Thursday, January 14, 2010

Diamond Watches Are Must Have For Men As Well

There are various watches with different styles and functions available in current market. No matter how they are featured, they all are elegant masterpieces symbolizing the wearers' social status and fashion taste. Currently, diamond watches are among the most sought after timepieces. Besides telling time, they also allow people to show off great beauty. With stunning diamonds engraved into the surface, all diamonds watches will absolutely draw much attention.

Don't just consider these diamond watches as specially designed for ladies. Actually, they are something of a must-have that both men and women can wear.

Simply to say, men also have the right to be stylish and elegant. Actually, more and more diamond watches nowadays are targeted at men. No matter which style gentlemen like, fashion, casual, sport or formal, they can always find the suitable ones to match different occasions. The diamonds can be decorated on the surface of the watches in various ways, for example, merely one diamond in an exceptional position, and a large number of small diamonds cover almost the whole face, etc. No matter how many diamonds on the face of these men's watches, these fashionable and valuable items will surely make men stand out instantly.

If you are wealthy and have enough ability to afford, you could go for the hefty priced designer diamond watches. However, if you are in limited budget, lower-priced diamond replica watches are absolutely wonderful alternatives. Of course, you should always remember to buy from reliable retailers. With quality replica diamond watches on your wrist, you'll find that luxury is not merely reserved for the wealthy.

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Avant Garde Cartier Captive Ladies Watch

Famous French luxury brand Cartier has enriched its Haute Joaillerie watch collection with the Cartier Captive Ladies Watch, which is extremely exclusive. I have never expected such an edgy timepiece from this brand. But I do like it. It even takes my breath away at first sight with something really special.

Not like other watches by this brand, the silver dial, protected by a sapphire crystal, does not focus on the time display. The small watch face, like a seconds subsidiary dial, is located on traditional 6 o'clock position with tiny blued hands. The diamond-set hour markers that form an sunburst pattern become the real leading role of the dial. Also impressive is the upper lug that occupies the most significant position at the top. And based on its profound strength in watch-making, Cartier has managed to hold things together and make the face of the watch deserves the name "Captive".

The case, sized at 35mm, is crafted from 18k white gold and receives fine rhodium plated finish. The bezel is set with lots diamonds that continue onto the upper lug as well. Beating inside the watch is a Swiss quartz movement.And the watch is completed by a matching white gold bracelet or an elegant canvas gray strap.

Overall, the watch feels more like a piece of art work than a simple ladies' watch. If you can afford the expensive price tag that Cartier high jewelry watches are famous for, this watch should be a great solution for the most special lady in your life. I just wonder who will be the lucky owner?

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