Thursday, February 4, 2010

The History of the Marc Jacobs Handbag

Even though Marc Jacobs is now possibly one of the most popular handbag designers in the world,
he was anything but an overnight success. He began his career as a design student at New Yorks prestigious Parsons School of Design, where he was recognized as a gifted student. From there in the late eighties, Marc Jacobs went on to work in collaboration with a fellow fashion accessory designer by the name of Perry Ellis.

Head Designer for Lous Vuiton

However; it was during his tenure as head fashion design director for Louis Vuiton that Marc Jacobs began to experience international recognition for his unique design styles. In fact, Mar Jacobs is credited for much of the current success of the Luis Vuiton label. Of course Marc Jacobs eventually went on to launch his own design house, which is now recognized for his uniquely designed premium quality purses, clutches and handbags.

Marc Jacobs Boutiques

Marc Jacobs Handbags are available through any one of his company boutiques that are located in several major cities worldwide, including Hong Kong and Tokyo. Also, Marc Jacobs Handbags can also be found in a number of exclusive department stores that feature high end fashion accessories such as Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom's.

Avoid Counterfeits

Of course, you can always find great deals on Marc Jacobs Handbags online as well, but you must be aware that there are counterfeit Marc Jacobs Handbags being sold online. The best advice that you can get, is to only shop from reputable websites online and never buy from an overseas Asian site that is offering suspiciously low prices on their handbags. While the prices can be tempting, once they arrive, the low quality will give them away as an obvious fake every time. Take your time, do your research and find reputable sources and you can be guaranteed authentic product when you are shopping online.

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