Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Choosing Bridal Jewelry For Your Bridesmaids

Getting the right type of jewelry for your bridesmaids is important because it would help them look and feel elegant during the event. It should also mesh well with their attire instead of unknowingly clash with the entire look and feel of the wedding decor theme. Here are some more helpful tips you can use for coming up with the best bridal jewelry to don on your bridesmaids.

1. Buy them in bulk or have them rented - If you want to make sure that all of your bridesmaids end up wearing the same jewelry items, you can go ahead and buy them their jewelry. But to be able to cut down on costs you might want to consider buying them in wholesale. There are some pretty jewelries with lower karats which are being sold on wholesale so they are still more or less the real thing although some may have already been mixed with other alloys to retain its being a metal.

You can also choose to rent out some bridesmaid jewelry among specialty stores. They can also offer you discounts depending on the total of your rent. This is also a more practical way of accomplishing the task of having your bridal jewelry especially if your bridesmaids may not be the type who are fond of jewelry.

2. Get the expert idea of a designer - To make sure that you get the best type of bridesmaid jewelry, it would also be better to ask for the opinion of your designer. If you are getting a couture wedding gown you can ask your designer for a suitable jewelry design for your bridesmaids as well. This way their accessories will still be well coordinated with your dress and even the overall look and feel of the wedding theme.

3. Take into account any possible allergies - There are people who are actually allergic to certain types of jewelry mainly because there happens a chemical reaction between the metal and the crystals that they use against their skin. So it might also be a smart decision to consider if your bridesmaids have any allergic reactions to certain types of jewelry.

4. Choose from online resources - To make it easier for you to decide which type of bridal jewelry you should use, you can check out online catalogues. This can also be the perfect choice for you especially if you know a jeweler whom you can commission to specifically the design the jewelry for you.

Although you are the star of your wedding day, you should also make sure that your bridesmaids look fantastic enough at your special day as well. You don't really have to stick with precious metal and stones when it comes to making jewelry but you can also choose fancy but elegant jewelry to accessorize your bridesmaids. In the end, it's all about creativity and not so much on the items being expensive. With a little practicality, you can make things work for you

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