Tuesday, February 2, 2010

All About the Hermes Kelly Bag

The name Hermes alone signifies luxury, style and elegance. Hermes bags are well-known for their cool shape, bold color and exotic skins. Kelly and its sister Birkin are the most famous bags by Hermes, which have a lot of fans all over the world. However, Kelly has enjoyed a longer glamorous life than its sibling, when first appeared before last century as a riding accessory.

At beginning, Hermes was producing a riding outfit. In 1837 Thierry Hermès established a harness workshop in Paris which mainly purveyed to European noblemen. Through the following years of 19th century their workshop had been the most adoration harness provider of many royal families including the czar of Russia. In the end of 19th century Hermes produced a bag in order to placing the saddle and other hunting accessories, and the bag did not have a name at first, though it became more and more popular as time goes by.

The origin of Kelly first appeared in 1930s. Hermes launched its first woman's line in 1930, which included leather handbags for which Hermes became world renowned. In 1935, the leather Sac à dépêches was introduced. In the 50s of 20th century, with its smart tailored shape the bag evolved into one of the favorite accessories of many famous people and had enjoyed an iconic status ever since. Much effect can be contributed to an American stage and film actress, Grace Patricia Kelly, who later became Princess of Monaco.

Grace Kelly starred in several memorable films during the Hollywood glamour years, and she won the Academy Award for Best Actress with her excellent performance in The Country Girl. Kelly retired from her work at age 26, and before long she married Rainier III, Prince of Monaco. In 1956, when facing a pack of paparazzi, Kelly used one of her favorite bags to hide her pregnant tummy. The young mother did not want to share her secret to others, but the photos she shielding her orbed stomach soon appeared on the pages of the renowned magazine Life. The same year her essential accessory got its name Kelly, and such was Grace Kelly's influence at the time. In 1982, Kelly died after a car accident with her little daughter. Though she has gone away from us, her name can exist much longer for its representation of dignity and elegance.

Even today, one of the most sought-after bags by Hermes is still the Kelly bag. The present day Kelly has several versions, which differ in color and size with different materials from all over the world. Victoria Beckham, the former Spice Girl is reported to have the largest collection of the Hermes bags in Hollywood, the cost of which is estimated over 2 million US dollars. The rush around the Kelly bag has not calmed so far. Without doubt, the attraction and glamour of Kelly would never die.

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