Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Swimming Dresses

Certainly, when the subject of swimming clothes comes up, images of trunks, bikinis and one pieces immediately come to mind. These are the typical garments that most of us wear for water recreation, but they aren't the only items to include in your swim wardrobe.

Let's take a look at some other fun active wear you can don to compliment your swimsuit collection.

Swim Dresses

Swim dresses can be short and sassy, or quite modest, depending on your personal sense of style. Since they are made for swimming, you can wear them right into the water; however, they can also be appropriate for a hike along the shoreline or even a game of beach volleyball.

The most versatile styles employ side-ruching that allows you to adjust the length of the dress. These swimming clothes just might take you from the beach to the dining room and back again.

Swim Skirts

A swim skirt is the perfect compliment to most types of swimwear. Feeling a little exposed as you emerge from the water in your Brazilian bikini bottoms? Just slip on a coordinating swim skirt and you're ready to head up to the snack shack, or take a nice leisurely walk.

Swim skirts are available in both flared and tube styles. Flared is great for camouflaging a little spread in the hip area, while tubes tend to look better on trimmer forms. Even so, you'll never know which style suits your figure best until you try them both on

Swim Shorts

Swim shorts are just fun and that's all there is to it. Try sexy boy shorts that will fit you like a second skin and give Daisy Duke a run for her money!

Not your style? Try a set of loose, comfy board shorts. These knee-length hip huggers may not be very revealing, but they still look fantastic when you pair them up with a bikini top.


If there is one essential piece of swimming clothes everyone should have, it's a swimsuit coverup. A good coverup will take away the chill after a cool dip as well as offer a bit of shelter from the sun.

The terry jacket has been the standard in coverups for decades, but tunics, tank tops and colorful sarongs can be incredibly stylish and are sure to capture some attention.

Sun hats are another item you should consider adding to your swim wardrobe. There's nothing else like them to protect your head from the relentless rays of the sun. Without one, you just might be letting yourself in for a bit of heat stroke.

There's one more type of coverup you should consider- Sunglasses. Sun glare is increased when rays reflect on the water and sand, so your eyes need some protection as well, but there's no reason that protection can't look fabulous while it's doing its job. Visit LoveToKnow Sunglasses for connections to all of the top brands.


Don't neglect your feet! Everyone should have appropriate footwear for the beach or pool side.

Flip flops are perfect for the waterfront. They provide plenty of air flow so wet feet dry off quickly, but they still offer protection from sharp shells and other hidden hazards in the sand. Kick them off or slip them on as you please.

Water shoes will take you from the beach right into the water. Thick rubber soles cushion your feet from rocks and shells, while mesh tops keep them from slipping off your feet in the water. You can leave them on once you leave the water because they dry out quickly, so no special worries about getting a case of athlete's foot.

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