Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Crochet, Nylon, Lace, Or Pantyhose Headbands - How to Choose the Right Headband For Your Baby Girl

Bippity Boppity Boo! Transform your little girl into a princess with the latest fashion trend... headbands!

It sounds simple. Really, how difficult can it be?

The answer... VERY. Without proper knowledge, attempting to buy children's hair accessories can be a bit like trying to navigate your way around the subway in New York. It is, to put it mildly, a bit intimidating -- especially if you don't know the proper lingo.

Dozens of different types of baby and toddler headbands line the shelves in boutiques, craft shows and department stores. But how do you know which type is the best for your child?

The four most popular types of headbands are nylon headbands, pantyhose headbands, lace headbands and crochet headbands.

The traditional nylon or lycra headbands are composed of a soft, solid material that stretches around the baby's head. Typically a loop is placed on the headband using either grosgrain or satin ribbon. This loop allows you to place hair accessories such as bows, flower clips, or korkers on the headband. This great thing about the loop is that it allows you to change the accessory out to match any outfit. Typically these are popular with mothers of infants because they are known for not leaving marks on the child's head. While they are stretchy, they usually do not fit children older than twelve months. Unlike the pantyhose headband, which is often lumped in with nylon headbands, the pure nylon or lycra headbands tend to be snag resistant. They can also be worn alone if desired and come in a wide variety of colors.

Throughout history, women have had a love-hate relationship with pantyhose. The same rules apply with pantyhose headbands. There are risks, but there are also rewards. On one hand, pantyhose headbands tend to be less expensive and can be easily made at home. They will not leave marks on your baby's head; they make her look, if possible, even more precious and they are also interchangeable. But then there is the other hand... Yes, you know the one. This hand has five tiny fingers with five tiny fingernails that inevitably discover the headband and snag it beyond redemption. Having a backup stashed in the diaper bag is always a good idea. Like nylon headbands, pantyhose headbands are typically made for infants up through twelve months. These headbands are rarely worn without an embellishment such as a bow or flower.

Lace headbands can be made to fit both infants and toddlers. The pattern and hole sizes vary based on the type of lace used. These headbands are also simple to make. An optional loop can be placed on the headbands in order to make them interchangeable. Unlike the pantyhose headbands, they do not tend to snag. However, when choosing a lace headband be cautious of the material used. Some lace tends to be scratchier than others. And if it is uncomfortable to your fingers, it will be even more so to your babies head. While these headbands provide a dressier look, using them for short periods of time is recommended as they tend to leave marks on the baby's forehead. These are found almost anywhere baby items are sold. Handmade lace headbands line booths at craft fairs and manufactured ones can be found in department stores as well.

Trendy babies, toddlers and adults around the country are seen sporting crochet headbands. While there are some handmade crochet headbands available, the most popular hair accessory for both infants and toddlers are the interchangeable crochet waffle headbands. These headbands, like the nylon bands, tend to be more comfortable than lace. They will usually stretch to fit infants to adults. This style does not require a loop to make them interchangeable with bows, flower clips, or other hair accessories. Hair clips are simply slipped in one hole and out another in order to hold the hair accessory securely in place. These headbands also look great when worn without any embellishments at all. Of the four types of headbands, these tend to be the most difficult to find. High end boutiques, custom bow makers and internet websites tend to carry them although they can run anywhere from $2.00 to $5.00 each and up to $15.00 each with embellishments.

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