rich who used to be interested in fashion, but now it has spread to deeper roots. Men and women alike are taking interest to stay fashionable, and follow the latest trends. The celebrities are believed to be trendsetters in fashion. In reality they are just like the advertisement. What we see is the labor of the fashion houses day in and out, to create, to experiment and to invent.

We are talking about handbags and purses. This niche of fashion in itself is wide spread and can be categorized. When you talk about handbags and purses the first thing that comes to mind might be beautiful females carrying that fashionable handbag or chic little purse. But men are equally participating in this genre of fashion industry.

Men's fashion handbags are quite a rage nowadays. With men refusing to compromise on this forefront, leading fashion houses have come up with their own line of fashion handbags for men. They are a perfect mix of utility and style an of course the masculine touch.

The latest to hit the market is the Bowery Messenger Bag. This sturdy and fashionable bag has made heads turn with its high end style quotient and detailing. It's available in two colors of black and hickory. The Delvaux Newspaper Briefcase is another of those men's fashion handbags that has had much of a thought going behind is creation. It's perfect for those individuals who like to run to their offices with newspapers in hand. The very brand behind his bag is reputed for its high quality and style.

For all you men having to run for a business trip every other day, here's something that will help you stay fashionable even when you "mean business". The Dunhill and Andrew Harper Traveler Collection is designed to make it super convenient for you with very minute detailing in its designs. Other very trendy fashion handbags for men include the Pinedier Double Handle Calfskin Brief, The Julius Large Shoulder Bag, The Barbour Waxed Cotton Explorer Bag only to name a few.

For all those who have to carry their laptops big or small wherever you go, here's a chance to stay fashionable with them. Famous fashion houses have come up wit their own range of trendy laptop bags. These are well meant for both sexes alike. For example the Ladies Italian Leather Brief Tote this laptop bag exclusively meant for the lady executives moving around with their notebooks. Others in this category are the Salvatore Ferraro range of laptop bags, The Tom Ford, The Bentley Edition Ego and many more.. For a detailed collection and review refer to a website dedicated to these fashion handbags and make a choice.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fashion Accessories Forecast For Spring 2010

If you are fashionably-inclined, you probably would not be satisfied with just wearing fashionable clothes. Rather, this would also include fashion accessories to decorate and supplement your clothing. These fashion accessories may include jewelry, gloves, handbags, belts, scarves, watches, sunglasses, pins, stockings, bow tie, leg warmer, leggings, necktie, suspenders, and tights.

Accessorizing can enhance the outfit by adding color, style and class. Although there are also other reasons or purposes for using these accessories. Handbags, for instance, are also for carrying personal items such as wallet/coin purse, keys, tissues, cosmetics, hairbrush, mobile/cell phones and other personal items such as feminine hygiene products, etc. While hats are also worn to protect our face against harmful weather elements and gloves are for keeping the hands warm. Conversely, accessories are also worn and used as external visual symbols of religious or cultural affiliations. There are crucifixes, Jewish stars, Islamic headscarves, skullcaps and turbans are common examples of religious accessories. While designer label accessories can indicate the social status of the wearer.

Clothing design companies are mainly the ones producing a wide range of the accessories on the market. There are also individuals who create their personal brand as they design and make their own accessory labels.

The importance of accessories in the fashion industry begins as each year starts, where the yearly forecast on the fashion trends are always predicted. For this year, 2010, the Spring fashion is said to be a perfect opportunity for having fun in experimenting with accessories. The decorated and adorned look is bound to make its way in this season.

The trend for shoes will be in interesting styles with ankle straps, and other embellishment forms like thick chains, studs and beads. Platforms and decorated flip flops will be popular, as well as snakes and leopards animal prints.

Handbags with printed messages or a simple graphic designs will also be part of the trend that contain humor, meaningful message, or cute connotations. Animal prints and adornments such as tassels, chains, studs, beads and other dangles as a feature on handbags is also part of the forecast. The shapes and types of bags which will make their way this season are clutches, hobos and straw handbags with touches of leather and contrasting colors.

Ornate jewelry for the spring 2010 is sure to be used and highlighted. There will be necklaces of multiple layers and bows, dripping dangles and trinkets. Bib-styled necklaces will come in embroidered, beaded or sequined designs. Chandelier earrings will make a comeback and bracelets will be in all sorts of designs, for example -- thick chunky bangles, stacked skinny bangles, twisted leather straps and beaded creations. While watches will also be made with different layers of mixed fabrications like chain with leather, wrapping around the wrist.

Sunglasses that will be popular this spring 2010 season will have thick white acetate frames. Classical sunglasses are of aviator style frames. Leggings above the knee or just below the knee length in light colors and prints will be common. Fashion belts from animal prints and skins will make for natural and slightly raised waist.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Chiara Dooney and Bourke Bags 2009

This spring and summer, some bags in the Dooney & Bourke collection are a bit more sought after than others. In terms of basic design popularity, Chiara Dooney and Bourke Bags are definitely among the top selling designer bags this year.

All of the Chiara bags have a basic structure of a wide bottom, drawstring toward the top of the bag and a handle for carrying - each one also has the famous "Dooney & Bourke" logo plate on the side. Another feature they all have in common is their superior quality construction - you can count on any of these bags to last for a long time.

Other than these similarities, there are some striking differences between the different designs. Some of the bags have a classic and rather conservative look about them while others are like taking a "little walk on the wild side"!

Here are two of the more popular among the Chiara Dooney and Bourke bags this year:

Zebra Chiara - When hearing the word "zebra" one might tend to think in terms of only a black and white stripe version, but these "zebras" have a variety of choices in terms of their colors. My personal favorite in this lineup is the yellow and white stripe, but the fuschia and white version is also quite striking and very popular.

Patent Leather Chiara - These can be found in a wide variety of colors - every color of the rainbow plus a few! Whether you prefer deep rich colors, bright colors or pastels, there is a bag in this collection that you will love. These also are available in different sizes - the "medium" is actually what I would term a "large" bag - lots of space and even the "small" has quite a bit of space with enough room for most women's needs.

If you are shopping for something from the Chiara Dooney and Bourke collection, I can tell you this - chances are you will not only love it, but it might just be your favorite bag for a long time to come.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

2010 Designer Handbag Trends - Chic Travel

Despite the heightened security measures in airports worldwide, travel rates are expected to increase in 2010 because of two international events: the World Cup and the Olympics. These two events are will attract international legions of fans to travel in huge numbers, so this is the perfect opportunity to let your style stand out. Designer luggage will be the hottest travel trend of 2010 because fashionistas are as chic as can be, no matter where they are in the world.

Trendy Travel

Designer luggage is an aspect of fashion that instantly elevates one's style status. Admit it, you always do a double take in the airport when you see someone walk by in the latest Gucci or Chanel travel gear. Although the price of a full set of suitcases from the top brands may seem daunting, you actually only need a few key pieces in order to make the desired statement.

For example, the Heys USA Britto collection contains a set of three pieces which are decorated in a very bright and colorful style which closely resembles graffiti. This set of suitcases stands out for all of the right reasons and it remains affordable.

Tumi townhouse also makes a designer hatbox that is very old-Hollywood chic. It definitely makes anyone who carries it that much more glamorous. Even if you don't go on vacation with lots of hats, the bag is large enough to hold carryon luggage of all sizes.

Perhaps the greatest thing about designer travel gear is that the investment is well worth it. Why not spend a few extra dollars for a quality bag which is sure to last for years and years?

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