Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Popular Different Designer Brown Handbags

You can get Brown handbags and many different sizes, shapes and designs. You can get really small bags and also large bags as well. You'll see there are lots of handbag designs, and they are duffel, clutch, tote, briefcase satchel.

Popular Handbag Styles:

The woman clutch bag is usually carried by hand so therefore is quite small. It is generally rectangular in shape and has a flat and sometimes rounded bottom. The flat clutch bags sometimes have a separator in the center. because these bags are small they can only hold a few small items like money and keys for example.

the satchel covers with one strap and is usually a medium sized bag . This bag is best carried with the strap going over one shoulder and across the body. Some come with two straps but you would still carry it in the same way, over the shoulder and across the body. School children usually carry their books and things in a satchel making this a very popular brown handbag with them.

The duffel bag is usually made of fabric and is a large bag. In the UK it is usually called a "holdall" and they also spell it duffle not in the US duffel. These kinds of Brown handbags are used mostly to carry sports related clothes or shoes or both. Soldiers usually carry their kit in duffel bags.

The tote is a type of bag that usually has two short straps for shoulder carrying or hand carrying. It is a medium sized to large sized bag that is used to carry all kinds of personal items. Some of the bigger sized totes are used as beach bags to accommodate the necessary items to be brought to the beach.

Briefcases or portfolio bags are handbags that are made to contain documents and other pertinent papers that sometimes must not be folded or even wrinkled. There are plenty of variations to a briefcase or portfolio. Most of the briefcases are unisex and have locking features for security.

These are the most common styles of Brown handbags. Nowadays, most designers have designed these five handbag styles at one time or another. They are made in various sizes, from small to large to cover the requirements of the individual.These bags are made from lots of different materials including plastic, canvass, and leather Also color plays an important part in designer handbags, and you can buy them in colors from brown to pink the choice is yours.

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