Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Brad Pitt Diaper Bag Review

Somehow, things worn by Brad Pitt not only look incredible, but they also make you want to own them. Especially when the product is as practical and sleek looking as the Storksak Jamie Black Diaper Bag. Designers have finally come to understand that it is not only mom that is carrying your day out survival pack for all your baby's needs, but it is dad too. And it has become even more common that diaper bags be fashionable, sophisticated, and simply not screaming that there is diaper rash cream inside.

This product design offers up a very modern take on the classic messenger bag. The exterior is made with a durable pebble cowhide leather (available in black and brown) and is held together with an adjustable strap in a black and white stripe design. The interior is filled with many compartments for an easy organizational system of both baby and parent's belongings. The smart and modern messenger style bag can be easily paired with any outfit, casual or formal, day or night.

Pros: The bag comes with two side pockets, enclosed with a sturdy zipper that can safely carry your baby's milk and other perishables with the thermo-insulated lining that keeps fluids warm or cold for up to five hours. This Storksak design also recognizes that it often may carry dad's needs as well. That is why compartments are made to fit your laptop, cell phone, keys, and pens. To make the compartments even more endearing (by the way, the interior comes in a light tan to make a stunning contrast with its dark exterior) but they come with a wipe-clean and waterproof lining for easy clean up of accidental spills. Finally, the bag comes with a padded changing mat that folds up for minimal storage space and can easily be thrown in the washing machine.

Cons: Like any bag, the tendency is to become too full. This heavy weight being carried around on anyone's shoulder can quickly become burdensome. It is important for the owner to adjust the strap to a comfortable height as well as to remember to switch shoulders often in order to avoid becoming too cumbersome on one arm. Even better, keep the strap longer and straddle the bag from one shoulder to the opposite hip.

This diaper bag is not only well made, but very well designed. Any fashionable parent will not only appreciate its look, but will definitely love all the amenities it has inside. You never know, maybe you will be seen running around Paris like Brad Pitt and his ever growing brood.

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