Saturday, December 19, 2009

Lucky Stash Bag Styles For Women

There are actually a couple of versions of the Lucky Stash Bag for women - both of them (based on my study) have received quite a high percentage of positive reviews from the ladies who use them.

Here are the two types to watch out for if you happen to be looking specifically for one of these bags:

  • Most popular: The most popular of these two bags is the "Leather" version from Lucky Brand. It has plenty of room for most women's needs, the quality of leather used is great - it's light yet quite sturdy and very soft.
  • Ramblin' Rose: This bag is sort of a "twist" on the Leather Stash - it is also constructed of leather but it's dimensions are a bit smaller than the other bag. What sets this bag apart is the embossed leather - gorgeous designs and is available in a couple of different colors.

Favorite: My own personal favorite is the "Ramblin' Rose" version of the stash bag. Even though it is a bit smaller than the other, it still offers enough room for most women's daily needs and the embossed designs (in my opinion) are gorgeous enough to make up for any other negative points that the bag may have - but I couldn't find any complaints on it.

Prices and Shopping: The retail price for the "Leather" version is around $170, while the retail cost of the Ramblin' Rose is about $180. On my own search for the Lucky Stash Bag I came across some merchant listings with markdown prices that also offer fast and free shipping when shopping online.

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