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Number 5 Purple Leather Lady Dior Evening Bag

The recently released Purple Leather Evening Bag is a new interpretation of the timeless Lady Dior pattern, and the purple color adds more glamour to the bag. The Lady Dior bag designed in 1990s obtained the favor of Princess Diana at the very beginning and since then it becomes a legend in fashion kingdom. It combines all the typical traits of luxury designer bags: unique taste, obvious fashion logo and ultra fine materials and craftsmanship.

Well, this bag is definitely new and classic. This evening bag is made from purple quilted metallic leather. It is the original and elegant evening material that offers a brand new reinterpretation of the iconic Lady Dior style. The bag is to be carried via a fine patent leather wrapped round handle, which is connected to the bag body by shining silver-tone hardware engraved with the initial "CD" on each loop. The bag handle is attached with "Dior" letters in silver-tone metal. The four hanging letters is the most iconic fashion element of Lady Dior. The variety of this bag pattern comes from its unique quilted diamond check grain of the materials. Take this purple bag for example; the black cotton thread and purple leather create a new grain image for the bag. The little check in modest check pattern and large loop pattern works well together. No matter how much the bag goes away either in materials and shapes, it is still the most elegant designer bag. By the way, the bag measures 17cm in length, 15cm in height and 7cm in width and has a zipped pocket.

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Evening Dresses - Ways to Look Elegant

Dressing up is probably every woman's passion and while there may be those who prefer the more casual look, there would be times when the casual-wearing woman would have no choice but to comply to what the occasion is asking for - such as when there is a wedding or a formal function at work. Invitations to these events will specifically require guests to dress a certain way. These formal events call for a more proper way of dressing and if you are the type who remains clueless when it comes to picking the right evening dress, then this article will help.

Much care and thought is needed in deciding on the right dress for you. In fact, there are a number of factors that you need to consider to be able to match the dress with the person that you are.

The first thing you need to consider is the event. Determine what type of dress is required and make sure to conform. The people who invited you have prepared for this, and as a guest you should respect that.

- White tie events are the most formal dress code possible. It requires women to wear full-length gowns with a crinoline underneath it.

- Black tie events are a little less formal, requiring women to come in straight gowns and men in black tuxedos.

- Semi-formal and cocktail events are rather informal events wherein women are expected to come in knee-length dresses and the men in dark suits.

The next thing you need to consider is your body type. The key to looking good in evening dresses is to be able to pick one that compliments your body.

- Are you having some problems hiding your tummy? If this is a problem then you should make sure to stay away from satin and silk garments. You should also avoid wearing very tight-fitting gowns but instead consider a style that flares, or perhaps one with an empire-cut.

- Are you worried that you have no slender waist? Deflect the attention from your figure and wear straight cut gowns with very thin shoulder straps. Once again, an empire-cut dress will hide your figure perfectly, so consider this style when finding your dress.

- Do you have a wider chest area? If you do, the square-neck low cut dress is best for you. Bring attention to your arms instead of your chest so get a dress with very thin straps.

- Are you having problems with your buttocks? Are they big and very hard to avoid? Once again, and empire-cut dress can best hide your figure, but apart from this, make sure to avoid loud prints and dresses that are cut very low from behind.

Choosing the colour and design will be the easiest decision you will have to make. Usually, a fair skinned person will best avoid light coloured dresses to avoid fading into the scene. Similarly, a dark-skinned individual will have to stay away from dark fabrics as they will look their best in evening dresses of lighter shades.

All these tips will help you become more confident whilst in a normally embarrassing situation. Remember that the right attitude can brighten an outfit even more, so look good and feel good, and everything else will follow.

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