Saturday, February 13, 2010

Chiara Dooney and Bourke Bags 2009

This spring and summer, some bags in the Dooney & Bourke collection are a bit more sought after than others. In terms of basic design popularity, Chiara Dooney and Bourke Bags are definitely among the top selling designer bags this year.

All of the Chiara bags have a basic structure of a wide bottom, drawstring toward the top of the bag and a handle for carrying - each one also has the famous "Dooney & Bourke" logo plate on the side. Another feature they all have in common is their superior quality construction - you can count on any of these bags to last for a long time.

Other than these similarities, there are some striking differences between the different designs. Some of the bags have a classic and rather conservative look about them while others are like taking a "little walk on the wild side"!

Here are two of the more popular among the Chiara Dooney and Bourke bags this year:

Zebra Chiara - When hearing the word "zebra" one might tend to think in terms of only a black and white stripe version, but these "zebras" have a variety of choices in terms of their colors. My personal favorite in this lineup is the yellow and white stripe, but the fuschia and white version is also quite striking and very popular.

Patent Leather Chiara - These can be found in a wide variety of colors - every color of the rainbow plus a few! Whether you prefer deep rich colors, bright colors or pastels, there is a bag in this collection that you will love. These also are available in different sizes - the "medium" is actually what I would term a "large" bag - lots of space and even the "small" has quite a bit of space with enough room for most women's needs.

If you are shopping for something from the Chiara Dooney and Bourke collection, I can tell you this - chances are you will not only love it, but it might just be your favorite bag for a long time to come.

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