Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Modified Rolex Watches and Time Gems

Due to the fact that Rolex watches always retain good value, the second-hand Rolex watch market is not less flourishing than the new Rolex watch business. In fact, the demand for used/older Rolex watches are so huge that the market is very crowded. However, it still sounds a bit weird to purchase an older model when the market offers new items.And you better have your older model modified or customized to bring it new life and characters that make you stand out of the huge legion of people who own the same model.

People's strong desire to be special have given birth to a rising segment in watch market- Rolex modification. This segmental market offers modification services for both new and used models.Most of modifications, like Rolex, have a certain history. Normally, these modifications refer to adding precious materials or jewels to the watch. In recent years, watch modifications tend to just change the colors or materials of the original model.

Realizing the blank of all black Rolex in the market and the huge potential demand, the modified watch dealers offer a vast selection of modified Rolex watches in all black. All these modified pieces are of higher price tags than the original models.Normally, the highly limited new modified models are beyond the reach of ordinary people. Only those rich celebrities can afford one to show off their personal features and characters. And the modified used models are of better value while being much closer to ordinary people.

And the reason behind the higher pricing is that the modification process is more difficult and complex than it looks. And modified Rolex watches, either new or used, are as good as the time and the work put into them and the money you pay for them. And you should know clear what you want and select with patience before moving to buy. And nowadays, PVD coated or DLC coated Rolex watches are highly sought after. The PVD models are more refined, while the DLC items are more contemporary.

And after the Project X Designs and the Bamford & Sons, Time and Gems, based in Los Angele, is the third Rolex modifier I know.While it is new to Rolex Modification market, Time and Gems in fact has involved in the sale of used Rolex for quite a long time. Now, it offers a increasing selection of modified or customized Rolex including not a few DLC and PVD coated models from various lines.

As mentioned above, modified Rolex watches are more expensive than the original models. But they looks more attractive and unique thanks to the painstaking work by modified watch producers.

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