Thursday, February 4, 2010

How to Spot a Fake Juicy Couture Handbag

Given the popularity of Juicy Couture it would be a real shock not to find fake Juicy Couture Handbags.

Let's start with handbags:

Rule 1 - If it says made in Hong Kong or China it is most likely a fake.

Rule 2 - Check the stitching all over the bag especially on the leather, fob and mirror because Juicy stitching is always clean, precise and well sewn.

Rule 3 - Look at the quality of the leather, the leather in a Juicy bag is always fine quality, it is heavy, soft and has a fine texture.

Rule 4 - Check all the linings in the bag, the sides, the bottom, and inside all the many pockets. Make sure all the lining match and are all sewn of the quality expected of a Juicy bag.

Rule 5 - Juicy never wraps its bags in plastic so anything with plastic components is a fake. Juicy wraps the bags in paper when shipped from the factory. Zipper and Charms are wrapped in soft tissue paper for protection.

Rule 6 - Check the engravings on the rivets and all metal parts to make sure they are clearly engraved. If you have any questions about the Authenticity, check the inside label and compare it to one in an authorized retailer.

Rule 7 - Lastly there should not be a rectangular tag saying, "Protect your J Zipper", this tag should only appear on hoodies and clothing items with zippers.

Finally in the case as with any Designer handbag, make sure you purchase your handbag from an Authorized Retailer. If it seems to be too good of a deal it is probably fake.

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