Monday, December 21, 2009

Woman's Wedge Shoes - Long Lasting Style

Today I'm going to talk about something close to my heart, wedge shoes. Having spend many years as a career woman I know how frustrating it can be to be stranded in the middle of a unfamiliar city with your heels in your hand when yet another cheap pair of shoes fall to pieces in the middle of a busy day. I was a much happier and more productive member of my team when I started wearing quality wedge shoes as an alternative to high heels. Women's wedge shoes have many advantages over all other options for someone that works in a professional career including:

1. Wedge shoes look great, being both fashionable and suitable for wearing in the office or when out meeting clients.

2. They are much more comfortable than then any other alternative that is suitable for a working environment. Wedge shoes provide great support which means you can wear them all day without even realizing you have them on.

3. With no more heals to break you can be sure that a quality pair of wedge shoes will last you for years. This is definitely one area where I believe that it is worth spending extra and treating yourself to an expensive pair of designer shoes. The very best designers produce models that will stay in fashion for the life of your shoes and that will be a very long time indeed. When you compare it to the cost and inconvenience of have to shop for an replace multiple pairs of inferior quality products it makes sense in the end.

4. Having said that you can find cheaper brands which will provide a reasonable quality and will definitely provide good value for money, you will just have to do a little more research to find some thing in this price bracket to ensure you are getting something that won't fall apart after a few weeks of hard wear.

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