Friday, February 13, 2009

The Bracelets

The Bracelet is a simple yet elegant symbol of the fight against HIV/AIDS.

The Bracelet, our signature cuff-style bracelet designed by Isabella Geddes Marquise da Filicaia and manufactured in Italy, is a 1/4-inch band with a raised AIDS ribbon on the side. Inside is a small plaque inscribed with "Until There's A Cure®". The cuff bracelet, a beautiful symbol of awareness and remembrance, comes in several metals and in three sizes.

Today we also offer several other styles of bracelets, including our new ID bracelet with cord, our African art bracelet, and our jelly bracelets, which are available in many bright colors.

A symbol which serves as a bridge uniting people to fight HIV/AIDS, The Bracelet increases awareness, compassion, understanding, and responsibility.

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