Sunday, January 31, 2010

Gucci's New Pelham Medium Top Handle Bag

Are you familiar with Pelham bit, a type of bit used when riding a horse? The Pelham bit can have a sold or jointed mouthpiece. There is a larger ring directly connected to the mouthpiece on to which the 'snaffle reins' attach, and shanks that extend down terminating in rings on which 'curb reins' attach. The pelham bit is often used for schooling and general riding, providing the rider is knowledgeable about using a curb bit and riding with double reins. An English Pelham bit somewhat mimics the action of the bridoon (small snaffle bit) and weymouth (curb) bit combination used on a 'double bridle'. A Pelham may be used when a horse can not hold the two bits comfortably, or for convenience.

You may wonder why I first introduce the Pelham bit which has nothing to do with fashion or designer handbags. You know the elements of fashion are originated from our everyday life. The main characteristic of the popular Gucci handbag I will introduce is the Pelham horsebit detail.

This New Pelham Medium Top Handle Bag features brown pony hair leather with dark brown leather trim, which makes it a classic bag. Brass hardware adds a hint of vintage. The delicate horsebit detail and embossed Gucci script logo are the distinctive characteristics of Gucci handbags, revealing your unique taste and noble temperament. Measured at 43 x 15 x 24 cm , this bag provide enough space for your daily essentials and business documents no matter you carry it in working days or during business trip. And the considerate designs of inside zip, mobile phone and PDA pockets add the practicality to this handbag. Studs on the bottom provide extra protection to the bag. And the supple double handles enable it to be comfortably hand-held.

The Pelham bit used in horses is ingeniously designed on the handbag, which presents us a distinctive creation. Therefore, the New Pelham Medium Top Handle Bag is worthy of the title of one of the most popular Gucci handbags.

Gucci Joy Medium Top Handle Bag With Double Handles

Although Gucci's rise in 1990's was due to Mr. Ford's ability to read cultural signs and tap into them, with a head-to-toe look that flaunted sex and money, many consumers now seem to want products that express not a brand lifestyle, but rather, their own. The consumer's appetite for individual, one-of-a-kind pieces has grown substantially. Maybe five years ago, they did not mind having the same "it" handbag as someone else. Now they want something different.

So Gucci launched Joy Medium Top Handle Bag. It is simple and sporty to go well with other extras and outfit from seasons to seasons. It is totally different from the urban and downtown bag. It is not inevitable for your daily using, but inevitable for your leisure. It does not flaunt sex anymore, but flaunt your personal lifestyle. The detachable shoulder strap is adjustable for your arm pleasure or just held by hand. The sand guccissima leather with sand leather trim is luxurious in low key. The dimension of 32cm in length, 18cm in width and 15.5cm in height is roomy for your personal necessity. The zip along the top adds to its overall practicality, letting you fill it with your whatnot. If you play tennis after work, please put your clothes, towel, sunscreen, drinking bottle and any other things in this bag. It is stylish for your playing.

Through long-term shrewd design for downtown women and men, Gucci goes back to the breezy leisure life in suburb. It is not loud by Gucci for its casual luxury and mellow quintessence, yet it proves itself that Joy Medium Top Handle Bag thinks much more about the consumer's life than its pretentious brand style. It is a marvelous handle bag, for everyone, for everyone's life.

Choosing Your Replica Chanel Bag

Replica Chanel bags have become very popular because they cost less than the authentic ones but still look as good. When looking for the best one, you have to get a bag that is made from leather. Leather is the best material to choose because it is durable and will not change color after some time. When checking the material, make sure the texture and elasticity is good. The inside should also have thin leather stuck on if it is a good quality one.

Good imitation Chanel bags have thick stitching which inclines to the other stitching at an angle. If the stitching is thin and straight, it is not a good replica. A high quality one should also be light in weight to allow you to comfortably carry it around. Bags that are made from poor quality leather will be heavier. The surface of the item should be smooth and reflective.

If the replica Chanel is of good quality, the interior and exterior should match in terms of color tone. Make sure you check the interior before you make your purchase.

Chanel bags have a good structure and this is exactly what you should be looking for in your imitation. The bag's contour should be smooth and round when you hold it. The handle should be round all the way to the attachment.

To determine the convenience, check whether the zipper on the outside pocket has been placed under the flap to make it easy for you to remove items. If you have to get the flap out of the way before you can get to the zipper, it is not a good purse.

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