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New Trends for Footwear, Sandals and Shoes Accesories Summer

There are exciting new trends in shoe accessories for the summer of 2008. Moreover, you will see a glut of attractive shoe designs at affordable high st. prices.

Here are some examples of shoe accessories you might find when shopping. Start by choosing Gladiator sandals or platform shoes with Grecian ankle straps. Alternatively, buy designer look, cut out wedge heels, vivid bold brightly coloured shoes or floral, patterned and animal print footwear. You could also choose from contrast piped shoes, two tone heels and toe caps, suede, patent and laser cut out lace leather pumps. Or, put on the glitz and opt for jewel gemstone stud effects and colourful bead button fastenings.

For summer 2008 the high street shoe shops have a treat in store for women as they add their latest shoe fashion trends. Look for outrageous heights in heels, interesting wedge styles and eye popping shots of colour. To sum up - there is shoe fashion trend choice, and more choice, with classic styles, lower heels, and absolute flats. Shoe 3 - Faith Footwear - Style 'Holdin' Wedge in red/black/grey/cork - £55.

These three shoe accessories are just a sample of the many designs available for Spring and Summer 2008.

Above Left - Shoe 1 - Red Herring Gladiator Sandal - £25 - Debenhams Spring/Summer 2008 Women's Accessories.
Above Right - Shoe 2 - TRIBE Range - Stud ankle strap style Lante £60 - Faith Footwear.
Bottom Right - Shoe 3 - Faith Footwear - Style 'Holdin' Wedge in red/black/grey/cork - £55.

See more Gladiator sandal and boot trends on this page.

Heel Envy

In summer 2008 shoes of any style, any heel shape, from curving stiletto, solid cone, wedge, or ultra flat are equally acceptable. The selection of available flat or low footwear is good. Of course you can always buy your shoes online if you are fully aware of your sizing in a particular brand. Check the online store size guide to ensure you understand their sizing and find out if it is using British, Continental or American measurements.

Accessories Shoes 4 - Clat platform animal print shoes with red heel and red platform sole - £70 Faith Footwear.Shoe 5 - A show stopper Mary Jane shoe - Nanny's Treasure - £60 from Office Ladies Collection for Spring 2008.Shoe 6 - Shelly's Joanne red high sandal at £45 from Shelly's Spring/Summer 2008 range.

Left to right:- Shoes 4, 5, 6 - Details below

Left - Shoe 4 - Clat platform animal print shoes with red heel and red platform sole - £70 Faith Footwear. Shoe 7  - Nine West white wedge shoe with cut out heel available from from John Lewis.
Centre - Shoe 5 - A show stopper Mary Jane shoe - Nanny's Treasure - £60 from Office Ladies Collection for Spring 2008.
Right - Shoe 6 - Shelly's Joanne red high sandal at £45 from Shelly's Spring/Summer 2008 range.

More novel styles are now a norm in UK high street ranges, like Faith footwear, who have designer led selections that are hot on trend. They sell for example, a designer range of shoes with complex styling and currently have some great wedges with cut out heels. Until recent times, only exclusive high end designer footwear brands stocked such to die for shoe temptations. Right - Shoe 7 - 'Nine West' white wedge with cut out heel available from John Lewis.

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Pattern and Print in Shoes Summer 2008

 Shoe 8 - Basket weave raffia floral wedge shoe £10. In store beginning of April - Primark Summer Collection 2008.Shoe 9 - J Jeans by Jasper Conran gold wedge shoes £40/€62 Debenhams Spring/Summer 2008 Women's AccessoriesShoe 10 - Patchwork wedge shoe Cuba, £135/€195 from Spring/Summer 2008 - Dune Ladies & Accessories.

Left to right:- Shoes 8, 9, 10 - Details below

Wedge and chunky cone heels demand attention. Printed pattern footwear whether it be stripes, florals or patchwork is often set against raffia wedges, wooden, or Perspex heels. Gold, silver and bronze footwear is now mainstream, even for daywear. Shoe 8 centre above, is also available in silver.

Left - Shoe 8 - Basket weave raffia floral wedge shoe £10. In store beginning of April - Primark Summer Collection 2008.
Centre - Shoe 9 - J Jeans by Jasper Conran shoes £40/€62 Debenhams Spring/Summer 2008 Women's Accessories
Right - Shoe 10 - Patchwork wedge shoe Cuba, £135/€195 from Spring/Summer 2008 - Dune Ladies & Accessories.Shoe 11 - Ombre dye patent yellow and coral shoe - Spring/Summer 2008 - Dune Ladies Accessories.


Ombre and Dye Effects in Shoes

Pattern and print are not the only interesting aspects of fashion trends in modern shoes. Taking a cue from the catwalk, shoe manufacturers have introduced some lively ombre and tie dye effect shoes.

Far Right - Shoe 11 - Ombre dye patent yellow and coral shoe - Spring/Summer 2008 - Dune Ladies Accessories.

It Shoes on the High Street

It feels as if 'It shoes' have at last really arrived on the high street.

This is not surprising, since retailers who have survived the pace of fast fashion changes have had to adapt to fresh ideas and produce designer led footwear styles.

Demise of Dolcis Shoe Shops

Dolcis, the UK high st. shoes and bags chain, disregarded the change in consumer habits for must-have desires and so lagged behind general fast fashion retailers. In January 2008, it found itself in administration and since then a deal was reached where the Dolcis shoe brand name has been sold on to another footwear retailer. A year or so ago the same fate happened to the famous Stead and Simpson brand.

In the past 25 years the general clothing retailers have slowly all introduced footwear. These clothing fashion retailers have eaten into the traditional shoe shop market of yesteryear. Now a high proportion of UK footwear is sold through clothing chains like New Look who pander to both a mass acceptable price point and a high fashion look. The demand for footwear has not fallen, but the demand for high fashion inexpensive footwear has increased.
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Coloured Shoes

Just like all the brightly coloured bags in a store near you now, brightly colours for shoes and sandals are prominent in every footwear range. Bright colour can also be patterned.Shoe 13 -  Blue patchwork shoes - New Look Spring Summer 2008 Accessories & Footwear range.  Shoe 12 - Patchwork shoe.

Patchwork Shoes

This high end designer Dolce&Gabbana patchwork shoe (Style 12), near right, features some of the main fashion colours for spring 2008 and utilise orchid pink and crocus tones. The high street alternative includes these Aegean blue patchwork style shoes (Style 13) from the New Look Spring Summer 2008 Accessories & Footwear range.

New Look is one of the major sellers of footwear in the UK, with most shoes being sold for under £30. A change of shoe lace to black, might make these blue shoes look even more similar to the Dolce&Gabbana designer version.

The blue shoe boots are not a precise copy, but a great look-alike pair of shoes that have picked up on what might become a major shoe fashion trend.New Look Footwear

Bold Contrasts in Summer Shoes 2008

The colours for spring and summer 2008 are bold and strong even in sedate styles. Orchid pink, yellow, and red footwear is readily available in many styles. Right - Shoe group 14 - New Look Footwear

Strong contrasts in a shoe mean that black is important when teamed with white for monochrome looks. This can be just a simple piped, white edge to a black shoe, or a more vivid op art look as shown below.

T-Bar Shoes

Contrasts also lead to multi use of piped edges and trimmings in every type of footwear. This mixed selection of T-bar style shoes (group 14) above right is from New Look. Each shoe has three contrast tones to achieve what appears to be a complex design colouration with a 1960s floral finishing touch.hoe 15 - Red Mary Jane shoe £44.99/ €75.50 River Island Clothing Co. Ltd Womenswear Footwear SS08 Shoe 16 -Yellow lace tie Mary Jane shoe £44.99/€75.50  River Island Clothing Co. Ltd.

Like the Mary Jane style the T-bar shoe is very safe looking until its vamped up with a fancy buckle, lacing or wider band ankle strap, which can almost move it toward the more exotic.

Both the red patent Mary Jane shoe (15) left, and this yellow shoe look retro, yet very modern. Each has a heel many women will find manageable and the strap adds extra walking security. Shoes with bar straps are ideal for women who need a half size, yet find that mass manufacturing of less costly lines means that half sizes are less available. Sizing up often means one shoe is over sized. With an extra cushion inner and an adjustable strap those with unevenly sized feet may find shoes that work for them. You are reading an original independent 'shoe accessory' article by Pauline Weston Thomas at www.fashion-era.com ©

Left - Shoe 15 - Red Mary Jane shoe £44.99/ €75.50 - River Island Clothing Co. Ltd., Womenswear Footwear SS08
Near Right - Shoe 16 -Yellow lace tie Mary Jane shoe £44.99/€75.50 - River Island Clothing Co. Ltd.

Ankle Straps

Shoe 17 - Silver T-bar, Eclair, ankle strap platform sandal from Barratts.  This T-bar silver impressed skin sandal with wide ankle strap looks ready to party all night long.
Right - Shoe 17 - Silver T-bar, Éclair, ankle strap platform sandal from Barratts.

Stemming from the Gladiator/Warrior footwear shown on another page, are the ankle strap wraps that take many shoes a step further toward fetish footwear trends. This has created a range of high st. shoes heavy with wrap around ankle straps, excessive ties, narrow or wide dog collar ankle bands.

Some of the ankle bands are heavily decorated with studs as in the header or are Swarovski CRYSTALLIZED.

Shoe 18 - Marks and Spencers ankle strap red shoe in mixed materials - £15.Shoe 19 - Double strap shoe £60 and called Never Mind - Spring 2008 Office Ladies Collection by Office.Shoe 20- Ankle strap black colour block shoe £45/€64 Women's Footwear Spring/Summer 2008 at NEXT.

Left to right:- Shoes 18,19, 20 - Details below

Left - Shoe 18 - Marks and Spencers ankle strap red shoe in mixed materials - £15.
Centre - Shoe 19 - Double strap shoe £60 and called Never Mind - Spring 2008 Office Ladies Collection by Office.
Far Right - Shoe 20- Ankle strap black colour block shoe £45/€64 Women's Footwear Spring/Summer 2008 at NEXT.

Peep Toes

Bright colour is clearly a strong fashion trend in shoes for this Summer 2008. Red, yellow, orchid pink, purple, green and blue are used through every range. The peep toe is also an element of summer footwear and these examples illustrate wearable shoes rather than shoes destined for posing only. Peep toes also give the girls a chance to show off their new pedicure. If you like to wear tights but want to show your toes then an alternative is to buy the open toe summer tights sold at Marks and Spencer.

Shoe 21 - River Island True Blue Range - River Island Spring Summer Accessories 2008Shoe 22 - Post Mistress Weather Girl £85 - Spring 2008 Office Ladies Collection by OfficeShoe 23 - Purple shoe £44.99/ €75.50 River Island Clothing Co. Ltd., Summer Footwear 2008

Left to right:- Shoes 21, 22, 23 - Details below

Left - Shoe 21 - River Island True Blue Range - River Island Spring Summer Accessories 2008
Centre - Shoe 22 -Post Mistress Weather Girl £85 - Spring 2008 Office Ladies Collection from Office
Far Right - Shoe 23 - Purple shoe £44.99/ €75.50 River Island Clothing Co. Ltd., Summer Footwear 2008

Finally these last two shoes are designed for tall women and so go to longer foot lengths. I love the pale pink flat shoe which is perfect for summer. The green wedge shoe is on trend without adding too many inches to a woman who is aware of her height. Lastly the sandal has not so much a Gladiator/Warrior feel, but more of an exotic Cleopatra touch.

Shoe 24 - Pastel pink jewelled slingback, £49 from Long Tall Sally Summer 2008 Shoes and Accessories Shoe 25 - Shelly's Spring/Summer 2008 - Green wedge sandal called Brandy - £50 Shellys Shoes.Shoe 26 - Tan bronze Cleopatra Gladiator sandal with beads from Barratts.

Left to right:- Shoes 24, 25, 26 - Details below

Left - Shoe 24 - Pastel pink jewelled slingback, £49 from Long Tall Sally Spring 20 08 Shoes and Accessories
Centre - Shoe 25 - Shelly's Spring/Summer 2008 - Green wedge sandal called Brandy - £50 Shellys Shoes.
Right - Shoe 26 - Tan bronze Gladiator sandal with beads from Barratts.

Sexy Underwear and Panties

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, some women may be thinking of surprising their man by buying some new sexy underwear or, even better, hoping for a lingerie Valentine’s present from their partner.

Women's Lingerie - What Men Say They Want

However, according to the Daily Mail’s article “What men really think when they see you strip down to your smalls,” of 2 December 2007, it seems that women often make serious misjudgments when it comes to buying lingerie to please their partner.

Says Scott Manson, former editor of the men’s magazine Loaded, “It’s easy to see where women go wrong. The classic image of a suspender set with a push-up bra is what most women think gets their chap going… nothing could be further from the truth.”

Simple and White Versus Black and Sexy

In the Daily Mail’s article, a panel of three men (a former men's magazine editor, a style journalist and the feature director of GQ magazine) are asked to rate and give an opinion on six sets of women’s lingerie, ranging from the overtly sexy to white and virginal to simple and sporty.

Any underwear that was overtly sexy got the thumbs down from the panel as being too over-the-top. “The Ann Summers-style wannabe stripper look doesn’t hit the spot anymore,” says Manson.

The ensemble that received the most votes (8/10) was a straightforward simple and clean white non-underwired bra and panties set, with a coloured waistband and high cut briefs. Joint runner up at 7/10 was a red and white polka dot bra and brief ensemble and a mismatched pair of boys' shorts and red push-up bra. The sexy, classic black lace teddy and suspenders scored a humble 2/10, as the panel claimed that it was “Too much. Far too much.” Evoking images of mistresses and hotel rooms, the men implied that this look was cheesy and clichéd and was inappropriate as “marriage material.”

The Demise of the G-string

So women can take heart in the fact that comfortable, simple outfits which are cute rather than slutty appear to be favored by our partners. Certainly, the recent trend in boys shorts and hipsters, in contrast to the uncomfortable lap dancer-style G-string is proving that the thong is no longer as desirable as it once was. Sales of G-strings have plummeted in the last five years and the sales of boys shorts and hipsters have doubled in the last two.

Support for Support Pants

Even the outfit with the model wearing flesh colored waist and tummy support pants scored higher than the classic black lace teddy and stockings, so ladies, here is a lesson well learned!

Tips for Buying Women's Underwear

There were also a few other pointers women should take note of. According to the majority of the panel, men still have a thing for red underwear, and side ties on briefs are a turn-on (apparently they are easy to undo!) Virginal white is less intimidating than erotic black; push-up bras are overated, and the men preferred a less co-ordinated look, implying innocence and fun.

Today's Fashion Trends

Today's trend for modern women’s lingerie is simple without being overtly sexy. Bigger knickers rather than thongs. The same also applies when choosing swimsuit style this season, if you want to attract male attention.

So the next time you or your partner go shopping for women's underwear, bear the findings in mind. If the Daily Mail’s article is anything to go by, cute is preferable to slutty, and less co-ordination to the ensemble is definitely more!

Source: http://womens-intimate-apparel.suite101.com/article.cfm/sexy_underwear_bras_and_knickers

New Summer Fashion

The summer season brings with it hopes for tanning in the sun, tall chilled glasses of lemonade and fishing out your favorite pair of sunglasses to block the sun! Putting together a separate wardrobe for the summer is a lot of fun and doing so in advance will save you all the uncomfortable moments in the summer season. Summer clothes are all about having a riot of colors in your wardrobe and it’s not always about loose fitting garments. Your summer clothes can be really chic and sexy if you manage to gather the right kind of apparel. The summer season gives you the chance of showing off your fabulous toned body and the magnificent tan you have achieved with the long hours at the beach.

Things to consider before buying Summer Clothes:
Summer is the season where you are bound to sweat incessantly! There are many factors you need to consider about summer clothes such as-

Comfort is the keyword out here. You are definitely not going to be indoors or in an air conditioned room throughout the day and night and when you move around, the uncomfortable weather may seem to make you want to chuck out all the fashion ideas out of the window. Think about all the things that are lined out for the summer season and plan your clothes accordingly. You would need breathable fabrics and comfort fits that still look uber cool when worn.

Summer clothes need to be picked with proper planning so that you can have the most versatile kind of summer wear for the entire season. Choose clothes that can be mixed and matched easily.

Bright happy colors are simply perfect for summer clothes. This is a great way to pep up things around you especially when people tend to feel grouchy due to the heat.

The summer season is also the time to show some skin! So look for good silhouettes that flatter your body and add dimension to your entire look.

Plan a Cool Look for a Hot Season with the right Summer Clothes:
The summer means you can jazz up your wardrobe and look really cool in some super hot summer clothing. So what are the wardrobe essentials for the summer season? Get the scoop on the entire summer fashion fundas right here!

Summer Clothes for*the Gals:
Girls can have a field day planning cool looks with their summer clothes. Tanks are the most coolest and hippest summer clothing you can purchase to keep the summer heat away. Available in various colors and snug fits, these are also available in blends of Lycra. Get one in your wardrobe and team it with jeans for a cool look.

I love the summer season due to the wide variety of summer dresses one can flaunt! Summer clothes can be incomplete without the mention of soft, billowing dresses. Pick out cotton fabrics or light material that have halter necks. Look for flares on the lower half of the dress.

With the soaring temperatures, you can never go wrong with short, cropped pants. These are ideal for the beach and for a casual outing as well. Casual shorts when worn with Tees look really comfy for the summer season.

This is also the right time to select some good designs in swimwear so that you can flaunt it on the beach or when you take swimming lessons.

Summer Clothes for the Guys:
Guys can simply opt for summer clothes that are high on the comfort factor and trendy to sport as well. Casual Tees with smart slogans, sheer shirts that show off the sculpted body, basic jeans, cargos etc can also form a part of your summer clothing. Loads of pockets on the pants, zany colors, soft fabrics and a trendy pair of sunglasses can help you feel comfortable in the summer season.

Accessorize it Right!
Summer clothes without the right accessories would really not create the right impact. Add some variety to your summer clothing with some chunky jewelry. Necklaces with big pendants, beaded earrings and bracelets can turn any plain outfit into an interesting look. It’s fine to go high on bling! Girls need to go in for open toed footwear or strappy sandals with heels and guys can go in for open footwear as well. After all, there’s no point if your body stays cool but your feet sweat it out!

Have fun in the summer with the right kind of summer clothes and sizzle in your summer attire. After all, with the soaring temperatures, you might just bring about a new wave of relief for people around you

Source : http://www.buzzle.com/articles/summer-clothes.html

Baby Clothes Are Uncommonly Cute Holiday Seaso

New York, NY, November 22, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Uncommonly Cute, a online children's boutique retailer of baby clothes, hip children's clothing and cool baby gifts, today announced that customers can receive up to 35% off selected baby onesies and toddler t-shirts.

Uncommonly Cute provides considerable savings on its line of baby clothes, newborn onesies and toddler tees featuring fashion savvy statements guaranteed to crack a smile or politically correct proclamations attesting to ones party of choice. Offering newborn sizes through children's size 6, UncommonlyCute.com aspires to provide unique yet must have attire for little ones. In addition to baby clothes and children's clothing, customers searching for twin apparel will find an adorable selection of onesies specific to the sense of humor that comes with being a parent of twins. Onesies featuring claims such as "Perfect Pair" or "Baby Squared" make one of kind gifts for the mother to be or for parents to celebrate their little bundles of joy.

Inspired by the lack of stylish and unique clothing available for babies and toddlers, Uncommonly Cute came to fruition. As a solution to the commonly uncute clothing and personality-free attire for babies and children, the company began by creating no fuss, yet witty tees for children and babies. Made from 100% combed cotton, all onesies and t-shirts made by Uncommonly Cute are sure to delight the babies' and appeal to the practical, yet fashion conscious moms. All clothes are affordably priced, machine washable and made in sweatshop-free American studios.

"We strive to bring the best of fashion statements to your little one's wardrobe at affordable prices," stated Allison Friedland, President of Uncommonly Cute. Quality, style and affordability don’t typically blend well together, but at Uncommonly Cute, our mission is to bring affordable, yet unique style to families across the globe," Friedland concluded.

Supplying baby clothes to boutiques all over the country, Uncommonly Cute prides itself on making quality tees destined to spark a smile, make heads turn or even generate celebrity buzz. For more information of unique baby clothes and toddlers tees, please visit www.uncommonlycute.com.

About Uncommonly Cute
Uncommonly Cute is an online children's boutique specializing in baby clothes, hip children's clothing and cool baby gifts. The company retails stylish baby clothes and hip toddler tees for children sizes newborn through size 6. Uncommonly Cute supports multiple charities including Room to Grow, R Baby Foundation and The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Privately held Uncommonly Cute is headquartered in New York, NY. For more information, please visit www.UncommonlyCute.com.

Source : http://www.pr.com/press-release/61397

Swimming Dresses

Certainly, when the subject of swimming clothes comes up, images of trunks, bikinis and one pieces immediately come to mind. These are the typical garments that most of us wear for water recreation, but they aren't the only items to include in your swim wardrobe.

Let's take a look at some other fun active wear you can don to compliment your swimsuit collection.

Swim Dresses

Swim dresses can be short and sassy, or quite modest, depending on your personal sense of style. Since they are made for swimming, you can wear them right into the water; however, they can also be appropriate for a hike along the shoreline or even a game of beach volleyball.

The most versatile styles employ side-ruching that allows you to adjust the length of the dress. These swimming clothes just might take you from the beach to the dining room and back again.

Swim Skirts

A swim skirt is the perfect compliment to most types of swimwear. Feeling a little exposed as you emerge from the water in your Brazilian bikini bottoms? Just slip on a coordinating swim skirt and you're ready to head up to the snack shack, or take a nice leisurely walk.

Swim skirts are available in both flared and tube styles. Flared is great for camouflaging a little spread in the hip area, while tubes tend to look better on trimmer forms. Even so, you'll never know which style suits your figure best until you try them both on

Swim Shorts

Swim shorts are just fun and that's all there is to it. Try sexy boy shorts that will fit you like a second skin and give Daisy Duke a run for her money!

Not your style? Try a set of loose, comfy board shorts. These knee-length hip huggers may not be very revealing, but they still look fantastic when you pair them up with a bikini top.


If there is one essential piece of swimming clothes everyone should have, it's a swimsuit coverup. A good coverup will take away the chill after a cool dip as well as offer a bit of shelter from the sun.

The terry jacket has been the standard in coverups for decades, but tunics, tank tops and colorful sarongs can be incredibly stylish and are sure to capture some attention.

Sun hats are another item you should consider adding to your swim wardrobe. There's nothing else like them to protect your head from the relentless rays of the sun. Without one, you just might be letting yourself in for a bit of heat stroke.

There's one more type of coverup you should consider- Sunglasses. Sun glare is increased when rays reflect on the water and sand, so your eyes need some protection as well, but there's no reason that protection can't look fabulous while it's doing its job. Visit LoveToKnow Sunglasses for connections to all of the top brands.


Don't neglect your feet! Everyone should have appropriate footwear for the beach or pool side.

Flip flops are perfect for the waterfront. They provide plenty of air flow so wet feet dry off quickly, but they still offer protection from sharp shells and other hidden hazards in the sand. Kick them off or slip them on as you please.

Water shoes will take you from the beach right into the water. Thick rubber soles cushion your feet from rocks and shells, while mesh tops keep them from slipping off your feet in the water. You can leave them on once you leave the water because they dry out quickly, so no special worries about getting a case of athlete's foot.

Source : http://swimsuits.lovetoknow.com/Swimming_Clothes

Fashion Tips (1): Five Frugal Fashion Tips

I just shared 5 fashion saving tips with the ABC news audience. Check them out here and read below to find out how you can look fashionable and pulled together without blowing your budget.

1. Update something old. Add new buttons to an old jacket for a new look or dye a pair of light colored jeans to give you the stylish dark look.

2. Repair damaged clothing. Having a hard time with a zipper? Are the linings in your jackets or pants ripped? Don’t throw them away…visit a tailor. A tailor can repair your lining and zippers for a small percentage of the cost to buy new clothes.

3. Visit a cobbler. You always hear that shoes make the man (or woman), so don’t just keeping wearing rundown shoes because you can’t afford new ones. Take them over to a cobbler for repair. A new a heel and a great shine will make your shoes look new. They repair handbags and even luggage too. (Click here to see our Put Your Best Foot Forward episode for cobbler recommendations.)

4. Dry clean less. Use dress shields to keep sweat stains off of your clothing. If you must dry clean, try the do it at home options like Dryel. It is like dry cleaning for pennies.

5. Shop at consignment stores. If you have to shop, consignments stores are a great way to get low cost items. If you find something at a great price but it’s not a perfect fit you can head over to the tailor. That low cost garment will look like it was made for you. (Click here to see our Tailor Made episode for my favorite tailor.)

Do you have tips to share? Post them in the comments below. Make sense?

Source: http://fashioncents.united-pixels.com/fashion-saving-tips/five-frugal-fashion-tips/

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