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Women's Cross Training Shoes

Buying women's cross training shoes is quite smart, since they cover a variety of needs. A good cross trainer will serve you well. What ever your favorite activity is, running, biking, Pilates, weight lifting or walking, buying a cross trainer is a helpful choice in supporting your performance and experiencing a better longevity.

One main consideration is support. Then you can add other considerations to the mix. Womens cross training shoes cover a mix of needs and details, with no one thing to an extreme. Although if you plan to run quite a bit, you may want to consider buying a proper running shoe.

Like many other sports shoes, you want to pick your womens cross training shoe size by giving yourself a little bit of room between the front of your toes and the front of the shoe. The rule of thumb is to leave half an inch of free space at the front of your foot, to the end of the shoe. Some also find it a practical idea to keep socks for the use of these shoes only. Some people like to buy new socks when they buy their new shoes. You may want to consider this thought as well.

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The New Balance 991 Running Shoes For Women

New Balance makes a full line of running shoes for both men and women. One of their most popular running shoes for women is the 991. It has become an industry standard to the point where all running shoes are kind of starting to look like it! There are several things that make the 991 better than these imitation brands though. In the following text, we'll outline a few of these reasons.

First and foremost, the New Balance 991's are made in the USA. This is actually true of all of this company's products, but it's definitely worth mentioning. So many companies in this industry (Nike comes to mind first) outsource all their shoe making labor to the third world. This saves these companies a ton of money because the cost of living is so much lower in these countries. Unfortunately, it also means that shoes aren't of great quality. Stick to products made in America. They'll last longer and you'll run with less guilt on your conscious.

Another thing that makes the 991 running shoes for women stick out is the technology in this shoe. Only New Balance offers great features like lighting dry technology and a stability web. These features make sure that the shoe remains light, even when wet and also offers the heel extra support. This, in turn, prevent ankle and even knee injuries.

The last thing I'll mention about these shoes is you don't have to be a runner to benefit from them. If you do a lot of walking, try the 991's. The support and comfort that they offer is much better than similar shoes. They're even good for standing. If you've ever spent an entire day standing up, you know how important a good pair of shoes are.

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The New Balance 811 Walking Shoes For Women

As walking becomes more and more popular, we're seeing a lot of different companies get on board with the walking shoes. Nike and Reebok have full lines of these products, but the king of walking shoes is definitely New Balance. This company, out of Boston, has been making athletic footwear for over 100 years. And unlike their competitors, who make all there products offshore, New Balance is a true American company. All of their products are made in the USA. What thing I particularly like about the New Balance 811 walking shoes for women is that they don't have to be used for walking! Here's why.

These shoes are extremely comfortable. This is a mix of technology and design that New Balance is very proud of. Some of the technology included in these shoes include ROLLBAR Support and Walking Strike Path. I won't go into details here but these features essentially together to give a woman's foot more support and comfort. In turn, they also reduce heel and ankle injuries.

If you've ever spent time at a conference or trade show and and to stand up for hours on end, you know how painful it can be. Not only do your feet hurt, but your legs, back and even head eventually start to ache. This is why a good pair of shoes is so crucial in a situation like this. The New Balance 811 walking shoes are great for times like this. They're easy to break in too.

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Women's Ed Hardy Shoes - New Eye Candy

Women's Ed Hardy Shoes are known to add a touch of an "edgy" style to a wardrobe, but there is a new kid on the block that is a bit different - a new style called Eye Candy.

Eye Candy shoes have a flat lace-up style and have a sort of a ballerina shoe look to them - they have a noticeable sporty look while remaining feminine.

But - in no way are they mistaken for another brand of shoe. Not only is the famous "Ed Hardy" signature embossed on the shoes, but there are familiar tattoo inspired designs on all of the colors. Even though the basic style of the Eye Candy shoes is a bit more subtle, the colors and patterns are striking and gorgeous - like other designs of shoes from Ed Hardy.

About the Colors - There are three colors available in the Eye Candy shoe - each of the colors comes with it's own distinct look and tattoo design:

  • Off White - The Off White version of the shoe has a contrasting bright orange color over the toe and on the vamp of the shoe. It also features a fun "goldfish splashing in water" design which is unique to any other Ed Hardy design I've ever seen.
  • Black - The Black version has a contrasting white color on the vamp and has the familiar and famous "Love Kills Slowly" design all over the shoe. For women who are fond of this design, this shoe will be a "must have" addition to their wardrobe.
  • Blue - The Blue version of the Eye Candy shoe has a baby blue and dark blue contrast on the vamp. It has an off white toe covering and a skull and "crossknives" design all over the shoe.
Any of these colors and designs for these women's Ed Hardy Shoes could be described as both "cute as a button" and "a bit on the edgy side". They also make a perfect warm weather shoe for ladies with their easy on and off "slip" style.

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