Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Gemstone Jewelry As Winter Trend

This winter jewelry is doused in passion of colored gemstones. Warm colors are here to spread the environment with their vibes. The imperial emerald and passionate ruby red is on to make jewelry bold and color rich. Diamond accented gemstone earrings with intricate gemstone center necklace are highly in fashion. Equally in demand are pompous gemstone cocktail rings accentuated with diamonds.

Winter in contrast to summer is the season of dark colors. Any color as far as it is in its proper hue is good to compliment winters. To emphasize your dark base dresses in black, charcoal, brown-red, icy-grey, grey you can use color rich stones such as emerald, ruby or sapphire. Studs and solitaire pendants are a great choice for everyday wear jewelry. Pair your gems with white gold if it is for casual wear like tops with denims. For more sophisticated and warm look go for yellow gold, it would blend perfectly with your grey-black woolen office attire.

If it is for elaborate night look go with detailed neck-sets, chandelier or drop earrings and cocktail rings. You can choose from princess cut emerald centered pieces circled by diamond rim or mystic cabochons hanging down your ear or neckline. Match a solitaire emerald cut gemstone cocktail ring with a similar piece of pendant to furnish your party gown. As far as choice of gemstone is concerned select ruby to spill romance in the air or go royal and kingly with emerald. Sapphire on the other hand is mesmerizing with its heady sheen.

Gemstone jewelry is also in flavor due the growing trend of birthstones. These gems are not only colorful but they are also believed to fill the environment with positive energy. A bit of tradition shaped in contemporary designs brings a lot of joy to the wearers of gemstone jewelry. Apart from this gemstone jewelry is also becoming popular as engagement and wedding option other than diamonds. Most people like to choose a ruby or Sapphire ring for engagement as a unique option compared to diamond that are more common.

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