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Pink Underwear

Pink has always been the color of all things sweet and nice. Pink is actually a lighter shade of the color red. Red as is popularly known, the color of passion and passion is generally linked with violent, animalistic attitudes. When the color is toned down to pink, it emerges as the softer side of passion and becomes an expression of love and romance. Thus, the color is supposed to evoke feelings of tenderness and gentle behavior, both of which are quite essential to the art of lovemaking.

Pink has a deep association to the female sex and very often anything colored in pink is automatically pronounced feminine. The tradition has gone so far as to make women who have no pink in their wardrobes stand out as prude and tomboyish. Pink has thus been changed in to a form of sexual discrimination. However, this thought should not stop anyone, regardless of sex, from wearing pink underwear since pink after all is just a color. Nonetheless, most types of pink underwear are designed to fit women exclusively. Pink panties for women come in every possible underwear style from bikinis to thongs to g-strings. Women also have access to a large variety of pink shades from pale to burgundy as well many patterns. Pink underwear is available in leather, silk, cotton and even rubber. Very often, the fabric will incorporate pink as a theme and center the design of the undergarment on the color. Theme such as flowers, teddy bears and candy can be printed on the on the fabric and these look the best in pink.

Pink is a favorite underwear color among children and even plain pink panties are a large hit in this age group. For children, fun designs such as dolls, pumpkins and cartoon characters such as Winnie the Pooh and Goldilocks are used to dress up the patterns. Designs are usually absent from pink underwear meant for men. For males, pinks restrict themselves to generally briefs and boxers, that too only in pale shades.

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Stockings Underwear

With the arrival of the pantyhose in 1968 a means of wearing stockings as underwear first became possible. Prior to this the stockings were always held up by suspenders either from a corset, a girdle or a suspender belt.

I think this was also the time that a new fabric was invented which was stretchy enough to allow for the sewing of the cotton gusset into the stockings crutch. This was essential for women because the nylon against bare skin irritates and causes infections. Even today, a woman should never buy or wear stockings that don't have a cotton gusset sewn in. Even if a woman wears panties underneath her pantyhose, she should still always only wear stockings that have the cotton gusset sewn in.

This is because the nylon is not a natural fabric. It is a derivative of petroleum and one of its downfall properties is that it doesn't 'breathe'. What this means is that the air is unable to circulate freely causing heat to build up. Because it is basically a moist environment that it is blocking the air from circulating around, this invites infections like Candida to thrive. Candida is a yeast infection that is naturally occurring in every human body, male and female.

The freedom offered by pantyhose underwear to women everywhere was phenomenal. It was the late 60's and the revolution was well and truly underway so it was a really good time for the release of a new stocking that gave women freedom yet preserved enough of the 'well-dressed-socially-acceptable' expectations of the day to continue.

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Important Features of Men's Underwear


Men's underwear has 3 types of waistband.

- Encased elastic waistband
- The sewn inside elastic waistband
- The sewn on elastic waistband

Encased elastic waistband is mostly found in boxers. Elastic is threaded through the casing and causes the boxer fabric to gather. This would be best for men who are allergic to latex. But major disadvantage is it leaves vertical red imprints on the body.

In sewn inside elastic waistband, elastic is exposed to the body. It does not leave red imprint marks on the body.

The sewn on elastic waistband is mostly found in briefs. It is very comfortable for the body and leaves very less red marks on the body. Several manufacturers are making their elastic waistbands with microfiber or having the inside brushed.

The fly:

Only 20% men prefer fly. Majority of men simply go up and over. That's why fly is mostly preferred as a decoration item than a functional feature. Whether men use it or not, fly will always be a stock feature on men's boxers. Boxer briefs and trunks will have a brief style fly treatment.


Lot of design changes have occurred between a man's legs. For increased comfort and improved fit, there is less of traditional intersecting of back, front and leg seams in the crotch area. Instead gussets and panels are becoming popular, and are very comfortable.


Gusset is generally available in diamond, rectangle or triangle shape, inserted in a garment to allow for more space and greater easy of movement. Gusset appears around the inseams. This allows the garment to have fewer seams. The underwear is thus form-fitting and comfortable. Inseams are becoming shorter. If inseams are very long, legs tend to creek up and so it needs frequent adjusting throughout the day.

Back Seam:

Back seam is a very important issue for most of the men. This seam will create a wedgy feeling. Most men don't like sitting on top of a back seam throughout the day. Most of the designer underwear don't have back seam. Instead, they have a gusset design to shape the garment.

Leg openings:

Men want freedom of movement without feeling that their stride is limited, or that their underwear legs need to be constantly adjusted. For woven boxers, look for boxers with plackets or slits on the side. These slits are usually 11/2 to 2 inches tall.

Jock cups:

The size of the cup gets larger as you go up in waistband size. There is no correlation between a man's waist size and the size of the package.


Men's underwear should fit the body without binding or bagging, regardless of a man's size. Underwear that binds is uncomfortable. Don't buy underwear too big assuming it will shrink. Underwear today is cut to fit and will not shrink wash after wash.


Most of the men prefer cotton fabric. Highest quality cottons are pima cotton, supima cotton and Egyptian cotton. Microfiber is another very soft fabric for men's underwear.

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