Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Wedding Shoes - Dance Your Special Night Away in Comfort

Wedding shoes, also called bridal shoes are so much fun - often hand made of silks and crystals - a wonderful asset that allows the bride to dance the night away. Shoes are an essential part of the wedding attire worn by brides on their wedding day, polishing off her wedding dress. The most common styles of bridal shoes are pumps, ankle-strap sandals and slides. Bridal shoes come in different styles and colors such as clear or glass like, gold, silver, white satin, platinum or with different kinds of rhinestones and ribbons attached.

Always try to "dress to impress" by matching the wedding shoes with the wedding dress. As an example, a wedding dress made from satin or other shiny fabrics, will, as a rule of thumb, require satin shoes. If the bride chooses a matte dress fabric such as chiffon or crepe, her wedding shoes should match, and should be made from crepe as well.

A new, fun trend for brides is to dye her wedding, or bridal, shoes to match her and her bridal party dresses. Dyeable shoes can be dyed to match the bride's wedding dress as well as the bridesmaid's shoes, even the flower girl's shoes, all matching perfectly. Also, if a bride chooses to dye her own wedding shoes she can go a step further and customize her dyed shoes to match her veil by adding matching shimmer or color to both her shoes and her veil and accent them both with rhinestones or scattered pearls.

If you are thinking about dyeing your wedding shoes do make sure of the material of the shoes you want to dye. One of the best shoe materials to dye are dyeable satin or silk. However, if your budget does not afford satin or silk shoes look for metallic material shoes which can usually be found and sold as prom shoes. Metallic prom shoes, are slinky and sexy and come in complimentary colors such as silver, gold, bronze and more.

If you are a bride who has difficulty in finding good fitting shoes here is a time saving tip for you. Shoes sizes are often measured using a device called the Brannock Device. This device can determine both the width and length of your foot. Make a few queries and find who in your local area has a Brannock Device and get your foot measured. Then take those measurements with you when you shop for the shoes that will be the perfect fit for you. Whether you, as a bride, are looking for a flat ballerina bridal shoe or a four inch platform, a pair of low heeled, medium heeled or high heeled shoes, or even low-heeled straps, your shopping time will be cut in half and you will be assured that you will wear your new shoes with comfort and confidence on your most special day.

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