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Salsa Dance Shoes

Salsa is one of the most popular forms of ballroom dance. Young and old alike, whether male or female, are fond of this type of dance. However, those who love to salsa need a good pair of salsa shoes to be in best form for dancing. Since these shoes are made especially for this type of dance, serious salsa dancers need salsa shoes to last them during marathon dance sessions.

Discounted pairs of salsa shoes are perfect for beginners of this type of dance. Kids in particular who grow up so fast need a cheap yet good pair of these shoes. For a beginner class, though, special types of dance wear and salsa shoes are not really prerequisites. Students who are starting to learn how to dance can wear just about any comfortable clothes and leather-soled foot wear. For advanced salsa classes that require more spinning, salsa shoes with special soles meant for spinning are a must. Those with thin leather or suede shoes are especially required.

These types of shoes have a great fit unlike other shoes. Worn slightly tighter than regular street shoes, they should have a snug fit but should not pinch nor bind the dancer’s feet. Salsa dancers need to be able to move with ease without hurting the foot. The feet should be in contact with all parts of the shoe. If the foot constantly slips out of the shoes, the dancer cannot maintain her poise and grace. Those with full-foot insoles push the heel forward, thus ruining the feet. Loose soles can cause foot blisters that are painful Dancers’ heels should completely fit in the heel cup of the salsa shoes for dancers to maintain good balance.

So go ahead and purchase a good pair of salsa shoes and show off your best form as you put your best foot forward, while dancing what else but salsa?

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How To Buy Ballroom Dancing Shoes

When selecting a ballroom dancing shoe, there are many considerations that come into play. For some, particularly those new to ballroom dancing, price may be a determining factor. Other criteria include comfort, protection, support and appearance.

Shoe sizing for ballroom dance shoes is different from that of ordinary shoes. The shoes are intended to fit more closely to the foot. There should not be any additional room in the toe of the shoe. Also, ballroom dance shoes are almost always listed in British sizes. Because of these factors, it is very important to try the shoes on, and spend a while walking around in them to ensure they fit properly. If you have ordered the shoes online, walk around on a carpeted surface to check the fit. Once they have been worn on a hard surface, you will not be able to return them.

When deciding on a ballroom dance shoe, it is important to examine the construction of the shoe. Examining the stitching of the leather will tell you something about the quality of the shoe. Small even stitches indicate a quality shoe, while large, uneven stitches suggest that the shoe will not last long. Additional hints of quality can be found by looking for other flaws, like sloppy gluing. Poor construction may not only lead to a short life for the shoe, it can damage a dancer’s foot. Be particularly watchful for sharp edges around the ankle or poorly constructed seams on the interior of the shoe that can cause chafing.
For women, a standard rule is not to buy black dance shoes if you are planning to compete. Women rarely wear black shoes in competition, it is better to wear flesh-colored, gold or bronze because these colors blend into the foot and make the leg appear longer.

The Internet offers a broad range of ballroom dance shoes. Although it's not always easy to select a shoe from a photo, the savings and convenience are well worth it (unless you happen to live near a well stocked ballroom dancing shoe store, which is pretty unusual). Bear in mind that most of the online shoe sources are very understanding about returns as long as the shoe has not been worn on a hard surface. If it's not clear from reading the FAQ on the site, just ask them.

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