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Finding Top Brand Best Women's Designer Handbags

The one trend in fashion that is most sought after is women's designer handbags. Those who desire to keep in style and fashion are up to date with top brands such as Coach, Balenciaga, Chanel, Gucci, Hermes, Louis Vuitton and others. The price for these bags can range from hundreds to thousands and thus are usually owned by the celebrities as well as the rich. You may question why so many is after these handbags and why so costly.

The one thing to realize is that you are not only buying a handbag, you are buying a brand or a label. The more people who seek after the brand, the more expensive the handbag becomes. If the news show pictures of the rich and famous using these handbags you will also discover how costly they are and they will be short in supply. Though these bags are designer made with excellent quality materials, you will still find that it is not commonly owned by the average women. Some would prefer saving the money for an average bag serving its purpose while some others have preference to buy these handbags to be used as an investment for the future.

There are a couple of places you can locate women's designer handbags and you need not sacrifice your hard earn cash. You can go for auction on eBay for original designer bags, however the only caution is to be able to differentiate between the real thing and counterfeits. Request from the seller for item details such as serial number and certifications. You surely do not want to pay highly for a counterfeit. One tip with eBay auction is to check misspellings of designer brand names and you will find a lot of cheap auctions for your bidding.

One best way to really embrace women's designer handbags without having to cost you much as well as not seen carrying replica ones is to go rent a bag. You can actually rent top labels such as Prada, Coach, Gucci, Chanel and plenty more and return them when you are done using them and rent another one. It is surely one affordable method to be seen with an actual designer bag.

Lastly if you are not bothered by imitations, with a good offer price you can certainly obtain some excellent quality lookalike handbags.

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Getting Smart With Wholesale Designer Handbags

For anyone who adores everything designer, handbags are so unforgivably sweet. And the girls are going to like it more now that many authentic designer handbags are all over the market. Best thing yet, they come at incredibly low prices the way nobody might have imagined before. These days, you don't just have gorgeous looking designer bags. You can have them in bulk which means you can have a whole collection at once. And the more you buy, they cheaper they get. How can anything designer be better than that?

While it's tempting to be always after the trends when choosing those handbags, it's still more important to balance your choices with a sense of practicality. For example, if an item looks like a perfect work of art with all those nice blending colors and sequins but you can't exactly imagine yourself wearing it, then don't buy it. Remember the purpose that bags are made for. They're not toys and unless money is never an object for you, don't spend on things you won't be making use of. In other words, always buy smart.

A lot of girls make the mistake of buying bags that are twice their size just because a famous celebrity did so. This formula really doesn't work in the real world unless you're a celebrity yourself, in which case, you can be a total fashion blunder and people will still adore you.

Colors can also make a lot of difference and no matter what the trends say, the smart dresser always pays attention to the colors she wears. Don't go for a cheap wholesale handbag collection just because a celebrity wore something like it as you saw on tv. Again, unless you are that celebrity, you won't get away with something too loud and uncoordinated. As a basic rule, you'd look gorgeous during formal occasions with black or earth-toned bags while for casual days, warm, vibrant colors would be fantastic. For the less formal occasions, you can actually play with stripes, plaids, florals, geometrics and all sorts of prints. Of course, there's no limit to what you can do while experimenting with your own sense of style. Just practice some prudence for formal wear because you could easily be the center of the attention and you just can't be sure if it's the kind of attention you want.

Bottomline, cheap doesn't mean you have the license to be indiscriminate with your choices. You have an obligation to yourself to make the best use of anything you spend your hard-earned money on - unless, again, you're an heiress to whatever empire your family might be running. But while you're just like the rest us who value every little thing we throw our money on, choose well and choose with balance.

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A Guide to Perfect Evening Bags

Evening bags come in various designs, shapes and sizes. There is a bag for every occasion and time of the day. Choosing the right dress according to the occasion and time is extremely important, and choosing the right bag to carry with that dress is equally critical for that perfect look. Matching your bag with the dress of your colour is not the only factor to be kept in mind while buying an evening bag. One also needs to consider its shape and design while the occasion and the time of the day you are going to carry the bag are the other important factors. Following is a guide, which can help you buy that perfect piece of evening bag for a special occasion or for gifting it to someone special as a gift:

Striped Swarovski Crystal Evening Bag: This shell shaped clutch bag is an amazing addition to anyone's wardrobe. It is a small bag which makes a big impact. These can become the centre of attraction of any evening. You may carry this bag to any special and elite social gathering and you are sure to bag home loads of compliments and following eyes.These bags are a must for any fashionista. Striped Swarovski Crystal Evening bag is small in size making it apt for an evening out. You can fit in the essentials needed, like your cell phone, your nose powder and lip gloss for little touch ups here and there during the party.The crystals embedded on the Striped Swarovski crystal Evening bag are an exquisite piece of art. They stunningly dazzle as they work magic with light rays. The alternative coloured stripped pattern is chic and sophisticated. You can choose some good colour combination of your choice. You can also get this bag customised by getting your initials engraved on the clutch with the Swarovski crystals.

Pastel Colour Tote: These pastel coloured small sized totes are best for the day or for the occasions like Prom nights, quiet family dinners or for your wedding. Get these to match your dress and choose dainty colours like pinks and peaches. These are best for young girls as they do not become a botheration while they are enjoying with their friends, and have just the perfect space to snugly adjust their sun glasses, little cash, cell phone and a lip gloss. Black/ White/ Brown Big Formal Bag: if you are one of the type who does not like to experiment then go for the ever green big and simple leather bags in brown or black colour. You can also try a white one for variety.

These bags are elegant and sophisticated in one solid colour and without much detailing. Perfect for working women who want big bags to carry lots of stuff and who have to attend corporate lunches very often. These kind of bags are best for formal lunches, evening outings, shopping and daily use. Each of the above mentioned bags are exclusive in their own way and is a 'must have' for the wardrobe of a trendy woman.

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