Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fashion Bag Tips For 2009

Handbags have been in use for quite a long time as the fashionable accessory but their use in the modern times seems to have gathered quite a zeal and vigor as never before. They are an important tool simply because a handbag accentuates the user's personality. Apart from these handbags used as a fashion accessory they are also commonly used as a status symbol by many ladies.

Numerous shelves in the shopping malls can be seen sporting a wide range of these hand bags ranging in styles and designs, shapes and sizes. So a little care must be exercised before purchasing these trendy items and it must at all time be remembered that "THERE IS MORE TO THAN WHAT MEETS THE EYE".

Some of the handy tips that would allow you to select a suitable hand bag for your body type are given here.

The shiny and cheap quality material made handbags must be avoided without a doubt as they are not long-lasting. Similarly the zips and other items must be colored in accordance with the color of hand bag.

Buying from authorized dealers usually saves a lot of trouble as they most of the time comes with a warranty.

The quality of material used in the handbags can be checked simply by placing it on a smooth surface. a good quality material neither sags nor collapses under its weight and this firmness can be used to check its quality.

Stitching of the hand bag should also be considered and checked carefully as improper stitching would destroy the shape of the bag.

It must be bore in that a relation between the body shape of user and the size of hand bag exist. For instance a thin shapely girl must use a close fitting small bag.

Above all the purpose for which the bag is bought must clear. Remember that the trendy and the fashion hand bags must NEVER be used as shopping bags.

These were some of the tips which have to be generally considered before purchasing a hand bag. If a hand bag is purchased as a fashion accessory than the ongoing fashion trends need to be checked too.

Since the celebrities and the divas are the fashion icons and the trend setter for the majority, the latest trends popular in hand bags for the year 2009 will be noted by discussing the stars and celebrities.

A bag which is making news in the fashion circle this season and is attaining such level of fame that it is not like to disappear from the fashion scene for a long time is Yves Saint Laurent's Muse. It is supported by the young stars like Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Jessica Alba.

The much pursued Cowboy look wouldn't be seen now but bags having fringes are still somewhat en-vogue. The top handle bags or the classic lady like bags are still in fashion.

For women looking for new trends in handbags, 2009 offers plenty of styles to choose from.
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