Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tiffany Inspired Sterling Silver Snowflake Jewelry

It has been proven that no two snowflakes are exactly alike, which probably makes them such a magical thing. You will probably never forget your first snowfall or the first time you made snow angels or went sledding. Ahhh...'tis the season. For all those snowflake lovers out there, here is the perfect gift for you - the Tiffany Inspired Sterling Silver Snowflake Jewelry Set.

If you haven't seen the life-sized Tiffany's snowflake hanging above the designer shops on Fifth Avenue in New York City, it is truly something magical to do during the holiday season. Well now Tiffany & Co. had the ingenious idea to create a mini-version of the Fifth Ave. snowflake in the form of sterling silver and diamond stud snowflake earrings and a sterling silver snowflake charm bracelet. This beautiful set is something to admire, but unfortunately, it might be a bit out of your price range and may seem a bit frivolous in this tough economy.

In tough economic times, it's clear that most women are snapping up "Tiffany Inspired" or "Tiffany Style" jewelry. You may not have enough money to fork over what's left of your hard-earned savings for a sterling silver bracelet. For instance, Tiffany & Co.'s classic heart tag bracelet, which was, and has been the fad for years now, sells at a whopping $290. You can buy the exact same "Tiffany Inspired" heart tag bracelet, made of the exact same rhodium-plated .925 sterling silver, for just $100. At almost 1/3 the cost, it's hard to justify buying the real thing when the alternatives bear no difference aside from the Tiffany name.

The Tiffany Inspired Snowflake Jewelry also has the same design, is made of the same .925 sterling silver, and will last the same amount of time. The only difference is that the diamonds have been replaced with cubic zirconias -- a more price-healthy alternative!

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Blue Diamond Jewelry, A New Trend in Diamond Jewelry

The majority of all diamonds that are bough are usually clear or white colored diamonds. Now there is a new choice and that is blue diamonds. If you are looking for something that will stand out more than the usual clear diamonds, you might want to consider taking a look at blue diamond jewelry.

What are blue diamonds?

Blue diamonds are very rare and have a blue color to them. Blue diamonds are not new and they have actually been around for quite awhile, but they are extremely hard to find. Due to their scarcity, the price for blue diamonds has risen. But if you are able to locate a piece of blue diamond jewelry for a reasonable price, it is sure to make a wonderful addition to your jewelry collection.

Where do blue diamonds come from?

Traditionally, blue diamonds came from India, where they have been worn for many years. However, many blue diamonds now come from South Africa and blue diamond jewelry can be bought in countries across the world in various settings and styles.

What types of blue diamond jewelry can be purchased?


The most popular type of blue diamond jewelry is earrings. Blue diamond earrings have a very unique and beautiful look to them and after a little research online; you can easily find a pair for under $100.


Another popular choice is blue diamond rings. Rings that feature a blue diamond in the middle of two white diamonds can produce a very eye-catching piece of jewelry. These rings are often priced very reasonably in the $300 to $800 range. This is only one type of ring design and there are many more that produce a striking look.


One of the most popular bracelet designs is a white gold bracelet with blue diamonds in it. These diamond bracelets have an elegant and sophisticated look due to their delicacy. A light colored setting of platinum or white gold is, in most cases, one of the best settings to go with because of the piercing look that blue diamonds gives them. Of course, platinum will raise the price considerably and a white gold setting will be lower in price.


Blue diamond necklaces are another trendy selection. They come in a large variety of styles, but a few of the popular choices are a flower shape of blue diamonds and also a heart shaped with blue diamonds in the middle or around the edges. Blue diamond necklaces range in price from $100 all the way up to $1,000s.

If you want to purchase a piece of diamond jewelry that stands out from the others, you may consider buying a blue diamond bracelet, necklace, earrings or ring. They are sure to garner attention from anyone who notices them.

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Charms For Your Pandora Jewelry

It is considered trendy to own Pandora jewelry charms, especially if you are in the United Kingdom. For many years now, Pandora jewellry charms are supported and loved by jewelry buyers because it said to be more special if your jewelry is made up of Pandora charms. If you do not yet know the reason behind this, read on and let this article enlighten you.

There are different reasons why Pandora jewellry charms are extra special for jewelry lovers out there. One of which is because there is a wide array of Pandora charms to choose from. You can wear different designs of Pandora charms for each day and you will never go out of design to choose from. The imagination of the Pandora charm makers is the only limitation regarding Pandora charm designs.

First off, you must buy a necklace or a bracelet where you can put your Pandora charms on. Once you have a necklace or bracelet, you are ready to adorn it with various designs of Pandora charms. With literally thousands of designs to choose from, you will never get bored designing your charms.

What is great with Pandora Jewelry is you can personalize it in ways that suit your own personality. Different individual has their own different taste in a lot of matters and jewelry is one of them. What is beautiful to you might be unattractive to someone else. With the Pandora Jewelry charms and its thousand of variations, there is something for everyone to choose.

Pandora jewelry is a great gift for every girl, young or old, sophisticated or not, rich and the not so rich. It is also fitted as a give away in any occasion. Adorn the Pandora jewellry with heart shaped charms and you can give it during Valentine's Day. You can also choose gift box shaped charms, snowflakes or candy canes and you can give away the Pandora jewellry during Christmas season.

The giver of the Pandora jewelry charms might also want to buy one for their own use. That is how popular the jewelry is. It does not matter who the gift is for, what matters is that Pandora jewelry will always be special and will always be popular.

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