Thursday, October 15, 2009

Make Your Fashion Statement With Leather Blazers

Leather jackets or blazers have always been able to make confident style statements. They could either ruin your image or build it. Leather blazers have always been in fashion and their continuous recreations and advancements or even revivals from the past trends, have made it possible for both men and women to not only follow fashion trends, but also feel both stylish and comfortable in their leather blazers.

Blazers are now available for all age groups. Though blazers were occasionally worn earlier, today everyone seems to keep up with fashion trends and thus goes ahead and buys new blazers which are different in shapes, colors and even lengths. One can look stylish by wearing a black leather blazer teamed up with denims which have shades of faded colors in them. Brown is a color that pronounces an antique look that goes with the cowboy look as well as with colors such as grey and white.

Lambskin has taken on as a popular aspect in men's blazers as it is more refined and elegant to look at. Black blazers for women made by Napa leather comes in a wide range. Leather jackets made from lamb skins, leather coats with false fur collars, smart leather motorcycle jackets, light weight leather motorcycle jackets and women's leather vests with lace on them. Children can avail marine bomber coats with eagle patches on them.

The favorite range of coats that can be worn by both men and women are the original style town bomber leather jackets, a casual style black bomber coat made from Napa leather, a coat styled like James Dean's, the Las Vegas style jacket that compliments the European style of blazer jackets, New Zealand lamb hide jackets, black leather jackets with satin linings, original black leather riding jackets, pure cow skin leather motorcycle jackets, hooded trench coats, soft leather jackets of suede made from cow hide with satin linings. Men's leather blazer can also symbolize patriotism. They can symbolize one's country and nationality. One also comes across trend setting fashions in jackets that carry the flag of the USA and they can also be marines bomber styled coats

One can bank on the fact that coats definitely make a style statement especially when it comes to winters. Apart from coats, jackets, etc. other leather accessories such as belts, wallets, hand bags, purses, also make a style statement for you. Men's leather blazer and other accessories made from leather are bound to stay in fashion for many years to come.

And there shall be more and more shoppers buying leather goods every year, be it for men, women, teenagers or little kids. It is time people learn to make style statements with leather jackets, coats, etc. as it has risen with great energy into the markets and is soon growing more and more popular each day. But most importantly, one must learn to choose correctly so that he or she impresses people positively and thus feel more confident about himself or herself.

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Rock the Trend - Fitted Blazers And Skinny Pants

In the everyday world of dressing, many women wear blazers and many more wear skinny pants, but who would have ever thought to put these styles together? Well, I did of course! So if blazers, skinny pants, or both are a part of your regular wardrobe, then read on to find out how to wear these timeless pieces together in a completely new way.

For the Blazer-When it comes to the blazer, fitted is best. You will want a jacket to be slightly shrunken but not seem like it's too small. This means, when you move your arms, there should not be any pulling sensation across the shoulder blades. Look for blazers that are nipped or cinched through the waist but have a regular fit and width at the shoulders. Also, go for a blazer whose sleeves extend slightly past the wrists.

For the Skinny Pants-In terms of bottoms, go for a dark, lean trouser. Try a pair with a little stretch to get the best fit. You will also want to keep adornment or embellishment on the pants to be minimal or non-existent. This ensemble says enough on it s own! To complete this look, go for a pair of ankle boots with a rounded or square toe to add a bit of edge. If you really are daring, go for a pair of pants that stop a few inches above the boot.

Now are you ready to try the fitted blazer and skinny pants trend? If you are, you now know how to wear it and wear it well. A loose tee or tank will offset the tailored jacket and pants. Tuck in the top and pull it out a bit to give it a soft, billowy effect that serves as the perfect contrast. As always, good luck and happy shopping!

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