Sunday, May 3, 2009

Semi Boot And Wedges, Tren shoes 2009 Yongki Komaladi

You including the shoes hunter? If yes, you must follow tren shoes that followed fesyen latest. Several designers of shoes has dismissed tren shoes in every time pengujung the year. Like that was sent by the designer of famous Yongki Komaladi shoes. Shoes that were functioning as appearance accessories always changed followed tren each year, so tional community always followed the season that was current in respectively the country, likas gave tampilan and the different colour. Despite this, generally tren fesyen in the internae the season Nevertheless, still have several designers who maintain the typical characteristics and the uniqueness of the character of his design, like that is carried out by Yongki Komaladi.
The man who entered to the shoes business while more than 13 years always produce the new innovation in each one of his collections. His collection always the behaviour is sold and becomes the supporter several fashion show that is carried out by the Motherland designer. Yongki then explain tren shoes 2009 comes, in part: Semi boot Tren shoes semi boot will be supported with high heels measuring 12-15cm. These shoes are very appropriate is put on for one fashion show, the party, or in daily. Despite this must be adapted to the appearance of the person who puts on him and the atmosphere at that time. It was heterogenous that the choice of the colour beginning with red, purple, gold, and blue greenness will emerge enliven tren these kind shoes. In the meantime to support the model semi boot am also present pantofel semi boot or peeto, that is shoes that are open at the front.Wedges Apart from semi boot, in 2009 will be filled with shoes wedges. That is shoes that have the front right until behind thick and is decorated beads, the stones diamond, and crystal swaroski.
The rope model with the touch of the colour gold and silver then still will illustrate the year comes. Now for the newest shoes collection that will be launched, Yongki explain him for you. "His plan this coming January 2009 I will throw the newest shoes collection to the market." The collection will this time be increasingly interesting with the presence of the red and grey colour, as well as the use of the material mengkilap, and swede or the velvet, he explained when being met okezone in the Fashion Exploration agenda 2009, Jakarta Convention Center, Senayan, on Thursday (4/12/2008)
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