Sunday, January 31, 2010

Gucci's New Pelham Medium Top Handle Bag

Are you familiar with Pelham bit, a type of bit used when riding a horse? The Pelham bit can have a sold or jointed mouthpiece. There is a larger ring directly connected to the mouthpiece on to which the 'snaffle reins' attach, and shanks that extend down terminating in rings on which 'curb reins' attach. The pelham bit is often used for schooling and general riding, providing the rider is knowledgeable about using a curb bit and riding with double reins. An English Pelham bit somewhat mimics the action of the bridoon (small snaffle bit) and weymouth (curb) bit combination used on a 'double bridle'. A Pelham may be used when a horse can not hold the two bits comfortably, or for convenience.

You may wonder why I first introduce the Pelham bit which has nothing to do with fashion or designer handbags. You know the elements of fashion are originated from our everyday life. The main characteristic of the popular Gucci handbag I will introduce is the Pelham horsebit detail.

This New Pelham Medium Top Handle Bag features brown pony hair leather with dark brown leather trim, which makes it a classic bag. Brass hardware adds a hint of vintage. The delicate horsebit detail and embossed Gucci script logo are the distinctive characteristics of Gucci handbags, revealing your unique taste and noble temperament. Measured at 43 x 15 x 24 cm , this bag provide enough space for your daily essentials and business documents no matter you carry it in working days or during business trip. And the considerate designs of inside zip, mobile phone and PDA pockets add the practicality to this handbag. Studs on the bottom provide extra protection to the bag. And the supple double handles enable it to be comfortably hand-held.

The Pelham bit used in horses is ingeniously designed on the handbag, which presents us a distinctive creation. Therefore, the New Pelham Medium Top Handle Bag is worthy of the title of one of the most popular Gucci handbags.

Gucci Joy Medium Top Handle Bag With Double Handles

Although Gucci's rise in 1990's was due to Mr. Ford's ability to read cultural signs and tap into them, with a head-to-toe look that flaunted sex and money, many consumers now seem to want products that express not a brand lifestyle, but rather, their own. The consumer's appetite for individual, one-of-a-kind pieces has grown substantially. Maybe five years ago, they did not mind having the same "it" handbag as someone else. Now they want something different.

So Gucci launched Joy Medium Top Handle Bag. It is simple and sporty to go well with other extras and outfit from seasons to seasons. It is totally different from the urban and downtown bag. It is not inevitable for your daily using, but inevitable for your leisure. It does not flaunt sex anymore, but flaunt your personal lifestyle. The detachable shoulder strap is adjustable for your arm pleasure or just held by hand. The sand guccissima leather with sand leather trim is luxurious in low key. The dimension of 32cm in length, 18cm in width and 15.5cm in height is roomy for your personal necessity. The zip along the top adds to its overall practicality, letting you fill it with your whatnot. If you play tennis after work, please put your clothes, towel, sunscreen, drinking bottle and any other things in this bag. It is stylish for your playing.

Through long-term shrewd design for downtown women and men, Gucci goes back to the breezy leisure life in suburb. It is not loud by Gucci for its casual luxury and mellow quintessence, yet it proves itself that Joy Medium Top Handle Bag thinks much more about the consumer's life than its pretentious brand style. It is a marvelous handle bag, for everyone, for everyone's life.

Choosing Your Replica Chanel Bag

Replica Chanel bags have become very popular because they cost less than the authentic ones but still look as good. When looking for the best one, you have to get a bag that is made from leather. Leather is the best material to choose because it is durable and will not change color after some time. When checking the material, make sure the texture and elasticity is good. The inside should also have thin leather stuck on if it is a good quality one.

Good imitation Chanel bags have thick stitching which inclines to the other stitching at an angle. If the stitching is thin and straight, it is not a good replica. A high quality one should also be light in weight to allow you to comfortably carry it around. Bags that are made from poor quality leather will be heavier. The surface of the item should be smooth and reflective.

If the replica Chanel is of good quality, the interior and exterior should match in terms of color tone. Make sure you check the interior before you make your purchase.

Chanel bags have a good structure and this is exactly what you should be looking for in your imitation. The bag's contour should be smooth and round when you hold it. The handle should be round all the way to the attachment.

To determine the convenience, check whether the zipper on the outside pocket has been placed under the flap to make it easy for you to remove items. If you have to get the flap out of the way before you can get to the zipper, it is not a good purse.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Black Leather Bags - A Perfect Accessory

You can get lots of different types of black bag. Leather is a durable and desirable material, and the color black goes with everything. In this article we will look at some of the common types of black leather bag.

A leather handbag is one of the classic accessories for any wardrobe. In fact you will find that many ladies have several of these types of bags to suit different occasions. For example, if you want to go to a formal event, a small clutch bag is a great item to own as it will go with any color of dress for any occasion. This means that whilst you may own several dresses of various colors you only need to own one bag, a black one, that will go with them all.

Perhaps you want a larger black handbag for everyday use, perhaps carrying all of your essential items such as makeup, a small umbrella and a bottle of water. Black leather is a great classic choice which not only looks good but will last and hide the dirt from the trials and tribulations of everyday life.

You may however want to opt for a larger black bag that can be used to carry your overnight items if you are staying away on business, as well as being a large, but useful handbag for during the day. Black leather is a brilliant choice for all these uses and more and if you get a good quality one you will get many years of use out of it.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Summer Coach Bags - The Perfect Bag Under the Sun

What type of a woman are you? Are you the subtle type who prefers to let their unique personality shine rather than your clothes? Or are you the kind who is constantly clamoring for attention, and wants to be the star of the show by donning the latest and trendiest fashion? Regardless of the type of woman you are and no matter what your fashion sense is, there is one chic craze that you simply must have in this balmy and bright season and that is the summer Coach bag! This new line of products from Coach is both flirty and fun; making the most unexciting outfits come alive and will also serve as a nice finishing touch to your ensemble. You won't have a hard time looking for a handbag that you like because their collection is available in all sizes and shapes, and as an icing to the cake, it comes in the summer colors, making it extra irresistible.

Summer and spring is all about throwing aside all the dowdy and dull colors of the chilly fall and winter season and wearing nice linen dresses and cute skirts with floral prints, shorts and capri pants. Everything doesn't end there. It's a must that you accessorize your outfit with that darling handbag to complete your adorable spring ensemble. For instance, you may choose to carry a small clutch bag in a fun summer color and coordinate it with matching pumps if you are attending a formal gathering or a wedding during the summer. Or you might want to use a straw Hobo bag if you are going to the beach with your girlfriends in a nice summer afternoon. You could simply throw in a pair of sunglasses, a straw hat, a book, and a towel and you're good to go!

You will never go out of style with a summer Coach bag. Known for its superb quality and exquisite craftsmanship, you can choose to use their handbags every season and it won't show any signs of wear and tear. And the best part is, Coach bags are so simple to maintain and clean, even their straw bags. Summer bags with a canvas print are a bit hard to clean, but it can be done. All you need is a warm, moist rag with some soap or special cleaner and you will have a fresh-looking, summer-perfect bag in no time!

The Perfect Everyday Bag

One look at the Tignanello black leather satchel or handbag and you will know why women love having this great fashion accessory hanging off their shoulder. Fashionable and feature rich, this beautiful bag accentuates with style and class.

The design of soft buttery leather is outdone only by the functionally rich number of pockets and separated interior compartments. The design allows the wearer to use this satchel as the perfect everyday bag or elegant accessory when out on the town with her special man. With straps that allow the owner to wear the bag as an over-the-shoulder or across-the-body, this handbag can provide added comfort and practicality.

Tignanello designs each bag with special attention with versatility and practicality in mind. A well made leather handbag can last for years. Utilizing quality material and construction processes combined with sensible pricing give the owner a real value. With these traditional designs, it is very possible these handbags can even be handed down to your daughters when they desire a classic bag and you are ready to move to a new version. With the natural finishes of these leather collections, most handbags require little maintenance and will last for years.

If you are looking for classic designs, versatility and quality workmanship, look no further. With special attention to detail, these black leather satchels are stylish handbags designed to open easily and are versatile bags that can be stylish in any situation. Choose a Tignanello handbag for a great gift and get one for yourself, you deserve it!

Beautiful Gucci Replica Handbags

Women love handbags, it is a simple fact. Almost all women can find themselves lusting over a beautiful purse now and again, and some women fixate on handbags more than others. No matter whether you are flush with cash, or are trying to save some of your money, every woman should be able to buy herself a new handbag now and again. One way to be able to afford the handbags that you are lusting after is to look for the Gucci replica handbags.

Replica Bags

Replica Gucci handbags can easily be found online, but these are not the imitation handbags that you find being sold on the street corners. These handbags are made of the highest quality and are indistinguishable from the expensive handbags that you find in the stores on Fifth Avenue. Replica Gucci handbags online are made using the same materials that the expensive ones are made of, and are created using the same process, but because they are not sold by the company, they are sold for much lower prices.

Why Gucci?

There are plenty of designer handbags that women love to lust after, including Cartier, Prada, Versace, and, of course, Louis Vuitton. Gucci, however, has a bit of a different style to it. It has been known throughout the shopping world that if you want classic, sleek lines, you visit Gucci. Gucci designs are always made to be both sophisticated and timeless, fitting in with almost anything in your wardrobe. If you choose to look for Gucci replica handbags on the internet, you will get a much wider variety of handbags to choose from. When you visit a store that sells Gucci handbags, you are limited to purchasing the bags they have in stock.

Classic Gucci

All of the Gucci handbags are beautiful, but there are a few that tend to be extremely popular, such as the Gucci Chain Large Hobo Black Guccissima bag. This beautiful black bag is made using only the finest lambskin available. It is one of the bags that Gucci is making that appeals to the younger market, simply because it has more flowing lines and is a bit different than their normal style. This beautiful bag has plenty of room for whatever you may need to take along with you.

If you are looking for something a bit different, try the Half Moon Beige bag. This beautiful Gucci handbag is the perfect size to take with you when you are going out on a date, hitting the clubs, or going to a private function. It's got a unique design and a splash of color right on the front thanks to the red fabric swatch, as well as the unique brass emblem that is displayed on the front of the bag as well.

If you want to indulge yourself a bit, but want to make sure that you can still afford your monthly bills, try looking for Gucci replica handbags online. You are guaranteed to not only find something you love, but also something you can afford.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Popular Different Designer Brown Handbags

You can get Brown handbags and many different sizes, shapes and designs. You can get really small bags and also large bags as well. You'll see there are lots of handbag designs, and they are duffel, clutch, tote, briefcase satchel.

Popular Handbag Styles:

The woman clutch bag is usually carried by hand so therefore is quite small. It is generally rectangular in shape and has a flat and sometimes rounded bottom. The flat clutch bags sometimes have a separator in the center. because these bags are small they can only hold a few small items like money and keys for example.

the satchel covers with one strap and is usually a medium sized bag . This bag is best carried with the strap going over one shoulder and across the body. Some come with two straps but you would still carry it in the same way, over the shoulder and across the body. School children usually carry their books and things in a satchel making this a very popular brown handbag with them.

The duffel bag is usually made of fabric and is a large bag. In the UK it is usually called a "holdall" and they also spell it duffle not in the US duffel. These kinds of Brown handbags are used mostly to carry sports related clothes or shoes or both. Soldiers usually carry their kit in duffel bags.

The tote is a type of bag that usually has two short straps for shoulder carrying or hand carrying. It is a medium sized to large sized bag that is used to carry all kinds of personal items. Some of the bigger sized totes are used as beach bags to accommodate the necessary items to be brought to the beach.

Briefcases or portfolio bags are handbags that are made to contain documents and other pertinent papers that sometimes must not be folded or even wrinkled. There are plenty of variations to a briefcase or portfolio. Most of the briefcases are unisex and have locking features for security.

These are the most common styles of Brown handbags. Nowadays, most designers have designed these five handbag styles at one time or another. They are made in various sizes, from small to large to cover the requirements of the individual.These bags are made from lots of different materials including plastic, canvass, and leather Also color plays an important part in designer handbags, and you can buy them in colors from brown to pink the choice is yours.

Getting Black and Brown Diaper Bags

Making your day with your baby free from hustles of baggage and unorganized stuff, the use of diaper bags are of real help. Maintain being fashionable while with your baby without spending too much.

Diaper bags reduce worries of parents in packing and carrying their baby's belongings especially for a short getaway. To describe, diaper bag is a storage bag equipped with enough spaces inside or a well-pocketed bag good for the different type of stuffs to be put in it. The sixe varies from clutch bags to traveler bags that are both spacious depending on your need.

These come with many designs, styles and colors. And the recommended color would be the black diaper bags and brown diaper bags. First is because it never gets out of fashion. Second is because it can match just as many occasions. Thus, black and brown are safe colors to choose from.

Black diaper bags do have different styles such as an Urban Sling Bag, Azaela Baby Bag, Bead Fairfax Clutch Baby Bag, Bead Lexington Baby Bag, Black Cheetah Box Tote, Classic Lexington Baby Bag, Madison Avenue Tote, or a Patent Gladiola.

Likewise, the brown bags do have a style such as a Jacquard Gladiola, Tote Metallic, Blossom Tulip designed tote bag and many other.

Assortments of material used vary from canvas, faux leather, genuine leather, microfiber, laminated, vinyl or any combination of these. They can also be imprinted with different designs. On the style side, mostly are in a traveler bag type, clutch bag, backpack, tote bag, messenger bag or a sling type.

You can choose freely from this wide range of black and brown bags. But one thing for sure is that it serves it purpose and that is to have as much essentials to carry. You do not want to leave some other necessity just because there is not enough space in it and that you do not want to carry much baggage with you. Functionality must be your priority.

Another thing is the affordability, regardless of the color. It needs to be affordable enough. There is no need to spend too much-just be sure that the price matched the quality it offers then it is settled.

Consider greatly the quality of the bag. Check the materials use, if it made just as right and that it can last carrying the weight of the many baby stuffs you are to put in it. Assure the quality of it or else waste bucks on buying it. Remember also to be distinct on what you are looking for, especially the style and the size, so that you will not take much time in choosing.

Also of great importance, your black bags or brown diaper bags have that sense to class. Since these colors are trendy enough, make sure that the style much your taste.

With all of these factors, being considered while choosing your black or brown diaper bag, definitely, you maintain the chic there is in you.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gucci Medium Tote Black Bag Review

Gucci Medium Tote Black handbag is one of the 'canvas' Gucci bags. Other Gucci bags that are classified as being 'canvas' bags include the Large Horsebit Hobo Brown Gucci Bag, the Sabrina Red Gucci Boston Bag, the Singoria Large Gucci Tote handbag and the Scarf Cruise Collection Gucci Tote bag, among others. Now over the years, I have gotten to use quite a good number of Gucci bags. But of all those, it is the Gucci Medium Tote Black Bag that I have gotten most enchanted with.

Gucci Medium Tote Black Bag is a remarkable bag in many ways. The first thing you notice about this bag, when you lay your eyes on it, is its stylish design; which incorporates a couple of conspicuous side bags. Suffice it to say that the Gucci Medium Tote Black handbag is the sort of a bag that you can be sure of being asked 'where you got it' by interested friends when they happen to spot you with it.

In terms of size, Gucci Medium Tote Black handbag can best be described as medium sized bag; measuring as it does some 14.2 inches in length, some 12.2 inches in height and some 6.3 inches in width. Clearly, it is not a conspicuously large bag, but definitely a large enough bag to fit in most wares a person could be looking to get space for.

As alluded to earlier, Gucci Medium Tote Black handbag comes with a couple of side pockets. These, in addition to adding to the aesthetic appeal of the bag, also provide additional space outside the main compartment for the storage of stuff one doesn't wish to get mixed up with the rest. These side pockets close through a flap. They make a good place to, for instance, keep one's cell phone when moving around with the bag.

To make for convenient carriage of the bag, Gucci provides users of Gucci Medium Tote Black Bag with a double handle; so that the bag can be carried under the arm (though the handle is long enough to hang over the shoulders for shorter ladies). Although the bag is completely black, the handles are in two other rather 'loud' colors - red and blue, in stripes. Notable is the fact that Gucci has opted to sew on the handles, rather than fix them on place with some sort of hardware.

The 'trim' on Gucci Medium Tote Black Bag is made from leather. It is almost impossible to trace out this trim, though, because it is presented in black, like the whole bag. So it gets lost in the 'sea of black.'

For a closure mechanism, Gucci provides those of its customers who opt for the Gucci Medium Tote Black handbag with a 'snap' rather than a zipper. This is, however, a magnetic snap mechanism; which makes for very easy closure (one that requires minimum exertion), yet also very secure closure for this remarkable bag.

Gucci - Black, Red and White Hobo Bag

The Gucci -Black, Red and White Hobo handbag is one of the most colorful products in the family of Gucci bags known as 'canvas' bags. Other notable bags in this family include the likes of the Cruise Collection Gucci 'Scarf' Bag, the Large Boston Bronze Gucci 'Joy' handbag, the Large Singoria Gucci Tote handbag and the Gucci Bag, among others. Many of these are bags that I have gotten to use (for I am a huge fan of Gucci). But of them all, I get a feeling that it is the Gucci -Black, Red and White Hobo handbag that I have gotten most enchanted with.

The first thing you notice about the Gucci -Black, Red and White Hobo Bag is that it is one truly unapologetically colorful bag. True, only three colors are to be found on it, but it the choice of those colors (being the rather 'loud' black, white and red), and the way they are employed on the handbag which makes it conspicuously colorful. Each of these colors is given equal room for manifestation; so that none can be termed as being dominant over the others.

The main material used in making Gucci -Black, Red and White Hobo handbag seems to be canvas - the strong variety of canvas that has proved to be ideal for making handbags. Leather does, however, also make a showing on a number of parts on this bag, including the handle; which happens to be supplemented with a detachable strap; so that you can carry the bag either by hand, or by hanging on the shoulders.

Gucci -Black, Red and White Hobo Bag is quite a small bag; making it a darling to those of us who love small 'cute' bags. Just look at the dimensions, and you see some 14.6 inches by 9.8 inches by 0.4 inches - quite a small bag by any standards; only for carrying the absolute essentials. The message you send through a bag this bag is simple: that you have no room for 'clutter' in your bag - and hopefully, in your life.

Gucci -Black, Red and White Hobo Bag comes with a number of accessories inbuilt into it. One of these is the cell-phone holder; so that the user doesn't have to go about rummaging trying to locate her cell phone in the bag. There is also a side pocket inside the bag, for the storage of stuff that the user doesn't want to get mixed up with the rest inside the bag. As with most authentic Gucci products, each Gucci -Black, Red and White Hobo handbag comes with a serial number and an 'authenticity card.' The Gucci label is emblazoned on the front of the bag (in the black section), so that it is clear to all and sundry that it is a Gucci you have; Gucci being a very highly regarded brand.

For a way of securing the bag, Gucci provides the users of Gucci -Black, Red and White Hobo Bag with a zipper.

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