Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fashion Tips (1): Five Frugal Fashion Tips

I just shared 5 fashion saving tips with the ABC news audience. Check them out here and read below to find out how you can look fashionable and pulled together without blowing your budget.

1. Update something old. Add new buttons to an old jacket for a new look or dye a pair of light colored jeans to give you the stylish dark look.

2. Repair damaged clothing. Having a hard time with a zipper? Are the linings in your jackets or pants ripped? Don’t throw them away…visit a tailor. A tailor can repair your lining and zippers for a small percentage of the cost to buy new clothes.

3. Visit a cobbler. You always hear that shoes make the man (or woman), so don’t just keeping wearing rundown shoes because you can’t afford new ones. Take them over to a cobbler for repair. A new a heel and a great shine will make your shoes look new. They repair handbags and even luggage too. (Click here to see our Put Your Best Foot Forward episode for cobbler recommendations.)

4. Dry clean less. Use dress shields to keep sweat stains off of your clothing. If you must dry clean, try the do it at home options like Dryel. It is like dry cleaning for pennies.

5. Shop at consignment stores. If you have to shop, consignments stores are a great way to get low cost items. If you find something at a great price but it’s not a perfect fit you can head over to the tailor. That low cost garment will look like it was made for you. (Click here to see our Tailor Made episode for my favorite tailor.)

Do you have tips to share? Post them in the comments below. Make sense?

Source: http://fashioncents.united-pixels.com/fashion-saving-tips/five-frugal-fashion-tips/

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