Wednesday, November 4, 2009

How to Make the Newest Fashion Color Trends Work For You

This season a variety of grays, purples, blues, and strawberries are all the rage, but your wardrobe only consists of a plethora of blacks, some crazy colorful patterns, and maybe a white shirt or two. So what do you do to get with the times? Add a few new basics and some wicked chic accessories!

First pair up your old, loud patterned blouse with something quiet like a new pair of gray cord pants. Then, choose your shoes wisely... Pick a color that lives in your shirt but isn't too bold so as to compete with it; Otherwise, you can't go wrong with black. Finally, accessorize with complementary jewelry like a gunmetal gray chain with a tiny splash of your fav hue from that shirt. Remember, no need to be too matchy-matchy these days. Eclectic is so in!

It is using strategies like this that will help you get the most fashion out of your spend. You can say farewell to the days of following the latest chic styles by matching every individual article of clothing and expand a five day a week wardrobe with a wardrobe that can making you looking sleek, sexxy and original just by using the concept of keeping your styles complimentary and your colors to. Also, don't forget the plethora of color theme tools out there to help you organize the best matches for your style.

If you're the more subtle type, put together your chicest black outfit from head to toe then add a pop of color around the neck. You can totally pull off the same look with a gray outfit that's so now. I've seen some wicked knit necklaces that add the perfect bold blast of color. Although, super subtle Silver Chains with Swarovski Crystal touches are just as cool. You choose the amount of color splash that makes you feel comfortable and confident; after all, isn't that what fashion is all about?

The internet is your best friend for finding the coolest accessories in this season's hottest colors! Do a few minutes of virtual shopping for accessories and you'll have at least a season's worth of wicked chic style at your fingertips. Oh, and don't forget your ears; they can be your greatest asset! I found awesome Golden Leaf Earrings and Necklace Set in an online search. Get those nude fingers typing to find your own wicked fashion accessories in the trendiest colors of the season!

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