Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Wonders of Modern Day Diaper Bags

Who needs baby diaper bags more than a mom? Having a baby not only makes a day busier, but moms have to be 100 percent alert and ready for a quick diaper change, vomiting and tantrums. Working moms most of the time get a case of forgetfulness every once in a while. And this little incident of forgetting baby's favorite rubber ducky is a huge mistake to make. If only she can bring the entire house with her in a bag, surely there is nothing she will miss.

Singlehood is never this exciting. Mothers get the excitement they missed throughout their lives just by having a baby. Single ladies just bring a pouch or a simple handbag. But moms, no, they can't put everything they need in one zipper.

This is why diaper bags are made. These are complete with pockets and more zippers than your six pocket pants. But, if you are thinking of the bulky backpacks as diaper bags, then erase it. These type of bags nowadays are worth showing off.

Yes, it's a house in a bag kind of thing. An enlarged mother's handbag, including baby's diaper, milk, toys, stuffed toy, diaper changing kit, towels, bathrobe, blankets, huggable pillows... Name it. If a thermos is not too heavy then some mothers might put it inside. Kidding aside, diaper bags are now so versatile you can wear it in your office, meetings, parties, and any where.

You can choose which style you like. It is better to have two different sizes of these bags. Or if you want to have more than two, fine. Depending on the event and the distance of the destination from your house, you can use the smaller one if you are just going to the park near your house. But if you plan to have picnic out of town, then use the larger bag. Large bags can accommodate both your things and the baby's. Average sized bags are also available for use. As your child grows, things needed to bring becomes fewer. This is when you can use the smaller bag too. Besides, a mother can never have enough diaper bags.

These bags come with lots of compartments of different sizes. This makes it so convenient to use. You can separate the cell phone from the keys, the diapers from the clothes by assigning them in different compartments. This makes it easier to grab what you need. You don't have to go rummaging through the entire lot and consume time.

There are lots of designer diaper bags available and with lots of choices; it makes it easier for you to choose among different styles, designs and colors. Designs vary from simple to elegant. Unlike diaper bags of years ago, diaper bags nowadays are hip and cool. You can display your own fashion statement with these diaper bags. Depending on the brand of these bags, some are even big enough to keep your laptop inside.

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