Saturday, May 2, 2009

Trend Shoes 2009

Has entered the year 2009,tentu him style then also berganti.ngomong-spoke the matter trend shoes 2009.kemarin disela-gap my spare time went to one MAll in Taipei,cuma saw-saw said knew found the good thing and gak groped in the pocket too much in possibly I could beli.pertama came I immediately glance at kesudut a big glasses that inside had several pairs of shoes that were enough lumyan menggiurkan,tapi his price good heavens for the boss's revolving possibly circle 4000-12,000 NT.ada also that the price rather miring,model really was similar but the quality yes tetep that the price If you the shoes hunter like him you now must beli,setelah I tried - please only a curious would gak dilarang,tak deliberate I saw made in and evidently “made in indonesia”yongki Komaladi desain.perancang that already mengeluti profisi him while 13 years always gave the innovation and newest creativity for the shoes model garapannya.agar the consumer did not feel bored with his product.
Shoes indeed really were needed to have an appearance for a woman was special elegance if going with shoes that cantik,dan every year also changed trend sehinga gave the colour and the different feature.
Trend shoes 2009 results garapan yongki in part; Tren shoes semi boot,dengan high heels 12-15 cm.sangat was suitable to be put on in fashion show,pesta,atau in daily and must be remembered disesuakan also the person who wore him and the atmosphere during itu.warna him was merah,ungu,ungu and blue kehijauan.ada also the model pantofel semi boot or peeto,yaitu shoes that were open in front of him. Wedges,yaitu shoes that had the front right until belakng thick and was decorated manik-manik,batu-stone diamond and crystal swaroski.model the rope with the touch of the Gold colour and silver that increasingly beautified shoes trend 2009.
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