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Snazzy Women's Wedge Shoes

There isn't another shoe that can compare to the beauty, comfort and style of the women's wedge shoes. They have a unique quality which isn't shared by other shoes. They're a high heel with the comfort of a pump. They're a formal shoe that can be worn with a wedding dress or equally with a business suit. If you're looking for a shoe that can be worn everywhere, the wedge is the best option.

A great pair of wedges will give the keep the foot comfortable while lengthening the leg. The longer the legs look, the better a skirt looks. Wearing a pair of wedge high heel shoes with a mini skirt gives the perfect look. Dressy outfits look great with the wedge as well. They're a playful and sexy in a way that is classy and elegant.

The best styles for both work and dressy are patent leather shoes. Other styles are leather and satin wedges with heels at least an inch high. Higher heels look more professional and formal. The wedge gives the advantage of high heels without the disadvantages that come from a spike stiletto heel.

Betsey Johnson makes some fun and frilly shoes that look great with clothes that look terrific an outfit worn to a wedding or a dress for a more contemporary office. I find her shoes are perfect for fashion designers or interior decorators. Women who don't mind a bit of fun in their shoes should pick up a pair of Betsey Johnsons. But if you're a little more reserved and elegant, you'll want to go with different styles.

Anne Klein and Calvin Klein design more classy and elegant shoes. Their styles are generally blacks, reds, taupe and colors that look very modern and refined. Most of their wedge shoes look best with a channel suit than a cocktail dress, but there are some rare exceptions. The craftsmanship is gorgeous in all of their styles and perfect for the successful lawyer or Wall Street woman.

Whether you're a bit on the fun side or a tad more modest, wedge shoes will fit the bill for all your outfits. They are a style unto themselves and are the only style of shoe that can be casual and formal. While stiletto high heels are quite sexy and fashionable, the same look can be achieved by wearing a wedge shoe, but without all the balance and pain associated with stiletto heels.

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Choosing Elegant and Fitting Bridal Shoes

It has been said that you can judge a man by his shoes. Perhaps this saying holds true in weddings too. You can judge a bride by her shoes. Bridal shoes complete the accessories of the bride. Typically we look a person up down. So the guests will be assessing the glamor of the bride from the hairstyle, to the gown and ten to the shoes. It is important that the shoes are right because they will be the last item through which the guests will judge the bride. This guide provides ways that you can go about your wedding shoes so they best fit the occasion look glamorous and then make you feel comfortable on your day.

Your shoes will exude the right impression if they look glamorous enough. Choose fabrics that glitter. Dull looking shoes will reduce the glamour of your wedding dress and make your attire incomplete.

Choose shoes that are not too tight or not too lose so you can walk comfortably in them.

If you will move about a lot in the church hall, you must have flat shoes for extra comfort. If you will not be required to climb stairs or move across uneven surface, heeled shoes will do. A beach wedding must go with flat shoes to prevent sinking in the sand whilst walking.

A formal gown must not reveal too much of the toes of the bride. Of course, it should be hidden so you must choose full shoes that cover the entire feet.

The right bridal shoes makes the wedding complete. It serves as the source of attraction for the bride who will be walking about the grounds in them. The guests will be full of admiration for the bride who walks about in the right shoes - one that fits the dress and matches that of the occasion. For her to win such admiration, the couple must take several factors into consideration - many of which are mentioned here.

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