Sunday, January 17, 2010

Jewelry is a Girl's Best Friend

If you are ever wanting to impress your girlfriend or girl buddy then you cannot go past jewelry and it doesn't have to be an expensive diamond. There is an amazing range of jewelry available today - not just in jewelry stores but also online. In the past jewelry has generally been quite expensive and limited to gold or silver jewelry and of course gemstone jewelry - highly priced diamonds and the like. Today fashion jewelry and modern designer pieces have come into their own with a wide choice of bracelets, necklaces, jewelry earrings and often handmade jewelry, all crafted from a range of different materials. Traditional gold jewelry while still very popular is now competing with resin jewelry, sterling silver, leather and beaded jewelry.

Fashion jewelry used to have a reputation of being poorly made but this is no longer the case. Designer and handmade jewelry is now very popular not only because of the uniqueness of many items but also because they are well made with different but nevertheless quality materials. Resin has become increasingly popular because of its pliability and colours and its non-allergenic qualities. Stirling silver bracelets and necklaces are also favoured by girls of today who like its more modern look and the fact that is maintains its shine longer. There is much less time involved in maintaining these materials when compared with the polishing required with silver or gold jewelry.

If you are looking for unique handmade jewelry then you are more likely to find these online as opposed to on display in your chain or jewelry stores. Many designers now market their wares online - they have their own well designed websites with excellent images of their jewelry, clear descriptions of the goods, some detail on the designers themselves: all-in-all very user friendly for the customer. These individual websites also benefit the designer in that they allow a designer to reach a wide market without the high overheads of a retail presence. Most young people today are internet savvy and going online to buy goods is second nature to them. While a ring may need to be tried for size, designer jewelry earrings, necklaces and bracelets have a general fit so there are few problems purchasing these sorts of items online.

Resin jewelry was made popular by individual designers such as Dinosaur Designs who over the years have created collection pieces and expanded from jewelry to handmade resin homewares. Resin is an ideal material because not only does it allow the designer to produce multiples of a style but also provided opportunities for endless colours, sizes (read big!) shapes and forms. Their fashion jewelry and other wares are now exported throughout the world.

Jewelry earrings made from sterling silver and combined with glass or painted beads are very popular and will always go down well as a gift for a girlfriend or buddy. There are so many beautiful designs and colours to choose from, you will have no difficulty finding something suitable. Jewelry has long been a girl's best friend and this remains so even today.

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