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What Type Of Handbag Or Shoulder Bag Is Right For You

Today we can find many different types of obtainable handbags offered by the fashion industry. Some styles that seem to have stood the test of time are still around and are to this day still very popular. Here I have listed just a few and what they are useful for. Some are listed just for fun.

Bindle is a term used to describe a bag, sack, or any other carrying tool. In some popular cultures the Bindle is portrayed as a stick with cloth or a blanket tied around one end for carrying items. With the entire array being carried over the shoulder, portrayed particularly in cartoons and movies. (Who of our generation doesn't remember Charlie Chaplin playing on the big screen as a hobo with his Bindle over his shoulder?) However, in reality the use of the bindle can take many forms, such as a backpack, or any other type of bag used over the shoulder.

In or about the early 1910's people started to use the term backpack which comes from knapsack and pack sack. It is very popular among students to carry their books or laptop. Today it has become an essential and a very popular item. It is a fashion accessory that is becoming very popular among women who like to jog after work. It can hold all of their gym clothes and sneakers.

Originally a duffel bag was a large cylindrical bag made of cloth with the closure at the top, often also referred to as a kit bag or gym bag. More recently, a duffel bag typically refers to a specific style of bag. It is often used to carry luggage or sports equipment.

4-FANNY PACK (Money belt)
The name fanny pack was traditionally worn facing the rear above the buttocks; fanny is a jargon term in America. Despite the name, many do not wear fanny packs on their rear because they are easier to pick pocket and harder to access. Money belts are used by travelers and were more popular during the early and mid 1990s. For some, their resurrection is a form of ironic retro fashion. It made a come back among the youth in recent years, this time termed a pouch. Many top designers such as Gucci, Prada, Coach, Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton have taken the chance to resurrect and revamp it.

Without a doubt this is the most elegant item women should have to complement their evening attire. Often referred to as a clutch bag or a clutch purse this fashion item does just what the name implies. Most of the time they should not have and handles and should never be overstuffed. They are big enough to hold only the minimum of that a woman needs for an evening out on a special date or to a gala evening, or a wedding. Any special occasion where you dress elegantly is the only time this item is warranted. If you own only one, special care should be given to extend the life and beauty. Having more than one is good since you need to have it match your outfit, and we tend to never wear the same stylish dress twice.

By definition a purse is described as a small bag, also called a handbag. It can also refer to a small money container similar to a wallet, but typically it is used by women has a fashion accessory, a handbag being considerably larger.

7- SATCHEL (bag)
The satchel became a fashion accessory and was popular during the 17th century, it predates the backpack. It is sometimes referred to as a messenger bag. The satchel was commonly used by cowboys.

A tote bag is larger than a purse, and sometimes used as a shopping bag. It is a very popular item among woman allowing them the diversity in helping to carry many things. It is probably the most popular type of bag.

... Remember to always consider the cost when making your purchase. Sometimes it may be to your advantage to pay a little more. In most cases the quality is relative to what the consumer is willing to pay for a good backpack, shoulder bag, messenger bag, satchel or tote. Most women are willing to pay extra for a shoulder bag or purse, but give little consideration when it comes to purchasing these useful items.

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The Perfect Evening Bag - Lancel Minaudiere Shoulder Bag

The Parisian fashion brand Lancel focuses exclusively on leather goods. Lancel handbags are extremely comfortable, well-tailored, and are specially target at good-taste ladies. They naturally deserve much attention, and this new evening bag doesn't do any differently.

Frankly speaking, designer handbags as the upcoming Christmas gifts are great especially if you choose such a sophisticated one. Do you still long for great pleasure in the holiday season? Don't you think that fabulous jewelry and luxurious fur are not enough to satisfy your addiction toward elegance? Never mind, the newly released Lancel Minaudiere Shoulder Bag is the best solution for that.

Inspired by a model from the roaring twenties, the perfect evening bag features exquisite bag body with supple lambskin and vintage tassels detail. As you see, the universal ornaments has never been out-of-date all over the globe. Here, they just make the bag ultra feminine but at the same time stylish. Just let us imagine that the tassels move as you walk along, what a great wonderful thing! It has leather shoulder strap with antique brass metal hardware pieces which will surely adds more flare. The chic look seems ready to party, while the soft leather is a better option for your daily use.

Now, it is available in ivory and black colors. If you like it, treat yourself or your beloved ones with such a chic item as distinctive Christmas gift.

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Tips on Buying a Shoulder Bag

A shoulder bag is a large handbag purse that can be carried by a strap looped over the shoulder, especially for carrying personal things. Shoulder Bags, Shoulder Handbags, Shoulder Purses are accessories you cannot do without. The most common component in a shoulder bag is the strap which enables the person to carry the bag on the shoulder.

Considered as a versatile item, it has many uses. Being a unisex article; it can be used by both men and women. School girls will appear fashionable and feminine using shoulder bags to carry their things. For the business people, this shoulder bag can easily accommodate their planner, laptop and other paraphernalia needed in their work; which ever is the location. Some shoulder purses has am outside compartment what can carry a water bottle and a compact umbrella

This type of handbag are found in many boutiques, fashion shops, department stores and related outlets. You can opt from a wide array of brands, designs, colors, materials and sizes. Prices also vary based on many factors, including its special features.

Tips on making the best buy for shoulder bag:

* Select one made from a durable material, such as leather, so you can use it for many years to come.
* Select a bag style or design that you can use comfortably in several events. Buying a trendy style will only be good a few special occasions.
* Check the size of the compartment which will fit your need for a handbag.
* Look at the strap and opt for an adjustable one.
* Be sure that the strap has pads for comfort; especially when you are carrying heavy items.
* Determine if the fabrics used are easily washable and waterproof.
* Remember that the higher the price, the higher is the quality and durability.

If you are the creative type, you might be interested to make your own shoulder bags. Using your artistic touch, you can make one that goes well with your jeans and T-shirts get-up; or make an embellished design bag for dressy affairs. Materials are easily available. Full and simple instructions are available online.

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