Sunday, January 24, 2010

Celebrity Diaper Bags - Carry the Same Designer Baby Bag As the Stars

Are you a fashion conscious mother looking for celebrity diaper bags?

Are you interested in finding out which designer baby bags are all the rage in Hollywood?

Do you want to find a gift for an expecting mother that will make her feel like she is rich and famous?

Are you just looking for the latest styles because designer baby bags are good for way more than diaper bags?

The leading ladies of Hollywood are known for their fashion. From the red carpet to every day, celebrities are photographed with whatever apparel they have and designer baby bags are no different. Here are some of the celebrity baby bags carried by the stars.

- Angelina Jolie, possibly the most famous mother in the world, favors bags designed by the designer Stork Sak. These high fashion bags are highly desirable.

- Super model and Project Runway host Heidi Klum uses the Whipstitch designer baby bag by Nest. Her popularity is sky high and so is the bag. In fact, at the writing of this article, it is back ordered for several months.

- You can't talk about fashion accessories without mentioning Gucci. Among others, Nicole Richie has been spotted carrying these top of the line bags.

- Another top name in celebrity baby bags is Mia Bossi. This is the bag Brittney Spears has been photographed with.

- Another extremely popular bag is called Oi Oi. This bag has been seen on the arm of actress Cate Blanchett and their giraffe pattern bag is really cool.

- I will close our short list of celebrity diaper bags with Bumble Bags and Fleurville. Both of which have been seen on the arms of famous moms as well as thousands of other fashion conscious mothers.

Now it wouldn't be fair to have a discussion of designer baby bags without mentioning the dads. There are several prominent diaper bag lines for men.

- Dad Gear is one of the most popular makers of designer diaper bags for men. Among others, Wonder Years star Fred Savage has been seen with a Dad Gear diaper bag.

- Diaper Dude is another line of diaper bags that celebrity dads and others have used.

- There are even top of the line diaper bags designed for men. Sasha Baron Cohen (aka Borat) has been seen carrying around a fine celebrity diaper bag made by designer Jimeale.

Now this is only a small list of the designer baby bag makers out there. Check out the links below for more information on tons of other celebrity diaper bags and where you can get great deals.

When picking out designer baby bags remember that it is more about feeling that about spending money. You are buying a feeling of fashion and glamor for the lucky mother who gets a fashionable baby accessory. It can literally make a woman feel like a million bucks (guys too)!

However, that doesn't mean you have to spend like a celebrity. There are a lot of places where you can get great discounts on celebrity diaper bags and all baby accessories. Check out the list below where we list a few places to get great discounts. Choose your bag based on what you want, then get the best price.

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