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Diamond Earrings and Fashion

Once you have decided to make your dream purchase of diamond earrings it can be a difficult decision to decide on the right pair for you. Like everything, diamond earrings have fashions too and this can be an important factor to consider when buying for a loved one.

At the moment bling is in, the bigger the better! Jenifer Lopez favours the larged hoop style which can look both elegant and sexy on most women. While in high fashion at the moment, this is a look that is here to stay, and will never date.

Chandelier Diamond Earrings are the new black when it comes to diamond earrings fashion, and you just have to open a magazine to see celebrities sporting their favourite accessory. Nicole Kidman, Halle Berry, Kate Beckinsdale and Cameron Diaz are just a few of the famous faces that are wearing this new look. The diamond chandelier style earrings really do speak for themselves. They are truly magnificent and will set any women’s heart on fire! They are the perfect accessory to any outfit, and will completely transform what you are wearing into total Hollywood glamour. This fashion originates from the art deco period of the 1920’s and if you are looking for a truly unique pair of diamond earrings then an antique pair of art deco diamond chandeliers are the pair for you. Don’t worry if your budget won’t stretch that far though, as there are amazing reproductions available today at extremely reasonable prices. For that special occasion these are the earrings for you!

For everlasting elegance and timeless beauty the only style to wear are Diamond Stud Earrings. For a lady that is classic and sophisticated, diamond studs are the choice for you. This style is incredibly versatile as it translates from day to night beautifully and is always elegant. If you are unsure on the right pair then this is a choice that can’t go wrong. A pair of diamond stud earrings are every woman’s dream and once put in, they are almost never taken out. When choosing the diamonds for your stud earrings consider the colour carefully as it is important for the earrings to match completely. This is where the advice of a reputable jeweller will ensure that your diamonds are perfectly matched.

Also popular at the moment are the contemporary and modern style of diamond earrings such as the Rene Makintosh style. Sleek, minimal and unique, these are a guaranteed talking point and are a perfect present for someone who loves individuality and originality.

And let’s not forget the men! With David Beckham leading the way, fashion diamond earrings are most certainly non gender specific and are often seen on men more than women these days! Worn in the right way, earrings can lend a man a sense of mystery and can be sexy and alluring. So girls… for the man in your life, a pair of carat earrings can be that unique gift.

Another factor that must be considered is what colour gold to choose to enhance your diamonds.

White gold is certainly the winning colour at the moment, but with the influence of pop icons such as Madonna and Puff Diddy, gold, gold, and more gold is hip and trendy now. Whatever you choose the secret to true style is don’t mix! Look at the rest of the jewellery the person you are buying for is wearing and make sure your diamond earrings are the same colour gold.

It is really worth it to invest some time and research into the right pair for you, either classic earrings or fashion diamond earrings…after all diamonds are forever!

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Fashion Statement - Emerald Earrings

Fashion consciousness and aspiration to be noticed in love life to professional life has been a tacit desire of every woman in all the times. To accomplish this ambition of looking as attractive and pretty as she could, jewelry became a fascination to woman. A complete makeover could be given just by improving style of jewels a woman wears. Keeping everything aside a pair of earrings complimenting the attire has ability to do wonders. Doubtlessly this is the reason why major part of women's jewelry wardrobe is formed by earrings.

Vivacious and chirpy green emerald earrings have made a subtle style and fashion statement for years and continue to fit in the taste of contemporary and sophisticated woman to tentative young college goings. It is perhaps in the vivid immanent color of emerald they are still called evergreen and all-purpose. Being one of the most sought after gemstones, a flawless and intensely green emerald could be even more expensive than diamond. As flawless emeralds are extremely rare and uncommon, sometimes people buy this gemstone with slight flaw in order to make it look real. Emerald counters ill effects of mercury and said to promise good luck and well being just as you pray for your loved ones. These lavish green emeralds create most hunted and browsed jewelry.

A huge variety of assorted emerald earrings could be found in stores today. But a meticulous choice is essential suiting the occasion, attire and persona. For attire with ethnic touch to be worn for a wedding, emerald earrings in gold could be a perfect choice. Emerald earrings in gold give a ceremonial glaze to the wearer while in platinum it symbolizes affluence.

Emerald dangler or hoop earrings are a great selection for romantic candle lit date with your beloved while rare and posh trapiche emerald studs fits best to any occasion. Radiant yellow green emerald chandelier earrings look lively, are very comfortable and adorn you without a dent in your pocket.

Elegant and classy emerald earrings just fit in the hue of your attire except the precisely identical green. Yes, it is not said to be very sophisticated matching the green color of emerald earrings with color of outfit. An extreme shadowy green with bright yellow green outfit would make you gazed by opposite sex in crowd. Therefore a very useful tip for shopping could be buying the outfit and earrings together.

Exhibiting life and dynamism emerald earrings bring energy and activates romance in your woman when gifted. It could be an ideal way to rejuvenate the essence of life and relationship. Just try it out and you would love the results.

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How to Match Fashion Earrings With Your Outfit

Matching earrings up with your daily attire can seem hard if you are not really into fashion accessories. There are many fashion accessories we can choose such as; necklaces, bracelets, rings, handbags, and etc., we will be discussing how to match your fashion earrings with your outfit.

1.To match earrings with an outfit, first you have to know the color of the outfit you are wearing for that day. If you are wearing a multi-colored outfit, you should pick a solid color pair of earrings. Pick a color that matches or come close to a color matching a color in the outfit. If the outfit is a single colored outfit you could pick some multi-colored earrings like a patterns such as; animal print,flowers, shapes, art deco designs and etc.).

2. You should pick a style that fits your personality, there are many styles of earrings such as; feather earrings, wood earrings, hoops, beaded earrings, shell earrings, thread earrings, studs, thread earrings, and many other styles that you could choose according to your liking.

3. Pick the size of earrings to go with your outfit, this also could depend on your personality, your hair style, your shape of the head, your body size, and your age. For example, someone with a short cut or up-do may choose to wear big earrings because you can see the earrings better with those types of hair styles.

4. Whatever earrings you choose for that day, make sure you fill good in your selection.

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