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Women's Designer Shoes - What Are the Latest Trend in Women's Designer Shoes

Retailers understand that women's designer shoes are a valuable commodity even in our recessive economy. According to statistical information, women do not merely regard shoes as a tool to protect their feet, but are more of a fashion statement that can also influence their emotional state and self-image.

Women's designer shoes can cost anywhere from $100 to several thousand dollars a pair. Brand names and play a large role in the amount of value placed on issues that are available in most major stores. Although having shoes in itself is not a personal fashion statement, it is more of a show of style and fashion to others around her and state her preferences and priorities.

Shoes are not simply for casual wear. They are worn to social events, special occasions such as weddings, reunions, and social gatherings of all kinds. This is not to say that women are not conscientious of price when it comes to buying designer brands such as Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton, Coach, and Prada. Brand names are a plus but style and appearance does not always correlate with what is well known.

Durability is also a factor that is important when considering the purchase of any footwear. If you are going to pay $500 for a pair of shoes, regardless of the brand name, the purchaser should expect it to be a long-lasting item. Protection is also a factor that must be considered. Although designer footwear is not created with the same intention as a hiking boot, they should always cater safety and the fashion conscientious crowd. Repeat customers are always the mainstay of any long-term business.

Unique styles, above all other rationalizations must be considered before making the purchase. If someone is not happy with what they have purchased, regardless of the price, it is a pointless endeavor. Though the majority of women that purchase new shoes are looking for a combination of style and frugality, it is statistically shown that almost all women that purchase designer shoes do so because they want to and the product they are buying is what is meant for them.

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Gladiator Shoes - King of All Trends

Gladiator shoes can be termed as the king of all trends, because the trend of these shoes is increasing like a wild fire, since the summer last year.

Basically, these shoes can be classified in to three main groups, depending on the length of the shoes. These are ankle length gladiator shoes, knee length gladiators and mid calf gladiators. Again, you can have either high heeled or flat shoes in all the three types of shoes.

While you need to have a perfect combination of slim and slender legs to wear knee length and mid calf shoes, ankle length shoes do not have such restrictions and with some careful selection, ankle length gladiators can look good on every one. Moreover, you can wear almost any outfit with ankle length gladiator, as against the other two varieties of gladiator shoe, which has to be worn with short length dresses.

While knee length gladiators and mid calf gladiators are popular with younger generation and celebrities, the popularity of ankle length gladiator shoes cannot be undermined. The fact that ankle length gladiator shoes are available in maximum variety, speaks for its popularity.

Tips on how to choose ankle length gladiators:

  • The craze is for laces, braids and weaving. If you have slim feet, the beauty of the feet will be enhanced by the delicate shoes.
  • Floral straps are considered an in thing. This will particularly suit you, if you have broad feet.
  • Simple two or three straps with open toe and studs and buckles are hot favorite patterns in flat gladiators.
  • If you were using flip flops for beaches, change over to flat gladiator shoes.
  • Go for metallic shades in matte finish to be worn at daytime. Silver in matte finish can look good on any colored outfit.
  • Tan colors and black are the colors that can never go out of fashion.
  • For younger look, try variations in heels. Wooden heel covered with padded covering is quite in vogue.
  • Python patterns and zippers or 3 to 4 buckles are the best selling shoe patterns.
  • Instead of going for stilettos, opt for wedge heels. These look stylish and are comfortable as compared to stilettos.

Certain basic things are essential while wearing gladiator shoes such as taking care of your feet and painting your nails, since your feet will garner quite some attention when you wear these shoes.

If you understand your feet well and choose your gladiator shoes accordingly, then you can be sure of getting a lot of attention.

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