Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Wristwatch Designs for the Fashion Conscious to Choose From

Here are many good ideas for choosing a watch.
You can pick a watch with a bigger face and watchcase. Nowadays you can find watch case sizes of more than 40 mm.A large watch makes it easier to read the time. It also allows the craftsman more room for more eleborate designs.
Nowadays the minimalist look is in. People are going for the understated look. There's no need to go for bling effect or flashy watches. I am referring to watches with excessive diamonds or large ornate jewelry on it . You want to present a subtle and sophisticated image of yourself. There is no need to wear a watch that shouts ' I 'm worth a million bucks' . It 's simply crude and loud. The trend is simple elegant and clean lines on the dial.
Watch makers are catering to the whim and fancy of their buyers.
There are many watch shape designs. But the most common ones are the round shape, square, rectangular and barrel shape . The design of the round shape helps to resist water better. The square design is made famous by Cartier's tank watch.
Leather straps are now very popular. Leather is hot and matches with your leather products such as jacket , pants, bag , shoes and wallet. There are a wide variety of skins to choose from such as calfskins, buffalo, goat and pig . If you want something more exotic consider skins from crocodile, lizard , ostrich or shark. Not only that, colors have gone from traditional black and brown to bright colors like red, blue, yellow and orange. These straps are also interchangeable so that you change them to suit every occasion.
You can also have a choice of dial color , not to mention different metals such as stainless steel, yellow gold or rose gold for your watch case.
There are two other trends . As we entered the age of e-commerce, IT firms espouse casual and informal look at the office. You can consider digital quartz watches. New designs even sport the digital display in a vertical format.
The other lifestyle change is that people can getting more health conscious and more sport-oriented .If you are playing golf you will want to wear a watch that is light and won't affect your swing. Tag Heuer offers a watch just for this and Tiger Woods is heavily promoting it. A runner will take a liking to Nike sports watch designed specifically for running. If you excel in triathlon, Timex Ironman is the right watch for you. If you love the sea, Omega and Breitling offer diving watches that offer the highest level of water resistance and chronograph features. Men like watches with features that they can boast about such as the degree of accuracy, depth of water resistance , thinness and lightness of the watch. The Girard Perregaux Seahawk II Pro works 3000m below sea level. In reality , you need to be in a submarine if you venture below 700m .
You can consider luxury watches that reveal their inner mechanism with transparent case back. Skeleton watches reveal the entire movement and is a sight to behold.

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