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The Bracelets

The Bracelet is a simple yet elegant symbol of the fight against HIV/AIDS.

The Bracelet, our signature cuff-style bracelet designed by Isabella Geddes Marquise da Filicaia and manufactured in Italy, is a 1/4-inch band with a raised AIDS ribbon on the side. Inside is a small plaque inscribed with "Until There's A Cure®". The cuff bracelet, a beautiful symbol of awareness and remembrance, comes in several metals and in three sizes.

Today we also offer several other styles of bracelets, including our new ID bracelet with cord, our African art bracelet, and our jelly bracelets, which are available in many bright colors.

A symbol which serves as a bridge uniting people to fight HIV/AIDS, The Bracelet increases awareness, compassion, understanding, and responsibility.

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The Modern Muslim Clothing

Young Muslims recently have been tiring of Western modes of dress and are moving toward a more traditional type of clothing; yet they still want to be modern. Muslim clothing today, fortunately, can be found in a variety of styles and fabrics, using many modern fabric technologies (like wrinkle-resistant polyester) and with a more modern look than your grandparents’ clothes.

And modern Muslim clothing can be found easily, thanks to the technology of the Internet. Even though you may be new to traditional life, you can find great clothes to wear, either to practice partial or to transform yourself completely into a traditionalist in dress as well as attitude. You don’t have to dress completely Muslim today in the West to follow the restrictions of the Qu’ran. Modern Muslim clothing should focus, rather, on modesty and showing one’s faith.

The restrictions of Muslim clothing for women primarily are that she should conceal her figure and most parts of her body. All parts should be covered except the hands and face; some variations of Islam say the face also should be closed. Covering the face is a very hard, if not impossible, restriction to follow in the West; but if you can reveal the face according to your specific faith, it’s really not hard to find clothes that cover everything else in an appropriate manner.

What many forget is that there are also restrictions in Muslim men’s clothing. Men should be as modest in appearance as women. Men should never wear clothing that seems similar to that of a woman, even in jest. They should cover everything, and clothing should be loose enough that all parts of the body are concealed. In addition, men should not wear clothing that looks like that of an unbeliever. Though Muslims should try to blend in and not draw attention to themselves, they should also clearly be believers.

Men should wear neither silk nor gold, though this restriction does not apply to women. And neither men nor women should not dress to display fame, pride, or vanity. Men and women should always remember Allah before themselves, and dress accordingly.

But how does one living in the West not dress like an unbeliever and still not draw attention? If you dress Western style according to the restrictions of the Qu’ran and then set yourself apart with one or two items, you are dressing according to these restrictions. More and more women in the West, for example, are wearing abaya. And if young Muslims embrace modern Muslim clothing restrictions and display their faith, it will make it increasingly easier for those who follow.

Allah says your best garment is the garment of righteousness. When dressing yourself with modern Muslim clothing, keep this in mind above all else. Dress in the manner that you must in public, but always keep the words of the Qu’ran in mind. Modern Muslim clothing should show your faith, not hide it, and one’s behavior should never reflect ill on Islam.

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The Beads and Love and Marriage in India

Small, wound potti beads and imitation gold beads.

In northern India the groom gives his bride a Mangalsutra. It has small wound black glass beads called Potti. "Potti" is an old word; it is listed in Panini's dictionary of 600 B.C. or so. Gold beads and pendants are strung along with the small black beads. The amount of gold indicates the wealth of the groom. The precise fashion signifies the part of the country the couple comes from.

In South India a different string of beads is given at a wedding, a Tali. The word "tali" is also very old, being in the Sangam literature, written in the first few centuries A.D. At the time, it was a good luck charm for women and children. Strictly speaking, a Tali is now a saffron-dyed string. Onto it different beads and pendants are hung for the marriage necklace. Some pendants convey messages of their own, for example, which Hindu sect the couple worships.

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The Necklace Style

Cheryl Jarvis' book, The Necklace, tells an unusual story. In 2004, a group of thirteen women pooled their money to buy a diamond necklace. The story has been covered by the media, but Jarvis tells the entire story of "Thirteen women and the experiment that transformed their lives."

It was a diverse group of women, married, single, divorced, Democrats and Republicans, mothers still raising children, and others working as teachers, real estate agents, and farmers. Their politics differed, and their reasons for joining the group differed. But, they all had a story to tell.

Jarvis tells the story of the naming of the necklace after Julia Child. There were arguments that disrupted the group, ranging from sharing the necklace, to when to wear it. And, then, there are the reasons to read about a group of women who could afford to buy a share in a diamond necklace. Some of these women needed other women in their lives. For all of them, it became a special group of friends. And, the necklace became a tool to give back to their community in Ventura, California.

I'll admit, after a while, it was hard to keep the women straight. And, although I'm in that same age group, I certainly couldn't afford that necklace. But, it's an interesting story.

If you'd like to read the story of a diamond necklace, and women working to overcome their differences, try The Necklace.

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The Men's Tailoring

Prior to your move to Indonesia, it may be difficult to anticipate the wardrobe required by changes in lifestyle that you will face once you are full swing into the expat scene. You may have thought you planned well, but find that the wardrobe you brought with you needs to be supplemented after your arrival.

Did you come to Jakarta thinking that you wouldn't need a good suit, tuxedo ... so did many others. But don't worry, you don't have to wait until your next home leave to get into your storage as there are excellent tailors in Jakarta which can custom make a suit, tuxedo and other clothing for men.

sSuitable office wear

You may find that your three-piece suits are a bit too formal for everyday office wear as men in your Jakarta office may dress more casually than in your home country. In that case, you may choose to wear a safari suit or long-sleeved batik shirt to work. Tailors can outfit you in these as well. Then, save your double breasted three-piece suits for formal occasions. Most Jakarta offices require only that senior management wear shirt and tie for everyday attire, and only require suits for important meetings involving guests or people outside the company.

Big and Tall

For those men whose size exceeds the average, in any direction, finding clothes that fit, let alone the styles they prefer, has always been difficult. While in Jakarta, take advantage of the excellent tailoring services to have shirts, trousers, jackets and suits made to fit you. Custom tailoring isn't only for the wealthy in Indonesia as prices are very reasonable.

Made to fit

Based on your actual measurements, your tailored attire will fit better than anything bought off a rack. You can also choose the fabric, style, cut and buttons you prefer. If you want to follow the fashion dictates of Italian, French or American designers, good tailors are knowledgeable about current fashion trends. If you have your own favorite classic styles, they can be made up as well. Better tailors stock imported fabric from quality Asian sources as well as from the famous fashion houses overseas.

If you want to camouflage a widening waist line or give your body the appearance of additional height, a good tailor can suggest modifications or enhancements to the design of your garments to give the desired effect. If you prefer a certain stype of collar, pocket placement or cuff, a tailor can make business or leisure shirts to fit your most exacting requirements. A perfect fit should be your goal, as well as your tailors.


The better tailors emphasize customer service and will come to your home or office to show you swatches, pictures of styles and take your measurements. You can have further fittings in your office or home or at the tailor's shop. 24-hour service is even available. Imagine ... an affordable suit, in the precise fabric and style you prefer, at a very reasonable cost ... in 24 hours. Now that's service!

How to find a good Tailor

Ask around and talk to other expats that have been in Indonesia longer than you and seek their advice to locate a good tailor. The Jakarta Shopper's Guide also includes a list of tailors recommended by satisfied expats.

sBe sure to ask lots of questions about their satisfaction with the tailor's service, how the garment survived its first and subsequent washings or dry cleanings, if the tailor stuck with his original price estimate, how long it took him to complete the garment, etc. Ask your tailor if he will make alterations to your garments in the future. Try to locate a full-service tailor who is more likely to keep up with fashion, have quality fabrics and excellent tailoring skills. If the firm has been in business for a long time, you can be sure there are many satisfied customers around. Ask the firm for referrals from recent customers.

Formal wear

Within the expatriate community there are a number of occasions for which you will need formal attire. The Christmas/New Year's season is celebrated with several black tie balls and special events. At home you may have rented a tuxedo for those rare occasions for which you needed dress attire. Rental of such attire is difficult in sJakarta, but it is possible to get a tuxedo custom-made. If you aren't a Big and Tall, you may be able to rent a tuxedo from one of the Bridal photo shops would outfit wedding parties. Tuxedos are available for rent from Laxmi Tailors.

Winter wear

You may have planned the wardrobe you brought for your stay in equatorial Indonesia ... having forgotten the inevitable business trip home during the winter months or the possible holiday to Australia or New Zealand during their winter months. If you find yourself in need of winter clothes during your stay in Indonesia you may be able to find sweaters and coats in your size from the factory outlet stores in Jakarta and Bandung. Failing that, ask your tailor if they can outfit you in warmer wear for unexpected trips tocolder climes.

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Chic Formals Fashion For 2008

Designer 2008 Formal fashion is just a click away as many renowned apparel and fashion websites sell such dresses where fast order delivery is facilitated. The apparel and fashion site exhibits new formal dresses especially for proms that exemplify figure revealing and body slimming sexy silhouetted 2008 prom dresses. In this collection elegant formal dresses with definite waistlines, sexy corset necklines, tube tops with ruching, figure enhancing slim waistlines and prom dresses with satin lined chiffon fabrics are the highlight of this fall collection but yes the strapless prom dresses, halters and necklines with draped front on the formal dresses are very much flaunted in prom nights and high slits are very demanding and are stunningly created by our expert designer Andy.
If you are short on time, there are many options for purchasing a formal gown off the rack. Boutiques that cater to plus size women and large department stores will have a bounty of different styles. You may also want to try searching online retailers, and there are many of them that specialize in plus size formal wear. If you are looking for a one of a kind prom gown, consider preferring the racks of vintage clothing shops or consulting with a dressmaker who can design a prom gown just for you.
Plus size formal dresses up to size 44 are the vintage and the timeless little black prom dress. Also available in plus sizes are the halter, the hanky hems, the ruffles and lace and the classic Cinderella ball gown. Bubble skirt shapes and rich tones of charmeuse along with sheath bodices give special charm to prom party dresses. Elegant sophistication shows up in the sparkle organza with embroidered details. The see through and layered skirts are great choices to make. Good designers who really know the market and what will suit the plus size figure. In fact, many of the top plus size designers can be found in these catalogs. It can be a real bonus to get a top plus size dress designer rather than someone that has just made their standard designs bigger.
There are other options in formal gown plus size for 2008. You can go all out with the real glamorous look in plus size formal dresses and add drama by wearing a twist front halter, which is readily available in plus size formal dresses. You can also wear a satin dress but be sure it is not a form fitting plus size. Satin has a way of showing all the wrong things, even in plus size dresses. However, it does look very elegant and sexy when worn properly. Go all the way by wearing red or a jewel tone to make you look and feel fabulous.

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five Top Casual Fashion Essentials For Summer 2008

Summer is the time to take a break. You know. Kick back your heels, raise your feet on a stool and relax. Time to loosen up and go for breezy comfort.

There is no need to forgo your stylish image. These 5 comfortable pieces let you stay in style. At the same time, they offer your great mileage.

1. A comfortable white shirt.

Get a men's style white shirt and wear it with khakis, jeans or a pencil skirt. That roomy classic goes with virtually everything in your wardrobe. For that sultry siren look, you could secure the shirt under your bust with a knot instead of buttoning it up. Or you could wear it as a super comfortable sleep shirt.

You could get a new white shirt from the stores or you could raid your guy's wardrobe for a gorgeous white shirt.

2. A pair of jeans.

If you fit into your favourite pair, that would do for summer. Nothing beats your favourite, broken in jeans when it comes to comfort. If your jeans are a tad too tight, go get yourself a new pair that fits. Well fitting clothing look better and make you look slimmer than too tight clothes.

3. Bright, roomy, summer dress

A loose fitting dress in a bright color is a hot look every summer. This is especially evident for Spring/Summer 2008 if you watch the designer fashion shows. One thing about the tent dress or roomy, loose fitting clothes that do not define your waist is that unless you are really thin, you would look fatter in them. Modify the look by adding a sash or belt around your waist to define your figure. That way, you'll look amazing.

4. Tank Tops

With summer's scorching heat, who needs sleeves? A sunblock would protect your skin so you can bare your arms in a breezy, sexy, tank top.

5. Skorts

That's a cross between a miniskirt and shorts. Skorts are pretty hot right now. Like both shorts and miniskirts, you would flaunt your legs in them and by highlighting your legs, you make them look longer. Skorts offer you the feminine look of a very short skirt without the risk of wardrobe malfunction should you bend over.

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