Thursday, December 24, 2009

Types of Jewelry

Most of woman and some man love to wear jewelry. Men and women have adorned themselves with jewelry since long before the age of reason. It can be exciting, enthralling or even overwhelming to investigate the many gorgeous engagement ring styles available.

Jewelry has been defined as any ornamental item that is prepared from the gemstones, metal or solid organic substance of high quality fixed with advanced craftsmanship or artistry and deliberately to be worn on a person. Various types of jewelry worn by men and women are bracelets, necklaces, brooches, earrings and many more which should match their dresses. In the past, being an element of special beautification, it played a massive role in self-representation and self-expression. Practical use of the sections of jewelry as a portion of dress is the most ancient and natural functions of jewelry.

One of the first types of jewelry pliers is the flat nose design. These pliers have flat and wide jaws. They are commonly used to hold and grip wire. These jewelry pliers can also be used to create bends at various angles. You can also use flat nose pliers to open and close jump rings.

Cremation jewelry is a very popular choice among those who have chosen cremation as the means for final disposition of their loved one. Cremation jewelry usually includes both cremation necklaces and cremation bracelets. Both are made in a way that includes a small compartment, which can hold a tiny portion of the cremated ashes of a loved one.

Mexican Silver Jewelry

Mexican silver jewelry is a popular southwest art form, if you want to get it notice one thing that each piece is unique and reflects the artisan's own originality and taste. Some of the most popular Mexican silver jewelry originates from the Taxco region of Mexico, the silver jewelry capital of the world.

Vintage Sweater Chain with Pinch Closures

The chain is made of gold tone and black beads ending in a pendant style chain. Closure with chain is 8" across. This clips your sweater so it stays on your shoulders, or for a cape or shawl.

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