Monday, December 21, 2009

Louboutin Shoes and How to Get the Best Style

I was lucky to catch on with the Louboutin shoes sale that was on when I logged on for the site for the first time, it was like a good welcome omen to the website, which almost doubled my excitement. The online store had other replicas of the other designer brands as well. But I must say the look of the online store was surreal. The prices were really amazing. I thought that it was so as the sale was on, but I was wrong. There was a section that was offering the latest in Louboutin shoes at quite reasonable prices. I ordered a pair that I liked, I wanted to touch and compare the Louboutin shoes offered at this one online store to the one I had. The prices were too tempting and unbelievably low, it did raise a doubt in my part and it made me think that these shoes were just a mere compromise to the originals.

When I received the Louboutin shoes that I ordered, it was accompanied by the original packaging. I almost jumped with joy. But I had to inspect the Louboutin shoes properly before I could have an opinion about them. I inspected the shoes with caution, and let me tell you that it was an inch by inch imitation. I looked for those common features that all the shoes would have irrespective of the design. The one that I received from this store named Replica Handbags Pro is very similar to that of the original. I have been wearing Louboutin originals as long as I remember, if I can't make the difference between the original and the replica one, then it's even such a shame for me to not be able to distinguish between the two.

I wore the Louboutin shoes to a friend's party; the shoes attracted the same attention as my other originals would have. I was so happy that I had my way out of the guilt that I was accumulating by spending ruthlessly on the originals. The designer shoes didn't only replicate the design but has the same comfort as the original one. I did keep my expectations low regarding the comfort quotient as these Louboutin shoes weren't real and the prices that they were tagged at, it was too much to have such an expectation. But I am impressed I must say. The comfort level hasn't been compromised even.

Now I gladly buy my Louboutin shoes from this amazing online and enjoy the same comfort and style.

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Woman's Wedge Shoes - Long Lasting Style

Today I'm going to talk about something close to my heart, wedge shoes. Having spend many years as a career woman I know how frustrating it can be to be stranded in the middle of a unfamiliar city with your heels in your hand when yet another cheap pair of shoes fall to pieces in the middle of a busy day. I was a much happier and more productive member of my team when I started wearing quality wedge shoes as an alternative to high heels. Women's wedge shoes have many advantages over all other options for someone that works in a professional career including:

1. Wedge shoes look great, being both fashionable and suitable for wearing in the office or when out meeting clients.

2. They are much more comfortable than then any other alternative that is suitable for a working environment. Wedge shoes provide great support which means you can wear them all day without even realizing you have them on.

3. With no more heals to break you can be sure that a quality pair of wedge shoes will last you for years. This is definitely one area where I believe that it is worth spending extra and treating yourself to an expensive pair of designer shoes. The very best designers produce models that will stay in fashion for the life of your shoes and that will be a very long time indeed. When you compare it to the cost and inconvenience of have to shop for an replace multiple pairs of inferior quality products it makes sense in the end.

4. Having said that you can find cheaper brands which will provide a reasonable quality and will definitely provide good value for money, you will just have to do a little more research to find some thing in this price bracket to ensure you are getting something that won't fall apart after a few weeks of hard wear.

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