Friday, November 6, 2009

Fashion of Belly Button Rings

Belly button rings are in trend these days. This fashion practice started in the 90's when a few models walked on the ramps of fashion shows sporting this novel piece of jewelry. This caught up with the latest fashion trends and numerous women lined up to acquire this unique jewelry to catch up with the time. Belly piercing parlors came into existence and enjoyed brisk business.

In the modern fashion trend when the length of the shirts or blouses going up with the hip line coming down, it became absolutely necessary to put something on the bare navel and that is how the belly button ring got its immense popularity.


You can find the best quality belly button rings online with plenty of designs and styles in all kinds of budget. You can also get custom made exclusive hand made naval jewelry at many stores. There are several varieties in the navel jewelry. The dangling type with sapphire and other colorful stones make great show. The rings from surgical steel, sterling silver or gold sparkle and make the owner confident and happy. The recent inclusion of titanium belly rings has added more to the show and style of women.

Belly Piercing

The most important part of belly piercing is the after care period. It is something more difficult or painful in comparison to the ear piercing. The healing of the tiny wound will also take some more time and care in comparison. The clothing over the area of belly piercing can create problems resulting in irritation or itching. Your bending requirement will also affect the wound and it takes more time to heal. it needs proper cleaning of the wound everyday with some kind of antibacterial solution may help in early healing. On an average, it takes around 7- 8 weeks to get healed completely.

You must be careful not to have any infection of the wound. The piercing parlor will give you enough advice on the proper care of the belly piercing after care. You should choose a material which does not create any negative effect to your skin. Consider all these points before you go for the belly piercing venture. It is better at the early age of 14-15 to get the belly pierced.

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